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Crypto Millions Lotto Exposed — The World’s Biggest Bitcoin Lotto?

Crypto Millions Lotto Exposed

Crypto Millions Lotto Review

What is the big difference between playing a lottery officially or through a website that uses the results? That was the first question when I opened up the site at They use the results of the German National Lottery 6 Aus 49 for their bi-weekly draws. Add to this; they do it in Bitcoin. It doesn’t get much more anonymous in playing and winning. So how does this work?

Is Giant Lottos a better lottery service than Crypto Millions Lotto?

The Game at

Crypto Millions Lotto uses the results from the bi-weekly German National Lottery played Wednesday and Saturday. Players chose six numbers from 1 to 49, plus a bonus number between 0 and 9. The jackpot (pick all six numbers plus the bonus number) starts at the US $30 million and rolls over 13 times until it’s won. If someone wins with either Crypto Millions Lotto or the actual German National Lottery, it resets to the beginning. The 2nd tier is also paid in US dollars with seven further tiers down to picking 2 numbers plus the bonus ball paid in bitcoin. It costs ₿0.0005 per ticket line. Players can choose 10 ticket lines per play, plus as many plays as they want.

Other Stuff

Players can also opt to play “Instant Wins” and “Slots.” On Instant Wins, you can try a game for free to see how it works. Players can win up to ₿3.0. There is also a free first ticket on registering with Their “Refer a Friend” program earns you 5% on every lottery ticket your friend buys. Plus US$ 2.5 if your friend wins the jackpot.

Signing Up to Play

Players have to create an account and deposit some bitcoin. There is a link to acquire bitcoin if you haven’t done this yet. There are also three different ways to interface with your Bitcoin wallet.

Crypto Millions Lotto and Winnings

Winnings are paid directly into your account, though the jackpot and 2nd tier prize won’t be available until receives the money from their insurers – usually about 30 days. Plus, you’ll have to provide a photo ID and proof of address. These winnings will be paid in the US or any other currency you designate. All other winnings are paid in Bitcoin. Any amount less than ₿5.0000 can be withdrawn to your Bitcoin wallet. If it is that amount or over, you need to complete a KYC/AML. KYC is “Know Your Customer” and involves providing documents to confirm your identity. It’s one part of the bigger process of AML – “Anti-Money Laundering which includes other risk evaluations and assessments.

Who Can Play?

Players at Crypto Millions Lotto must be 18 years or older depending on where you reside and their rules. People from Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, the Netherlands, UK, and the US can’t play here – plus Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Singapore, and South Africa. Oh, and you can’t play if you work for the company or are related to someone who does. Their website operates in six languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Weird – Linking to Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

According to the site, they are the “official online lottery partner” to the Wolves, and yes, there was a public announcement on this. But, on the Wolves site, there is a link to a different Bitcoin company. Plus, there is nothing on the Wolves site that says this – again, a different bitcoin company link is provided there.

Who Are They? is operated under a Curaçao eGaming license owned by a company in Curaçao, which is a subsidiary of a UK company. There are a snail mail and email address. They can take a while to answer any emails. There is a UK telephone number.

Why You Should Register with Crypto Millions Lotto


Good Jackpot

Free First Ticket

Winnings Anonymous through Bitcoin

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Crypto Millions Lotto


Only One Lottery Game

Jackpot Winnings Delayed by 30 Days

The UK, US, and Others Can’t Play

Would you mind rating

Is Crypto Millions Lotto Legit?

I get that I can win, and no one is going to know – I simply walk away with that great jackpot. At the same time, there seem to be a lot of grey areas on who these folks are, and I still have issues with playing in Bitcoin versus good ole dollars. Add to that; there is only one lottery game here. Most of the time, I like to play a variety of games, especially when we’re talking about some of those jackpots with US Powerball and Euro Millions.

I think I’ll stick to the true and proven online lottery websites which work in regular currencies and offer more lotteries. I think I’d have to be pretty confident about who I’m dealing with to start playing with Bitcoin.

  1. Good site. If you have bitcoin or another crypto it is really easy to play. The support staff was on hand for any questions I had. I even had a win, not the jackpot, and I received an email to let me know soon after the draw had finished. I would recommend it

  2. Would like to know more about them as they offered people to buy shares in their company at 30 pence each. Would like to know if they are a scam or not. Regard s Gerald.

  3. This product is a complete scam – I bought two tickets in December never heard anything else.

    • Where is John Keyman based? They do not serve Australia, UK or USA. If he bought 2 tickets, why would they contact him unless he won?


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