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  1. I would really think a lot before signing up with them. I have been sending emails regarding my account, but no reply. And that is after numerous promises from them.

  2. hi I just purchased some tickets for the new year January dates 5,6,8 so see how it plays out if I will play again unsure but time will tell

    • ​Dear Glen,

      Thank You for choosing LotteryHeroes!

      I wish you good luck and a lot of fun! I cross my fingers for You and hope, that You will become the first Lottery Hero for this year! 😉

      LotteryHeroes Team wishes You a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

      Best regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  3. Not yet had a problem that wasn’t resolved promptly and respectfully. Here doing a little check myself.

    • Dear Ernest,

      Thank you very much for your review.

      LotteryHeroes Team wishes you Merry Christmas!

      May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements, and a lot of new inspirations on your life. I wish you to become our new Lottery Hero and cross my fingers for you!

      Best regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  4. Joined tonight and straight away was unable to log in to my account I have sent 3 emails tried resetting my password everything has fallen on deaf ears. NOT LOOKING VERY GOOD! Customer service is non existent. Awful.

    • ​Dear Charlie,

      thank You for the review and for Your feedback.

      Unfortunately I could find neither Your LotteryHeroes account nor Your request to our support team, in order to help You solving the issue.

      There are two main reasons why You might be facing a problem with logging in to Your account.

      The first reason could be that You’ve entered Your login details incorrectly. We suggest that You double-check that You entered the correct username and password.

      If You have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it by following the instructions from “I forgot my password. What do I do?”

      The second reason could be related to the country You are situated in. is regulated by Curacao which means that we can welcome and provide services only to customers from selected countries.

      Please provide the email address registered in Your account and I will be happy to assist.

      Thank You very much!

      LotteryHeroes Team wishes You Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021.

      Best regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  5. I have deposited R463 in Lottery Heroes but R497,58 went out from my bank account to Lottery Heroes. Few minutes later I check my Lottery Heroes Account to my shock I have R0 zero balance. Why do I have R0 zero account? Can someone out there help me, please!

    • Dear Ndileka,

      thank You very much for Your review.

      I see, that You already contacted our support team and we could help You, to use Your LotteryHeroes account and to find all Your transactions and purchases.

      Please note that at the weekend, we are not in full strength and sometimes, we are not able to answer all customers requests on the same day. I am sorry, that you had to wait one day to get our response.

      If you need more help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team again.

      Thank you and good luck.

      Best regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  6. This Lottoheros is nothing else but a scam people… Their marketing of products is such lies I have bought 365 scratch cards, 350 lottery lines. Out of all 365 scratch cards, I have won R2.50 at most and where they say 1 out of 2 cards you do win, but won absolutely nothing. I got 5balls plus bonus ball and I got R23. 00.

    I urge everyone don’t waste your money by spending it on lotteryheros, this is cybercriminals scamming you out of your money.

    • Dear Warren,

      I am very sorry, that You were not a big winner with us and wish You more luck in the future! I cross my fingers for You!

      Best regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  7. This site has no way of paying you out of your winnings. I recently bought 50 lines lottery ticket where out of them I got:
    1x 5+bonus
    1x 5
    2 x 4+bonus
    9 x 3
    I got R27. 10 somehow don’t make sense;
    And I bought 2 scratch cards that won’t even work, it gives me a black and white screen with a skull on. Tried to contact support the whole last 72hours and got no assistance yet.

    • Dear Warren,

      Thank you very much for your review.

      My name is Mariya and I am from the LotteryHeroes support team. I will be incredibly happy to help you and to give you more information about your tickets and the winning, but I could not find your account in our system. 🙁 I think you have played our syndicates, but without checking, I cannot give you full information. I apologies for that.

      I am deeply sorry, that you did not win more (best to hit the Jackpot of course:) and you couldn’t withdraw your winning, but please note, that there is a minimum withdraw amount.

      We experienced a technical issue with the scratch cards yesterday, but fortunately this was solved and now you can play your scratch cards. Please apologies the inconvenience. I cross my fingers for you!

