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GetItFree Exposed — Is It Fake or Real?

GetItFree Exposed

GetItFree Review

They say nothing is for free and is just one more example. It doesn’t seem to matter what you click on, it takes you to another site where they want you to register, take the survey and/or jump through other hoops. So it might not cost you money, but it certainly costs you time. Of course to top it off, then I find out I couldn’t win because I wasn’t a resident of the United States.

What Is GetItFree?

If you are a resident of the United States, you have the opportunity to receive things for free (freebies), coupons, deals (discounts on purchasing things) and sweepstakes (raffles). There is also a video and blog menu where you can click and watch or read. The things for free are pretty cool, though you’ve got to individually register for each. Some of the sweepstakes take you to the advertiser’s home page and some pop you into another raffle site. The rules depend on where you are, so check them out. Well, if you can get to them. Many of the sites check out your IP and won’t let you go further unless you are in the US of A.

Who Can Participate?

This site is “for United States use only”. There are a few sweepstakes and freebies that people from Canada, Australia and New Zealand can play or get but they are far and few between.

What Are the Prizes Offered by

The Shelby Car sweepstakes particularly caught my eye. There is a heap of prizes in the sweepstakes ranging from a Cuisinart Deep Fryer, prizes from Martha Stewart (daily), to win $5,000 to a Camero. Coupons are mostly for groceries – okay boring. Discounts are available from everything to a special dog harness to power tools. The freebies mostly include sample sizes for health drinks and skin care products.

Who Owns GetItFree?

Clicking around, there is no information on who actually owns this site. They are based in California or so they say. There is a support email address, online form and email address if you’d like to advertise on this site. Oh, and there is the name of their legal agent for any infringement with a PO Box address in San Diego.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

The terms and conditions are pretty thorough about the site, though focuses on protection issues versus how you get your prizes, coupons or freebies. For each of these, you need to check the specific rules or terms & conditions of each game/freebie that you go into.

How to Collect a Prize?

Ditto with getting your prize. Each sweepstake has its own rules and regulations so you’ve got to go in and check out when a draw ends, whether you have to do anything to enter and how you receive your prize. This gets pretty time consuming. Coupons and discounts are automatic, meaning you get them after you enter your details. I guess the freebies come in the mail and that depends on how quickly they are processed.

GetItFree Feedback and Complaints

Once you get by the link advertising, there is a heap of complaints on receiving junk emails and advertising. Several comments listed all the different stuff that was received as a direct result of registering for a prize – none of which came from the original sweepstake.

Is Scam or Legit?

This is not a scam, but instead looks like it is a data miner that is after your contact details to share with advertisers. There are no complaints that people didn’t get what they asked for whether it be prizes, coupons, discounts or freebies.

Bottom Line at

If you do live in the United States, you could have some fun with this site. There are some good prizes though given some of the comments regarding the spam aspect, I’d make sure you use a standalone email address.


Great Range of Prizes

Coupons and Discounts for Things

Things for Free


Only for US Residents

Different Rules for Each Offer

Spam, Spam and more SPAM?

This site gets a thumb’s down for the time for going into each and every site to play, get a freebie, receive your coupon or get a discount. There’s got to be an easier way to win.

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