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Jumbolotto Exposed — Is It Germany’s or Australia’s?

Jumbolotto Exposed

Jumbolotto Review

Online lottery providers are popping up all over the Internet, but this is the first time we’ve come across a German/Australian connection. Usually, it’s a Cypress/Belize/UK relationship. Jumbolotto.de is operated out of Germany but is owned by a company in Australia. It’s an online lottery provider that offers three lotteries and a couple of syndicates. Surfing through their site, we did end up with more questions than answers, but this could be a translation issue – their website is in German. Then again, to play here, you must be a resident of Germany!

Is GiantLottos a scam in Germany?

Jumbolotto.de’s Games

There are three games to play at Jumbolotto – 6aus49, EuroJackpot, and Glücksspirale. I’m sure you are all aware of the first two, but the Glücksspirale is an annuity of €7,500 per year out of €2.1 million until it’s all gone. What’s funny about this is the interest on that amount would be more than the actual amount paid each year – well that’s what one of my banker friends said. Glücksspirale is played once a week on Saturdays. There are also two add-on lotteries Spiel 77 and Super 6 that are noted on the bottom of the game boards.

Winning at Jumbo Lotto

Any winnings up to €500 are paid straight into your player’s account. It seems that anything over €501 is paid within eight days with the catch that a request for these winnings must be made in writing, and this must be done within three months of the draw. Then there is this strange clause (12.11) that says the money must have been credited to the player’s account for at least eight weeks before payment can be made. Or, it could mean that players must have been registered for eight weeks before he/she can receive winnings. My German is a little rusty.

Jumbolotto.de’s Syndicates

There are two syndicates offered at Jumbolotto, Euro Star Jack and Silverstar. Euro Star Jack is for EuroJackpot and Silverstar is for 6Aus49. Both are clear on the participants, shares, and how many ticket lines are in a syndicate. Both look like good value but don’t get excited unless you are a resident of Germany.

Bonus Raffle

Jumbolotto also runs an internal monthly raffle where all players who buy a minimum of two lottery tickets through their site are entered. The prizes for February were an iPad Air 2 plus ten other people won a €50 credit, which can be used to buy more tickets.

Who is Jumbolotto.de?

Jumbolotto is headquartered in Munich and legally registered in all German states. Jumbo Interactive Ltd. owns it out of Australia. These folks operate ozlotteries.com. There is a snail mail & email address, telephone number, and live chat open Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 18:00 GMT+1. It is cute that they have also added the pic and name of their Head of Customer Service – I wonder if he is real!

Why You Should Register with Jumbolotto


Two Good Syndicates

Public Company

Clear Fee on Tickets

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Jumbo Lotto


Other Fees?

Only if you live in Germany

Only Three Lotteries

Would you mind rating JumboLotto.de?

Is Jumbolotto Legit?

What is real is the company as it is registered both on the Australian and German stock exchanges. If you read and speak German – and are a resident, then this could be a good site to play on. It’s just essential that you work your way through the small print in the terms and conditions as it seems somewhat complicated.

We can’t give these guys a thumbs up though there is nothing that indicates a scam here. There are just too many issues that don’t seem apparent in their terms and conditions, and part of this could be things lost in translation. If you do play here, please get in touch with us and let us know how you get on with the site.

  1. The Glücksspirale looks like a cute little game and the thought of having a top up each year to my regular income would be a nice bonus. I’m going to look around for something like this as I don’t live in Germany so can’t play at this site. Also, I did find the Germany/Australia connection a little weird.


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