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Founded: 2016
Country: France
Prizes: Gift cards
TOS: Anyone of any age can use
Email: support@pointsprizes.com
Phone: N/A

PointsPrizes Exposed — Earn Points for Prizes and Cash

PointsPrizes Exposed

PointsPrizes Review

If you’ve got some time on your hands, PointsPrizes.com is a site where you can earn points that can be converted to prizes and cash by taking surveys, polls, and watching videos. They don’t take any information except your email address and are more interested in your opinion and what you look at versus who you are. The only catch is most of it is for people who reside in the United States.

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What Is PointsPrizes?

PointsPrizes is a site where people can get paid for taking surveys, looking at video ads, and playing free games. People collect points that can be converted into offers/prizes. There is a daily poll for 5 points. There are also coupons you can redeem for points plus referral bonus points.

Who Can Participate?

There is nowhere that actually says this is only for people in the US, they do say that their codes for prizes are mostly valid there. If you try and claim a prize, their system will detect where you are and clarify whether you can claim it or not. If you are claiming from somewhere else internationally, prizes can be claimed through PayPal. Alternatively, they offer BitCoins.

What Are the Prizes Offered by PointsPrizes.com?

People can claim and use their points for prizes like iTunes, Amazon.com, NetFlicks, and of course, cash out through PayPal, Stream, or Bitcoins. There does seem to be some feedback that cash payments can take a little while. It takes 3,000 points to claim a $20 gift card or other prizes.

Who Owns Prize Points?

PrizePoints is owned by SAS POINTSPRIZES located in France. If you want to talk to them, there are a snail mail address and an online form. They say they will respond within 1 business day.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Looking at the Terms of Use at PointsPrizes.com, it’s all pretty straightforward. The focus here is on what you can and cannot do. They don’t take any of your personal details like birth dates or names. The only thing you need to log in is an email address. They will track a bunch of metadata like your IP address, device type, and browser type. PointsPrizes is more interested in what you look at and what you do than who you are. Oh – and there is a way to gather 500 points by redeeming coupons to jump-start your account.

How to Collect a Prize?

Getting your prizes is pretty simple. Simply click on the Claim Prizes tab. The timing of getting your prizes is different for each but you can monitor when it will arrive as they give you a maximum delivery date.

PointsPrizes.com Feedback and Complaints

Well, this is a first. Looking at the comments and feedback from players, it’s all good. The only negative complaints I could find about PointsPrizes.com are that it could take 2 to 3 weeks to receive your money. Oh, and there were some glitches regarding earning points, though it sounds like it is more the advertiser and not actually PointsPrizes.

Why You Should Register with PointsPrizes


No Personal Details Shared

Prizes and Cash from Points

Free Games to Link Into

Why You Shouldn’t Register with PointsPrizes


Takes time to Complete Polls, Surveys, and Watch Ads

Waiting for your Points to Add Up to Convert to Prizes/Cash

Mostly for People in the United States

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Is PointsPrizes.com Legit?

All in all, if you’ve got the time to take surveys, and polls and watch videos, you could earn some money or prizes here. There seem to be some questions about the free games and what you actually can earn. Though the games are free – right?

Remember, this site is primarily for people in the United States. For those people who have the time to take surveys, watch video ads, look at coupons and play games, then you can earn some prizes and money.

This site gets a thumbs up though you aren’t going to walk away with mega millions. But, if you do have the time to participate, there are prizes and money to get.

  1. They are the most dodgy scam artists on the internet. DO NOT SIGN UP.
    every time you finally build up enough money to buy a gift card they are conveniently all of the sudden out of any gift card of the amount of points you have earned.
    Example 1 hour ago there were PlayStation and Xbox gift cards available for 25000 points ( $25 )
    I did one more survey to finally have enough to get one of those 2, and all of a sudden the only ones available were $50 gift cards.
    They are a scam do not trust them you will never ever get anything for the points you earn.
    I would not even give them half a star.
    They are degenerate pigs that never reply to your emails

  2. I use this kind of website for a long time and finally i´m very happy to find a site that actually works. If you’re looking to earn money and get some free codes this is the site. They are the best around! You can definitely trust PointsPrizes. I got some cash and some amazon codes and it works. I truly recommend this website.

  3. Played for a whole month, got 3000 points, tried redeeming a PayPal giftcard didn’t work. Contacted support and they said they couldn’t help me with it and that I should contact PayPal instead.

  4. Thought this was a scam but I made 20$ in a week and successfully received them via PayPal. There are also different gift cards if you don’t have PayPal/Bitcoin wallet. You probably can’t earn a lot of money there but it’s nice to get paid just for playing games and completing surveys!

  5. For now on I haven’t got to the 3000 points already so I don’t know if I really will get a gift card, but I hope so. It is a great site for your first 500 points I should use coupon codes from the internet, and all the other points are just grinding.


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