Silver Lotto System

Silver Lotto System

Bad 1.8 | Reviews (5)
Price: $39.95
Trial: No
Guarantee: 60 Days
Description: Silver Lotto System claims it will help you win 9 out of ten times. It uses some form of algorithms that shows patterns to help pick winning numbers.

Silver Lotto System Exposed — A Colorful Trap!

Silver Lotto System

Silver Lotto System Review

Sometimes I don’t like this job of digging into different lottery systems. Today was one of those days.  Taking a look at Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System was darn right painful. It’s an over and over again blame on the fact it works for winning lotteries, what Ken has bought himself as a result of winning, and testimonials from others who have won. The site is a mess of different fonts, underlining, colors, and graphics that pull a person’s attention all over the place. Sorting through all the information presented was challenging. Let’s see what Ken says.

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How Silver Lotto System Works

Ken claims that Silver Lotto System is based on “the evergreen system” and will help you win 9 out of ten times. He says it uses some form of algorithms that show patterns to help pick winning numbers. He does provide several examples though points out not to use these particular patterns and that they won’t work without the support of Silver Lotto System. Ken underlines how much he’s won with some of his purchases including an Austin Martin Vanquish and Bentley Continental GT, two costly cars.

Who Is Ken Silver

The name Ken Silver rang a bell with one of our team members, and after some digging in his files, he came up with another lotto software called Honest Lottery System marketed by the same guy. It seems from reading various articles Honest Lottery System migrated to Silver Lotto System. This lottery system is marketed on a variety of different sites though it seems many of the others have much more talented writers that get to the point faster.

Silver Lotto System Complaints

With so many affiliates and people trying to sell this questionable software, I was surprised I stumbled on more than one website where people were complaining about what is wrong with Silver Lotto System. Perhaps the most useful one is this Silver Lotto System complaint because both the author and those commenting make some powerful observations.

Among the most common complaints is the one where clients don’t receive a refund if they ask for it, despite the claims that the product is guaranteed. It goes without saying that most of those who took their time to post comments recommend people not to trust Silver Lotto System and some are even threatening Ken with legal action.

Is Silver Lotto System Worth your Money?

I finally figured out how Ken got the money to buy all the things he scatters pictures of all over the website. For the sum of $134, you can be a member and have access to this software. But wait, Silver Lotto System won’t cost you that much, because Ken will make a special discount just for you for $97. I was still sitting there with a silly grin when the next offer popped up. Silver Lotto System can be yours for just today at a discounted price of $39.95 and since it is already midnight, buy it right now. Ya right! I was about to close the website and another promotion hit me. Just for me, just for today and only because I was willing to look elsewhere, I can have Silver Lotto System for only $29.95.

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Why You Shouldn’t Register with Silver Lotto


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Bad UI

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Is Silver Lotto Legit?

Part of me wanted to sit on the website and see if it would discount even further. It was almost tempting to click okay just to see what happened and then I had a reality check. Why was I going to spend money on software that I already had decided was worthless? Did I really want to fund Ken’s next luxury item? Needless to say, I finally did close the website and won’t be going back there.

  1. Silver Lotto System is a known Scam! Been around for years, tons of bad reviews, only a fool would fall for any good reviews on the system. If I could give it less than 1 star I would.

  2. why all the negative reviews…..6 months after I bought his system, I won $50,000.00 in Canada Ontario 49….and had I have played Lottario, I would have once won $10,000.00 second prize in Toronto Canada.


  3. I also thought the same thing about the silver lotto system by this ken silver, it’s a scam like every other lottery system review site says it is, except for a review site, whom for some reason used to tell you it was a good system, he even recommended other systems lotto black book – win lotto systems – lottery audit and now all of these systems are known scams! What is going on here? A ways back I brought this up with someone who runs and he just blocked me and would not answer any questions. Something is going on and it smells very bad.

  4. Do not trust this Ken Silver, his system is one of the worst to use, wins nothing and many report him charging their credit cards over and over, yes he is a scammer!

  5. I particularly liked the part of the article that talked about how the system was discounted over and over. I can’t believe people would buy into this sort of thing. And why give a guarantee that you will not uphold. Guess that’s where Ken makes his money, definitely not on lotteries!


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