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MatchMoreLotto Exposed — Scam or Legit?

MatchMoreLotto Review provides a service to enter syndicates to play the National Lottery (UK) and EuroMillions. Many believe syndicates are a way to increase your odds. A syndicate is a group of people who own multiple tickets and share in the winnings. But what about syndicates at

Who Can Play at

Players must be over 16 years of age, own a debit card and – I love this – ensure that the card number has not been reported lost or stolen. I wondered why they wasted the space on their site to say this. Then again, there are a lot of things that they say that is wasted space, including their customer service details repeated all over the place.’s Syndicates offers three levels of syndicates Gold (30 lotto lines), Silver (20 lotto lines) and Bronze (10 lotto lines). The buy-in ranges from £10 per week, £7.50 per week and £5 per week respectively. On their registration page, the age has now jumped to confirming a player is over 18 years of age.

They also offer a free monthly draw for prizes (vouchers for things) though players have to have played four consecutive weeks and be a UK resident. There is no information on when this draw actually takes place.

Players and Lottery Numbers provides an 8 digit ID number that represents your involvement in the syndicate you choose. They do say they will send your lines and confirmation number to you but underline that they will notify you by email when you win with a claim reference number.

Full Stop at

Though identifies how many lotto lines are included in each syndicate, they do not specify how many people are buying into a specific syndicate. That means any winning could be shared between twenty people or two thousand people. There is also no indication of what percentage goes to the tickets and what the company takes as a service charge. I’m not a mathematician, but if we start looking at 30 lotto lines by saying even one hundred people, we are talking some serious cash. Most good syndicates identify the number of ticket lines and the number of people participating.

Winning at

Winnings are paid by check within 14 days, though says that players have to contact customer service for prizes greater than £1,000. They notify players of any winnings by email which generates a claim reference number. But – yes the big but – claim reference numbers only last for 30 days. I wonder how many people wait too long!

Clock Watching at

Under’s ‘Service Guide’ they say you can play their syndicates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the same time the cut off time for any draw is 6:30 pm (GMT) on the day of the draw.’s Customer Service’s Customer Service ‘team’ says their representatives are available 24/7 for 365 days of the year through email, telephone or snail mail. It wasn’t until I got into their ‘Terms and Conditions’ that they identify the representatives are only available between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm. There is also no information on whether this is only weekdays. Emails generate an auto response saying the question has been sent to the relevant department who will be in touch.

Weekly Charges at

Buried in their Terms and Conditions, states as a subscriber, a player agrees that weekly charges and ‘any other charges’ may be charged automatically to your chosen payment method.

Who is

It’s not hard to be a little confused looking at It is owned and promoted by Bitstacker Ltd. but promotes Txtlotto’s National Lottery and EuroMillions syndicates. Bitstacker Ltd also runs “lottobytext”. According to The Register (3 July 2013), Bitstacker Ltd is being investigated for running illicit ransomware tactics.

Texting and Lotto

Buried in the “How to Play” page is an alternate way to play the National Lottery (UK). offers five free lotto tickets through a texting service. This is a subscription-based service that provides the same 5 lottery lines you got free initially but becomes a cost of £4.50 each week. They say you can send a message and stop this at any time.

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The Bottom Line at

This is one syndicate site that we are definitely staying away from. It’s not so much the information provided, but the lack of information. They are clear that they are a syndicate service provider, but no information on what their service actually costs or how many people are included in each of their syndicates.


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Conflicting Information

Our team gives a thumbs down. There are some very good syndicates out there to play without wondering just what percentage you are going to win!

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