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Lucky Khel Exposed — India Lotteries Online Only for Specific States

Lucky Khel Exposed

Lucky Khel Exposed

If you are interested in India’s lottery games and don’t want to make an effort to head down to the corner store, click on to play. Lucky Khel is an online lottery provider for access to seven Indian lottery games and a combo game called Luckybunch. But – yes there is a but – you must be present in one of seven of India’s states and you must have a mobile phone. Registration and your account are based on your ten-digit phone number. Let’s take a look.

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Games at

There is access to seven lottery games to play, including Thursdaylotto, Luckyfour, dream5, Saturdaylotto, Bonusball, Powerball, and mega5. These are official government-run lotteries. Games are played weekly, excluding Luckyfour, which is played six times a day. Players can play single lottery tickets or more. For the weekly lotteries like thursdaylotto and saturdaylotto, players can opt to purchase three weeks at a time.

Lottobunch at Lucky Khel combines a ticket line for each of six of their weekly lotteries. The ticket lines are chosen randomly. There are no discounts for playing multiple bunches. The cost of a Luckykhel Bunch is the same as purchasing six individual tickets for each lottery.

What Is Weird

One of the strange things is if you are purchasing a specific lottery ticket and want to add another lottery, it cancels out the first choice. It seems you can buy multiple ticket lines for a particular lottery but not tickets for multiple lotteries at the same time unless you are playing Lottobunch. and Getting Your Winnings

Winnings up to INR 10,000 (about USD 140) are credited directly to the player’s account. Winnings over INR 10,000 involves submitting a bunch of documents hard copy. These include the actual ticket; government approved claim form, stamp paper notarized of Rs.100, four passport photos, self-attested photocopy of residential proof (Aadhaar card), self-attested photocopy of PAN card, canceled cheque, bank account details and self-attested photocopy of the winning ticket. Players can transfer up to INR 10,000 of their winnings per day.

Ah, The Tax Man

Any amount over INR 10,000 has state tax in the form of a Goods & Services Tax (GST). Though the GST, in general, is only 12%, private lotteries must pay 28% on the face value of any winning lottery ticket. This is deducted before you get your winnings.

Who Can Play at

Players have to be physically present in specific states of India including Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, and Sikkim. Players must be 18 years or older. Registering through your computer or the app requires a ten-digit mobile number.

Talk to Lucky Khel has a snail mail and email address. There are no telephone numbers or live chat. They are pretty good at responding to emails on a timely basis. They are licensed and registered as a private company in India which is part of the reason they pay the higher tax rate.

Why You Should Register with Lucky Khel


Six Weekly Lotteries

One Daily Lotto Played Six Times a Day

Luckybunch Option is available

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lucky Khel


Only for the Seven States of India

Tax is Applicable

Only Can Buy into One Lottery a Purchase

Would you mind rating

Is Lucky Khel Legit?

If you live in one of the seven states in India and don’t feel like walking down to the corner store to buy lottery tickets, then this might be your online lottery provider. Tax is applicable whether you buy the lottery ticket yourself or do it through this online service.

Lucky Khel gets a thumb’s up for the seven states you can play in, and a thumb’s down for the rest of India and the world. Then again, it sounds like there is only a 12% tax on winnings if you buy direct from the India Government.

  1. when you will start the game …pls tell us .. and if there any other game pls suggest

  2. Sir,

    My name is ganesh j prabhu, I am unable to play / open luckykhel app on mobile nowadays earlier I use to play online through my android mobile lucky khel app and now only bonus ball/mega 5/dream 5 lotteries only started when wil;l be power ball/thursday super lotto/saturday super lotto etc please give me the exact date/day & time and when can i start lucky khel app on my mobile

    Kindly reply me asap. Awaiting your early kind reply.


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