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MegaLotto Exposed — You’ll Have to Surrender Most of Your Prize If You Win Something

MegaLotto Exposed

MegaLotto Review

Advertised more like a casino and an online betting platform, MegaLotto also has a lotteries section. That’s the reason why we need to speak about Is it good? Is it bad? Is Mega Lotto legit? So many questions, so little time to go through them all!

As you’ve probably seen already in the reader comments about this guide, Mega Lotto reviews tend to be overwhelmingly negative. People complain about their ability to withdraw prizes and the fine print included in the website’s Terms and Conditions (which we’re going to get into because it is outrageous).

The quick thing we can share with you here is that the negative reviews are justified. Let us tell you why.

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Games at

It all starts well with a decent selection of lotteries you can play at

Currently, Mega Lotto offers 25 lotteries from different parts of the world. You can buy tickets online for some of the most popular and beloved big games like EuroMillions and Powerball. You can also choose less popular games like Poland Lotto, Finland Lotto, Viking Lotto, SA Powerball, and others.

Let’s check out how much money you’ll have to spend on your acquisition of a lottery ticket through MegaLotto.

A UK National Lottery ticket costs two pounds in the UK. If you buy the ticket through Mega Lotto, you will have to spend 2.60 euros, about 2.38 UK pounds. That’s a pretty good charge, especially compared to what other international lottery operators have to offer.

A much bigger charge, however, will be incurred if you win anything. And this is where things start getting tricky.

MegaLotto and Claiming Your Prizes

Please, please, please read the MegaLotto terms and conditions before buying anything through the platform. Once you do, you’ll find out just how scammy the operational model of this website is.

As per the terms and conditions, MegaLotto withholds 70% of the jackpot you win after buying a ticket through the website! We’re not kidding – that information is listed in their terms and conditions. When it comes to the top two tier prizes, you will get 50% of the amount you won, and the rest will go to MegaLotto once again. For awards over 500 euros, MegaLotto retains 12%. And on top of all that, MegaLotto works with a third-party agency that will charge you 1.25% for payment processing.

In other words, everyone will get their share of your money before the measly remainder of the prize reaches your bank account.

This is outrageous, but the information is available in the terms and conditions. By buying tickets through MegaLotto, you essentially agree to be ripped off (legally) each time you win something.

Who Can Play at

Local regulations in your country apply to play online lotteries. You have to be of legal age, and your country should also permit online ticket buying to make the process legal.

Who Is Behind MegaLotto?

Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG), in partnership with Optimizer Invest, launched MegaLotto some time ago. Both companies offer a great deal of expertise in iGaming and online solutions (which doesn’t prevent them from coming up with a nasty scheme that sucks!).

You can get in touch with the company via online chat and email. We don’t have any information about how rapidly they respond and whether MegaLotto is offering quality customer services at all.

Other Bits and Pieces

If you’ve done any research about MegaLotto, you have probably come across glowing Mega Lotto reviews. Every such Mega Lotto review, however, cannot be considered particularly trustworthy. has an affiliate program. This means that each time someone refers visitors to the MegaLotto website and people sign up for the service, the referrer will get financial compensation.

This is why the web is full of positive Mega Lotto reviews that sound as genuine as a television ad. Be selective about the sources of information you trust – you never know what the motivation of the content creator is.

Other than that, there isn’t an awful lot to say about Mega Lotto. Apart from buying lottery tickets, you have access to online casinos and digital scratchcard games. Some promo offers, but given the fact that you are being ripped off each time you win something, these benefits don’t justify the creation of an account.

The Bottom Line at

We have reviewed lots and lots of online lottery agencies. While some of them offer costly services and others don’t brag about the best websites out there, none of these developments can be labeled a scam.

Mega Lotto, however, is an entirely different ball game. Technically and legally, they are not doing anything wrong. From a moral standpoint, however, this is a rip-off platform.

Let’s end the review by summarizing the pros and cons.

Why You Should Register with Mega Lotto


A good-looking website

Created by two companies with a lot of experience in the field of online gaming

A fair selection of lottery games is available for players to choose among

There’s also an online casino and digital scratchcard games

Mega Lotto features the occasional promo offer to make purchases more affordable

Would you mind rating

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Mega Lotto


You will have to surrender most of your prize if you win something

Not only does Mega Lotto take away most of your reward, but their partners also charge fees for payment processing

A pretty shady operational policy that isn’t mentioned anywhere but in the terms and conditions

Affiliate program makes most of the MegaLotto reviews out there fake

Please, do not trust Mega Lotto. You will be ripped off if you manage to win anything. Instead, check out the reviews we have written about dozens of other online lottery agencies. Each one is also supported by dozens of actual member testimonials that will give you additional information about the legitimacy of such opportunities.

  1. Hi there, how do I get a hold of youz I know you have been taking money out of my bank without my knowledge and I want it back hope youz ant scamming buggers.

  2. I’ve never friggn heard of these f$#@ers before but they’ve taken my money.. arseholes 🤬 Not ever going to get my money again..

  3. I’ve excluded myself from your horribly unprofessional site. I tried hard to stay in my limits. To withdraw while I was ahead but they irresponsibly and intentionally kept me from doing so. I made numerous attempts to cash out. Numerous attempts to connect with customer service and rectify the issue. The agents, when actually available or responding, were ill informed and inept. Telling me I had to deposit more to get my winnings out despite the fact that the FAQ clearly says a bank transfer is offered when deposit method doesn’t do 2 way transactions. Telling me I can’t do a bank transfer when in fact it was my bank account that funded the deposit…its a Mastercard debit!!! Telling me to try Skrill to deposit when that’s not even an offered method! Unable to tell me if using a etransfer would entitle me to a bank transfer.

    This was hands down the WORST and most ridiculous experience I’ve had with an online casino. Absolutely horrendous customer service and response time.

    Great business model though…stall peoples withdrawals long enough they’ll give them back.

  4. I thankfully read the small print and god only know how these scammers get away with it. You may as well buy a ticket yourself and burn it, at least that way you get something out of it, totally pisshead rip off merchants.

  5. Guys, this site has one of the worse strategies I’ve ever seen for a lottery betting site. And many of these companies rely on the fact that players hardly go through their fine prints, Imagine a clause in their Terms:
    “12.6.6 Megalotto retains 70% withholdings of prizes in the highest prize category and 50% of prizes in the second highest prize category in Mega Millions, Powerball and New York Lotto, as it is intended to put the Player in a similar economic position as if they had played the underlying lottery. Megalotto retains 50% withholdings of prizes in the top two prize tier categories in the Cash4Life lottery.”
    Who on earth withholds 70% of your winnings? who on earth wins a lottery jackpot and would like to receive just 30% of the amount because the company has withheld 70% of their winnings? its a loose loose for players anyways. I get the idea, they probably buy the ticket for you with the hopes that when you win then the winning is theirs.
    At least for these American jackpots, its a total thumbs down.


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