      Please contact our support team, to give you more information about your tickets and the winning in your account.

      I wish you to win big with your scratch cards and to assure yourself, that we process all withdraw requests as soon as the player verifies successful his account.

      Thank you very much. I am looking forward to receive your email at support(at) and wish you successful, lucky and wonderful week. 🙂

      Best regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  8. Hi,

    I am Dave, a client & member of LotteryHeroes.

    I find no problems with LH. I won a few and lost a few, like they of LH say-
    ‘It’s only Lottery!’, so what can one expect.

    The idea I think is, when you find a genuine true Lottery Platform stay with It! If you don’t like it, then move on!

    God bless all.

    [Some wise man said-
    ‘Always think positive, you’ll end up drawing in positive situations to yourself!]

    • Hi dear Dave,

      thank You very much for Your feedback 🙂

      You know, where to find us, if You need us (:

      I wish you good luck and a lot of fun with LotteryHeroes!

      Kind regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  9. Thanx for these reviews, I already lost R400 and only won R7 for that. I was about to lose, R1800 in trying to join the lotto heroes clubs, u just saved my cash. Thanx

    • Hi Julia,

      Thank You very much for Your feedback.

      I am deeply sorry, that you did not win the jackpot and I am always sad, when our players are not big winners 🙁

      We are committed to Your success and we work on special ways to increase your chances, as we create special offers, combos and syndicate, but it is still just a lottery and the luck plays a key role.

      I wish you good luck and cross my fingers for you.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day.

      Best regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  10. Hello,

    This is NO Scam, I don’t know how you come to this conclusion!

    I got contacted by an Account Manager Alexander Pavel Hoffmann regarding my losses Playing by my self (I am a German too) and he helped me with my winnings!

    Finally, a Lotto site I can trust!

    Thank you lotteryheroes for having Mr. Pavel-Hoffman

    • Dear Karl,

      Thank You very much for the positive feedback!

      Alex is really a pro and he always knows how to help with the winnings😊 We are very happy, that he is part of our team!

      LotteryHeroes Team wishes you good luck and big winnings! Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend.

      Kind regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  11. Its a scam!!!! They are asking for the large sums to bet with and give you peanuts. Playing with our minds. If there was a minus rating I was going to choose it!!

    • Dear Nonhlanhla,

      thank you for your feedback. I am sorry, that you are not happy with your ticket and the winnings, you realized and will be happy to proof your account and to support you.

      Please contact us at support(at) It will be our pleasure to assist you!

      Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

      LotteryHeroes Support Team

      • Hi am victor from Kenya Africa please I deposited 1100 kesh to flutter waves and I could not access the gambling site…..please may I get back my money thanks.

  12. Thank you all for the information. It is sad that people have had to loose, usually money, to write these reviews but the best thing you can do to discourage scammers is to give a review and hit back. I was just about to put money in. Very sad people if they are doing wrong. I will give it a miss. Thanks again.

    • Dear Paul,

      Thank You for Your review.

      There are many factors which determine Your odds of winning a bet placed on lottery. The number of people participating in the lottery, the number of digits You must pick, the size of the range that You’re picking from, and, of course how many sets of numbers You pick, all affect Your odds.

      Now, because we are committed to Your success, we have come up with a special way to increase Your chances – Combos!

      Please note, that we have no influence on the winning numbers. We can just offer You special tickets, like Combos or Syndicates e.g. and give you more chances to win.

      But please don’t forget, that is a lottery, and You need a bit luck in order to win. 🙂

      I will be happy to give You more information and to answer all Your questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at support(at)

      I wish You wonderful day and cross my fingers for You, if You decide to try your luck!

      Thank you!

      Best regards,
      LotteryHeroes Support Team

  13. Its a terrible scam u can never get anything from it even if u win u don’t get ur money its very fake guys ive just lost ma savings so if anyone is trying it, please don’t waste your money and time

    • Dear Salim,

      thank you very much for your feedback.

      My name is Mariya and I am from the LotteryHeroes support team. I would be happy to investigate and to help you with the issue, you experienced on
      Did you already contact our support team?
      Please don’t hesitate to contact us at support(at) for any inquiries. Sure you can also provide more details here and I will be glad to support you.

