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Looking at the app at, it’s all pretty straightforward. This is a lottery game played through mobile telephones in Kenya. You can register and play through your computer but still need a mobile phone number to get your numbers. If you do decide to play and win something, make sure you watch the calendar as you only have thirty days to claim that jackpot.

Is 24Lottos a scam in Kenya?

The Game at

This is a sole lotto site meaning there is one lottery game based on choosing six numbers for one ticket line from 1 to 49 and one bonus ball from 0 to 9. The lottery draw is held twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. If you are late getting choosing your ticket numbers, they will automatically be entered into the following draw. There are nine levels of prize tiers starting with nailing all 6 numbers, plus the bonus ball for Prize Category 1 down to 2 numbers plus the bonus ball for Prize Category 9. You can actually purchase your tickets online though it links to your mobile phone account.

Hang On – What’s Super Jackpot

Simply double your “stake” – meaning the cost of each ticket and it appears that the prize tier doubles. This is only clear fighting your way through the terms and conditions.

Lotto Bonus Draw

Now I am getting confused. There is another “Lotto Bonus Draw” on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday at 5:00 pm Kenyan time. It seems that if you enter this draw, your ticket(s) are also entered into the next main Lotto draw.

One More Chance

The main lotto draws for is held live on TV. Added to this, there are random draws for extra chances to win and/or play “Fortune of Fate” for cash. What the two announcers do is call you up during the program to answer questions for prizes or simply draw further numbers. It’s a nice added bonus to your original ticket.

How Does It Work?

The only way to register on this site is with a Kenyan mobile telephone account plus identification. Hang on – looking at their site they also offer access through MPESA. This is a money transfer system using SMS to make payments and take out funds. Be careful as there is an auto feature that automatically buys a quick pick ticket for the next available draw.

Getting Your Winnings

The most important thing to be aware of is you have 30 days to claim your prize and do so during regular business hours. You can either have the amount credited directly to your mobile phone account or go to their office to get your winnings. They do warn that their business hours are shorter during holiday times.

Who Can Play at

Okay folks, the fact you must have a Kenyan mobile telephone account should have underlined the fact you have to be in Kenya for real to play. You also have to have an MPESA account. Customer Service can be reached by telephone and email address. This is also a post office box, but no street address. They also use social media with a Facebook and Twitter account, plus YouTube instructional videos. is owned by Oxygen8 Lotto Ltd. based in Nairobi, authorized by the Betting Control & Licensing Board of Kenya.


Why You Should Register with


Easy Access through Mobile Phones

Good Prize Tier

Extra Prizes Added

Why You Shouldn’t Register with


You Must Have A Kenyan Mobile Phone

You Must Be in Kenya

Only 30 days to Claim Your Prize

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

I guess if you live in Kenya, it would be irresistible to play. The prize tier is good and the jackpots grow. I like the added value of the extra prizes that take place on the official TV shown draw.

This lottery gets a thumbs up for people who live in Kenya and of course, a thumbs down for the rest of the world. Remember, if you are playing from Kenya and win, you’ve only got thirty days to collect your prize.

  1. I work for them in Kenya, they actually pay out most prizes on the day of the draw. For bigger prize winners (over SH500,000), we do some checks before paying out (AML, Age and bank checks ) but generally within a couple of days.

  2. I like the TV format for the draws especially the second chance stuff after the main draw. That adds value plus is fun. There is easy access either through your mobile phone or through your computer. Yes, you do have to be in Kenya and have a mobile phone. Don’t forget you only have 30 days to get your prize!


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