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SuperLottoClub Exposed — Not the Best, Not the Worst

SuperLottoClub Exposed

SuperLottoClub Review

SuperLotto Club is yet another online lottery operator. Its website is functional and colorful; it offers a selection of good games to choose from, but how is it different from other similar service providers? That’s what we’re about to find out today.

Established in 2016, Super Lotto Club provides tickets for international lotteries and the website also features a syndicate play option. The second one is exciting, and we’ll take a more in-depth look at the opportunity later on in the review.

There seems to be a pretty solid customer support team and a well-built website. This is a great start, but we also need to take a look at the range of lotteries being offered and the cost of the service to determine if it’s worth a try.

Is 24Lottos better than Super Lotto Club?

Games at SuperLotto Club

Unlike other operators, SuperLotto Club doesn’t focus on a significant number of international games. Its current portfolio is quite limited.

The lotteries you can access via the platform include EuroMillions, Mega Millions, Powerball, SuperEnalotto, El Gordo de la Primitiva, the Australian Powerball, and Oz Lotto.

A modest selection, we believe, but if it features the game you’re interested in, it’s good.

Let’s take a look at how ticket prices at SuperLotto Club compare to the official cost of lottery tickets.

If you want to play SuperEnalotto in Italy, for example, you will have to spend one euro on the acquisition of a single standard ticket. At Super Lotto Club, the cost of one SuperEnalotto ticket is two pounds or 2.16 euros.

In terms of syndicate bets, you have to acquire a certain number of lines to be included in the group and get a share of the winnings.

One share in the US Powerball syndicate costs a minimum of seven pounds per draw. If you want to have a bigger number of shares to claim a more massive prize, you should be prepared to spend up to 700 pounds.

Getting Your Winnings with Super Lotto Club

Logging into the SuperLotto Club account will give the player information about the status of the tickets that they’ve bought. In the event of a smaller prize, the SuperLotto Club team will claim the amount on behalf of the player and credit it to their account.

For more substantial sums, there could be a personal claim requirement. In such instances, you’ll have to get in touch with the SuperLotto Club team to find out a bit more about what it would take to claim the prize and have it cashed out to you.

Amounts that have been credited to the Super Lotto Club account should be easy to withdraw. Unfortunately, the official presentation of the website doesn’t shed more light on the available methods for cashing out.

Keep in mind that when we tried to create a SuperLotto Club account, the only countries available for registration were the UK, Finland, Germany, and Sweden. Thus, people living in other parts of the world and lacking a UK address/registration in one of the other represented countries could find it impossible to benefit from the portal’s services.

Once we created an account, we found out that deposits could be made from a bank account. No other digital payment options have been integrated into the system. We believe that the same option is available for withdrawals.

Who Can Play at SuperLottoClub?

To join the SuperLotto Club, you have to be aged 18 or older. When a new account is created, a player will have to indicate their age. If they fall under the minimum, the account activation process will not move forward.

Even if false age information is entered, the SuperLotto Club team will carry out an identity verification process within 72 hours. If you cannot confirm your age, your account will be terminated.

As already mentioned, Super Lotto Club also has geographic restrictions.

The website accepts addresses and bank accounts in only four countries – the UK, Finland, Germany, and Sweden.

Who Is Behind SuperLotto Club?

SuperLotto Club is run by a company called More Tech Ltd.

According to the official presentation, the company’s team consists of lotto experts who have years of experience in the field (whatever that means). The support team is based in London, UK, and if you want to, you can get in touch with them to ask additional questions by phone, email, or live chat.

More Tech group has UK Gambling Commission and Swedish Gambling Authority licensing. Due to these facts, you can rest assured that the Super Lotto Club is legitimate. You’re not going to be scammed out of your hard-earned cash if you decide to buy tickets via the platform.

The About Us section of the website doesn’t provide a ton of additional useful information, but at least the entity behind SuperLotto Club is known. That’s a big plus because many of the online lottery agencies we’ve reviewed through the years are working hard to keep the identity of the individual or entity behind the project hidden.

Other Bits and Pieces

There isn’t an awful lot more to add about SuperLotto Club because the portal offers a more or less basic service.

There’s one good feature introduced to promote responsible spending. It is possible to set a daily deposit limit so that people don’t go overboard with their lottery ticket spending.

The default daily deposit limit is set at 300 UK pounds. When you go to your account, however, you can change the sum to a much smaller or a larger amount. It’s up to you to determine what deposit limit you feel comfortable with and whether such a restriction is needed. Other than the daily limit, there’s also a weekly and a monthly deposit threshold.

We couldn’t find any information about people who have won the lottery by using the SuperLotto Club service. If you’re one of these people or you know someone who has given this opportunity a try, you can share the experience in the comments below.

Before focusing on the negatives, however, let’s take a look at some of the platform’s good characteristics:

Why You Should Register with Super Lotto Club


Super Lotto Club is created by an actual entity that is licensed and that provides full information about its corporate structure

There are multiple ways to get in touch with the customer support team and receive assistance

SuperLotto Club features some of the world’s biggest and most popular lotteries

Syndicate play is available for those who would like to join forces and increase their odds of winning a prize

The website features reasonable security and encryption features

The design is clean and user-friendly

All of these characteristics could make you want to sign up for Super Lotto Club, but here are how it misses the mark:

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Super Lotto Club


The selection of available lottery games is minimal in comparison to what other operators have to offer

Geographic limitations make the service available in solely four European countries

A bank transfer and withdrawal is the only payment/deposit opportunity

The ticket prices and the syndicate play could be considered quite expensive

There are no add-ons, bonuses, or special discounts/perks for loyal members

Would you mind rating

Is SuperLottoClub Legit?

SuperLotto Club falls in the middle of the pack. It’s not bad, but it’s also not the greatest online lottery agency. Unfortunately, it misses some characteristics that could catapult it to a whole different level.

Super LottoClub is an ok website. There’s no reason to worry about its legitimacy. Give it a try to see if the service agrees with you. If you’re looking for a large selection of games and added perks for players, this platform is going to fail to meet your expectations.

  1. Was told that I got the chance to join a 4 month campaign with very high winning chances. In the end, I got more money out of it than I paid and the experience was very nice in general.

  2. There is a summer lotto package and a win is promised within a period of four months. It’s kind of a group game of 100 players. And one wins exponential amounts like even 0.5 or 2.5 krons that is ridiculous. It seems to be very fake and funny.


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