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Price: $49
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Guarantee: A 60-day guarantee
Description: Lotto Decoded is a system developed by Richard Lustig – a guy who claims that he has broken the “lottery code.”

Lotto Decoded Exposed — A Dirty Little Lottery Secret or a Complete Scam?

Lotto Decoded Exposed

Lotto Decoded Review

If you are somewhat interested in lottery strategies, you have heard about Richard Lustig. The man who claims that he has broken the lottery code has come up with yet another (paid) development that’s supposed to help lottery enthusiasts from across the globe increase their odds of winning. This new development is called Lotto Decoded and here’s everything that you need to know about it.

What Is Lotto Decoded and What Does It Do?

According to the Lotto Decoded promo page, this is a system aimed at helping you improve the odds of winning the lottery exponentially. Unfortunately, the rest is a ton of promo  talk and there’s no actual information about the nature of the system or the concept that it’s built upon.

The page puts a lot of emphasis on Richard Lustig and the fact that he’d won the lottery seven times. There’s a bunch of photos with celebrities and a bunch of Richard photos that depict him holding a giant winner’s cheque. All of this has been placed for the purpose of enforcing his credibility and making people believe in Lustig’s ability to guarantee lottery wins time after time.

The bottom of the promo page suggests that Lotto Decoded is a step-by-step guide based on Lustig’s 20 years of playing the lottery. There’s video training that supposedly will “greatly increase your odds of winning the lottery.” How exactly does that happen? You’ll have to buy Lotto Decoded to find out.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the big shocker! While most app feature in-app purchases that cost a few dollars and while premium apps do have a fee, this one is way overpriced. The Lotto Decoded system costs 49 dollars to acquire.

The good news is that Lotto Decoded does come with a money-back guarantee. It’s a no-questions-asked full refund that’s available within the first 60 days of signing up for the program.

How Does Lotto Decoded Work?

This is the big question, isn’t it? By doing tons of online research, we have found out that the aim of Lotto Decoded is to help players choose the right numbers. Through the system, unfavorable numbers are eliminated, which potentially makes winning a prize easier.

If you are looking for information out there and you want to determine if Lotto Decoded works, keep in mind that Richard Lustig is a good entrepreneur who has developed an affiliate program. This means that affiliates earn a commission each time a person subscribes via their referral. As a result, you will come across a ton of fake reviews that are filled with positive hype and no actual information about the merits of the system.

Using mathematics is an actual approach to winning the lottery. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find out if Lustig embraces a statistical approach. In addition, you can easily determine hot and cold numbers for a particular lottery on your own and without spending 49 dollars on a questionable system.

Lotto Decoded Terms and Conditions

The funniest thing about Lotto Decoded is that the terms and conditions page on the promo website is empty. Obviously, the absence of such vital information raises some questions and concerns. There are no details about downloading the system, whether a buyer would have to pay for additional upgrades, and if the money-back guarantee is a truly effective one.

Since the purchase is made via PayPal, players do have a good chance of getting a refund via the PayPal system itself. Raising a claim is a relatively simple task and sooner or later, the money will be credited back to one’s account.

This is not the issue here, however.

Legitimate businesses have terms and conditions aimed at outlining both the company and the buyer’s rights and responsibilities. In the absence of such a vital document, abuse of the system can easily take place.

When one clicks on to the “buy” page, things become even more interesting. A short note appears on the bottom of the page. The note states that the product is provided with a 45-day money-back guarantee. Obviously, this is a discrepancy from the promise made by Mr. Lustig.

Keep in mind that buying Lotto Decoded will also automatically subscribe you to email updates and promo messages (aka spam). If you don’t want to get your inbox flooded, you should untick the boxes in the event of completing a purchase.

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Who Is Behind Lotto Decoded?

Richard Lustig is the man behind Lotto Decoded. He may already sound familiar because he’s also the developer of Lottery Dominator.

Lustig is mostly known for winning the lottery a total of seven times (he claims that he’s the only person on the face of the planet to have such an accomplishment). All seven of the wins have led to a grand total of 1.047 million dollars. And here’s the big question – why would a millionaire have to sell questionable systems online for ridiculous amounts of money? We leave the answer to you.

One thing that Lustig definitely has accomplished is turning into an excellent marketer. Through the years, he has capitalized on the lottery winnings, establishing an entire business around them. In 2013, he wrote a book about winning the lottery and it quickly reached the third position among Amazon’s most popular self-help books. And while there aren’t reliable Lotto Decoded reviews, the book’s reviews on Amazon are more than devastating.

Lustig sells his book for 36 dollars!!! but most reviewers claim it contains little to no actual information. In essence, the strategy is being summarized as play all drawings, always use the same numbers and if you are into scratch tickets, buy an entire stack to increase your odds. These are more or less obvious things that lottery enthusiasts across the globe are familiar with.

Based on this information, it becomes easier to determine what exactly the Lotto Decoded system is going to feature. Just like the promo page, the system is probably filled with lots and lots of praise for Lustig and very little as far as actionable tips go.

Final Verdict

If you have 49 dollars that you don’t really want, do go ahead and buy Lotto Decoded. We do, however, have a better idea for you – use the money on the acquisition of lottery tickets. Chances are that this strategy will produce much better results in terms of winning than Richard Lustig’s strategy.

Don’t get fooled by the marketing hype. So far, nobody has come forward to say that they became a lottery millionaire because of Richard Lustig.

A final very important note is that media speak only of Lustig’s wins. Nobody announces the amount he has spent on lottery tickets through the years in order to be so successful (Lustig is known for the philosophy of investing everything won back in lottery tickets). Thus, he may have spent a lot more on purchases than what he got as a return in the form of lottery prizes.

Shady and questionable, Lotto Decoded is incredibly overpriced. As a result, it doesn’t really deserve anything but a 1 out of 10 stars rating.

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