      Thank you very much and have a lovely day.

      Best regards,
      LotteryHeroes Team

  14. Terrible, scam, stay away, would have minused rating if could

    • Hi Guys

      I am now replying to this review with some level of embarrassment. I had some issues regarding a payout, and through various emails exchanged between myself and Mariya, the matter has been resolved and this with service going the extra mile. So NO, they are not a scam at all.

  15. Just a money box for the organisers no prospect of winning the sums they boast in their online messages. People are supposed to be making money every week. The only one doing that are the organisers!!!

  16. Yeah how come I didn’t get paid yet

  17. If you are in SA do not even waste your time. I won some money and then the bank indicated that they are confiscating the money to the SA lottery foundation or something. I can not get the money due to the rule of no transfers from offshore lotteries. Don’t know. Just want to warn you. You put in money and get nothing even if you win.

    • Thanks for the heads up, really appreciate. Was about to put money in. Instinct said to investigate first

  18. Poor site, not a users friendly one, it has many shortcomings, their support is too bad, no live chat, payment page is wrist, it is not a recommended site.


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LotteryHeroes Exposed — Too Expensive and Plain to be Good

LotteryHeroes Review

Lottery Heroes is an online lottery operator that works under the lucrative slogan “The World’s Biggest Jackpots Are Yours.” This claim is enticing for people who want to access the international games of luck that offer the biggest payouts. When it comes to the Lottery Heroes terms and conditions, however, how does the platform compare to other similar service providers?

Today, we’re on a mission to dig through the platform’s functionalities and also comb through Lottery Heroes reviews to find out if the website’s claims are substantiated.

Games at Lottery Heroes

If you have used the services of an online lottery operator in the past, you know that most of these platforms (apart from the biggest players out there) offer a standard set of lucrative international games. Lottery Heroes offers the same principle as many of its competitors.

The current list of opportunities right now (July 2019) consists of 19 international lotteries. Lottery Heroes features both popular and a few less evident choices for players.

Of the games on the list, most lottery enthusiasts will recognize Powerball and Mega Millions from the US, EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, Oz Powerball, La Primitiva, El Gordo, EuroJackpot and Mega Sena.

There are several other exciting games worth mentioning as a part of the Lottery Heroes offers. These include France Lotto, Florida Lotto, Bonolotto, the New York Lotto, Lotto Poland, Lotto Austria, Thunderball and 6 aus 49.

It’s a good selection but let’s check the price of the tickets and the commission that Lottery Heroes charges.

In Australia, a single Powerball ticket costs 1.35 dollars. Lottery Heroes offers the ticket for three euro, which is 4.87 Australian dollars. As you can see, the commission that Lottery Heroes charges far exceeds the cost of the ticket itself. Other online operators offer Australia Powerball lottery tickets for as little as 1.5 or 1.7 euro. The difference is pretty massive from what Lottery Heroes lists as its official price.

Unless Lottery Heroes has something else and better to offer, its service can be considered 100 percent severely overpriced.

LotteryHeroes and Getting Your Winnings

According to the official Lottery Heroes FAQ, you will be notified of any sum that you’ve won, and the respective amount will be credited to your online account.

For winnings above 50,000 euro, you will first have to go through a thorough identity verification process before the sum is issued to you. According to the terms and conditions, this process will require a couple of weeks to be finalized.

Once all of these steps are completed, you will have to go to your account and enter the My Wallet section. There, you can withdraw as long as the sum in your balance exceeds 10 euro.

Lottery Heroes carries out money transfers via bank wire services. Unfortunately, Lottery Heroes does not support some of the more prominent online payment and money withdrawal opportunities like PayPal and Neteller.

When it comes to making online deposits for the purchase of tickets, the methods that Lottery Heroes accepts include credit and debit card payments.

Who Can Play at

As an international online lottery operator, Lottery Heroes is open to all individuals living within a jurisdiction that enables the provision of such services.

