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Online Prize Reviews 2018 — Our Investigators Did the Work for You

Remember the famous Forrest Gump quote about the box of chocolates? It’s incredibly applicable to prize sites – you never know what you’re going to get. Prizes can be both big and small. The one thing that matters, however, is finding a legitimate website.

Lottery Exposed: Online Prize Comparisons You Can Count On

With so many prize websites out there, it may be so difficult to pick the right one. Chances are that you’ll always wonder if you’ve picked correctly, if there’s something better waiting for you out there.

Diversity is great, especially when it comes to chances to win. This diversity, however, is overwhelming for newbies.

This is the main reason why the Lottery Exposed team has decided to simplify the task for our readers. Here, you will find summary tables for some of the most prominent prize websites out there. The summary table will “extract” the key information for each of these websites, making it easier for you to pinpoint a few you like.

Prize Sites

Review Rating Prizes Founded Country
3.5Average 3.5 of 5
3.5 Gift cards and various goods 1997 Canada 1
4.5Great 4.5 of 5
4.5 Gift cards 2016 France 2
0Not Rated
0 Beauty & fashion, books, cars and accessories, cash, computers & technology, electronics, food & household, gift cards, etc. 2008 United States 3
2.5Poor 2.5 of 5
2.5 Car and shopping prizes 2003 United States 4
3Average 3.0 of 5
3 Car 2003 United Kingdom 5
0Not Rated
0 Events 2009 United States 6
3.6Average 3.6 of 5
3.6 Freebies, coupons, discounts, etc. 2011 United States 7
2.5Poor 2.5 of 5
2.5 Bitcoins 2013 Belize 8
0Not Rated
0 Apple iPhones, PlayStation 4, gift cards for Amazon and PayPal 2011 United Kingdom 9
3.7Average 3.7 of 5
3.7 Range from £20 in vouchers to £100 in cash 2009 United Kingdom 10
3Average 3.0 of 5
3 Vouchers, gift cards, phones, holidays, etc. 2006 United Kingdom 11
4Great 4.0 of 5
4 No 2007 United Kingdom 12
5Excellent 5.0 of 5
5 Art, food & drink, beauty & spas, electronics & computers, etc. 2015 Canada 13
1Bad 1.0 of 5
1 Gift cards, virtual currency, etc. 2011 United States 14
2.3Poor 2.3 of 5
2.3 Cash & vouchers, electronics & gadgets, food & drink, etc. 2011 United Kingdom 15
3Average 3.0 of 5
3 Cash, gift cards 2007 United States 16
1Bad 1.0 of 5
1 Money, electronic & gadgets, gift cards, etc. 1999 United Kingdom 17
1.7Bad 1.7 of 5
1.7 Free Money 2012 United States 18
2.6Poor 2.6 of 5
2.6 Money, electronic & gadgets, etc. 2002 United Kingdom 19
3.3Average 3.3 of 5
3.3 Cash, gift cards, etc. 2007 United States 20
2.6Poor 2.6 of 5
2.6 Cash, gift cards, etc. 2011 United States 21
3.8Average 3.8 of 5
3.8 Cash 1998 United States 22
2.5Poor 2.5 of 5
2.5 Cash, iPad, Macbook Air, gift cards, etc. 2009 United States 23
1Bad 1.0 of 5
1 Cash 1999 United States 24
3Average 3.0 of 5
3 $25 - $1,000 gift cards 2015 United States 25
0Not Rated
0 Earn points to redeem discounts and other prizes 2011 Australia 26
0Not Rated
0 Coupons, deals and discounts for an array of products 2016 Ukraine 27
0Not Rated
0 Cars, motorbikes, holidays, electronics, etc. 2003 United Kingdom 28

Information You Can Rely On

We can’t stress enough on the importance of doing careful research before choosing a prize website. There are wonderful, legitimate options out there that hand out rewards on a regular basis. On the other hand, however, are the scam websites. While these may look like truly legitimate opportunities, they will lead to losses and nothing else.

It’s the job of the Lottery Exposed investigators to identify legitimate prize sites and to assess their characteristics. Based on this assessment, we can easily conclude which ones are the best and which websites should be avoided.

If you don’t have the time to go through our entire review for every single website, the prize site summary table is the right one for you.

The table presents all of the reviewed websites. We’ve selected a few key characteristics that deserve to be highlighted. Apart from the characteristics, the table will also feature the score that we’ve given each of the websites on the basis of our research. All opportunities are listed there, from best to worst.

Obviously, information about such websites changes all the time. It’s our commitment to keep working on the table and updating it (as well as the respective review) upon necessity.

Trustworthy Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions about Online Prizes

Some people believe that all prize sites are scam, but this isn’t the case. True, there are many fake options out there. True, some of these can be dangerous. Good prize websites do exist and we’ll show you the best ones.

Please take a look at the comparison table and if you’re particularly interested in one website or another, you can explore its detailed review. There, you will find much more information about how it works and what prizes to expect. Each of the reviews also allows for user comments to be left at the bottom. These can provide additional useful tips from people who have actually tried the respective site.

Good luck and we hope that you find both the table and our prize site reviews beneficial.