Smart Lottery Wheel

Smart Lottery Wheel

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Price: $49.99 EVERY MONTH
Trial: $5.50
Guarantee: 60 Days
Description: Smart Lottery Wheel claims it works for every lottery game in the world, no matter where the it is located. Smart Lottery Wheel was developed using the newest algorithms based on the latest lottery results.

Smart Lottery Wheel Exposed — A Lottery Program That Has To Be Banned for a Good Cause!

Smart Lottery Wheel Exposed

Smart Lottery Wheel Review

So I clicked on the site’s URL and was busy reading celebrity gossip on a second page and suddenly I had sort of a cardiac arrest. You see, it’s never good, and I mean never good to post videos that play automatically without you clicking the play button. It’s like those next-door neighbors who don’t take a second to give their ‘sometime unwanted’ opinions and suggestions even when you haven’t respectfully requested them. Now tell me you appreciate those kinds of neighbors and I swear we’re not hanging out. Like ever.

So I had like a million tabs opened and as understood I had a hard time getting to the right tab to mute the guy. You might be thinking why I freaked out so much… yeah? Well, it so happens that I was reading about some celebrity plastic surgery and for a moment there I thought about what I would do if I had the opportunity to ‘plastify’ (new word! I own copyrights!) myself and then suddenly I heard, “I need to ask you a potentially lifesaving question!” at first I thought I was scammed, maybe hacked too. Then it started making sense… but he was too loud.

Smart Lottery Wheel – Helps You Win BIG (In Your Dreams)

Alright, so I freaked out, but that’s not the point of this article, the point of this article is to decipher what this system is all about. So when I scrolled down a tiny bit, I saw the phrase, “Become a Guaranteed Winner” – yeah right. Thank you for giving us the hint (that you’re just another scam) early on in the site! Apart from that, they also claim that “Lottery Players love This Software – Lottery Officials HATE It Learn What the Hype is About Below” – yeah they hate is because you smell fishy, that’s why. And I guarantee no real human lottery player has “loved” your software. So all you have to do really is to stop buying yourself and your friend a couple of rounds of beer worth $5.50 and invest that money into what they call the “smartest” lottery tool ever created. Of course, they don’t mention that it’s a rip-off and that it’s not worth it, but hey it’s business and for all we know, everything’s fair in scam and business!

What Really Is the Smart Lottery Wheel?

As I mentioned, you get to try it out for $5.50 and if you’re not satisfied, no you don’t get your money back, all you have to do is forget about it, but if surprisingly enough (and if you’re on Smart Lottery Wheel’s payroll) if it worked for you, then you have to be paying $49.99 EVERY MONTH to keep your subscription alive. Yep, a nice and solid $49.99. Here’s what I read that gave me the hibbie jibbies, “We want to help EVERYONE win the lottery. We could easily charge $100, $200, or more per month for this software, but we are giving everyone a chance to try this for only $5.50.” kind of makes me want to think why they won’t allow people to use it free for a short period of time. Why charge close to $6 for it for trial? It’s simple – they know it won’t really guarantee results so hey, why not rip consumers off to start with?

Does the Smart Lottery Wheel Really Work?

Well, “Smart Lottery Wheel was developed by lottery experts who have information and experience nobody else has.” But who these experts are, they didn’t care to reveal. How much information they know, we don’t know. And then they said, “We’ve seen it all. We know what works and what doesn’t. And we have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating software that can pick winning numbers. This tool uses precise mathematical formulas, statistics, probability, and trends based on real-life results. We’ve tested this software against live results from lotteries all over the world.” Did you test with live results? That’s amazing; can you give us a link to verify? *yawn* In short, nope, it doesn’t work.

Is There Anything Different About the Smart Lottery Wheel?

Much like any business, you have those few scapegoats who can’t wait to have their pictures online, so they love to be part of a venture because once their face is online, BOOM they’re famous. Now it’s unlikely that these people really even tried using the Smart Lottery Wheel, but nothing beats being a celebrity! Is there anything different about the Smart Lottery Wheel? Yeah, they claim they’re different and they took a step further by stating, “Look, I’m sure you’ve bought other lottery software in the past but have been disappointed. And honestly, I’m not surprised. All other software’s out there use out-dated data and old algorithms.” LOL, just LOL. If you can’t beat the competition, b*tch about them instead!

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My Thoughts about the Smart Lottery Wheel

Here are the questions I asked myself to come to a conclusion:

1. Have they disclosed anything at all about the experts behind this software? NO.
2. Have they disclosed how much their so-called experts have won using this software? NO.
3. Have they provided any proof, apart from their fake claims, that their software works? NO.
4. Is it free? NO.
5. If I developed lottery software that guarantees to make me rich, would I share it? HELL NO!
6. Do I have money to test products I think smell scam? NO Thank you!

Moving on!

This Lottery Software Is Closed

  1. I dislike how they’re charging 50.00 bucks a month to be ripped of its blokes like this who should be taken out the back and shot gets rid of hoaxers and no more problems.

  2. This System does not work! It is waste of money and time. It is only a number generator that is made fancy. I have wasted a lot of money on it. There is also no support from them!


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