You may find out that lottery operators are blocked in some countries because local regulations prevent people from buying tickets online. Thus, you may want to check national laws to find out if you can use the Lottery Heroes services.

Apart from this restriction, there will also be age limits.

In most parts of the world, you have to be 18 or older to buy a lottery ticket. In some countries, however, the limit is lower and set at 16. In other countries, you will have to be 21 to buy lottery tickets. The regulations in the country where the lottery is organized will be the ones to determine your playing eligibility.

Who Is behind Lottery Heroes?

Lottery Heroes is registered in Curacao under a gaming license 77207. The website is operated by an entity called Purple Rain N.V. Purple Rain is registered as an Information Service Provider that is authorized to conduct gaming operations for all lotteries and wagering games,

If you’re looking for contact information, there’s a phone number in Cyprus and an online form you can fill out and send your inquiry.

Lottery Heroes has an entire help and customer support section. We, however, have not sent out an inquiry to test out just how quickly the support team responds or whether they provide any adequate information.

Unfortunately, there’s no more information about Purple Rain, what they do, and whether the company’s portfolio of businesses features anything other than the Lottery Heroes platform.

Running a Whois website checkup also doesn’t reveal additional information. The registration of the domain is private and carried out through GoDaddy. Hence, you cannot get anything about the identity of the enterprise behind the project.

Other Bits and Pieces

Lottery Heroes reviews are missing from the online space. This means one thing – the service is far from the most popular one out there. Taking into consideration the cost of Lottery Heroes tickets, this isn’t surprising news.

From what we’ve managed to find out while doing our research, Lottery Heroes is a pretty standard lottery operator. It belongs to a class of small platforms that were launched after the first, massive market players became popular. Hence, it’s tough to differentiate this service from the dozens of other websites out there that offer the same thing.

Just like some other operators we’ve reviewed recently, Lottery Heroes offers syndicates. You can buy a share in the syndicate for the respective game and win a portion of the earnings in the event of getting a lucky winning ticket.

The other type of product being offered through this website is the so-called combo package.

A combo consists of several lotteries. When you place your bet, you share in the purchase of several tickets for a couple of different games. The number of lines you will be purchasing is also going to vary from one combo package to another.

Combos and bundles (the purchase of a bigger number of tickets) are both supposed to increase a player’s odds of winning a prize. The most inexpensive combo, however, starts at 19.90 euro (the Euro Winner Combo) and these packages could go up in price to as much as 72 euro.

If you have this much cash to spend on lottery tickets and you possess at least basic knowledge of the mechanism in which you can improve your odds of winning, you’ll do a much better job on your own.

The official Lottery Heroes website does not provide any information about people who have won substantial sums through the service. We believe an operator would brag with such an accomplishment and use it for marketing purpose. The absence of this info speaks volumes, don’t you think?

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

Lottery Heroes is yet another operator. If you haven’t found the platform to buy lottery tickets through, you may want to consider this one. While Lottery Heroes offers a reasonably good selection of games that you could try, the platform misses the mark in several essential ways.

But first, let’s focus on the things that the Lottery Heroes team has gotten right:


A good selection of international lotteries for players to choose among

A well-developed, functional and straightforward website that ensures good usability

There are single lottery tickets, combos, and bundles for players to choose among

Syndicate play is also available for added convenience

Sums players have won immediately credited to their accounts

Information about lottery results is also available

Notifications are available to warn players of essential updates (a ticket is bought, winning a prize, etc.)

It’s a pretty standard website that has the right security certificates and functionalities to offer a seamless experience. How Lottery Heroes misses the mark include the following:


Costly tickets, especially when prices are compared to those of other online lottery operators

Bundles and combos are also pretty expensive

Money withdrawal is only possible through a bank transfer, and deposits can only occur through a credit or debit card

For more substantial sums, players have to go through a thorough ID verification process before cashing out (the process can take several weeks to complete)

While there are 19 lotteries to choose among, other operators offer a lot more

Very little is known about the entity behind Lottery Heroes

Do you have any experience with Lottery Heroes? If so, you may have some unique insight to share, and we’d love to find out more about your story in the comments below.