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Company: Xpango Network
Founded: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Prizes: Apple iPhones, PlayStation 4, gift cards for Amazon and PayPal
TOS: 13+ individuals, 1 account per person, per household
Phone: -

Winogo Exposed — Free Prize Site to Win iPhones and Vouchers?

Winogo Exposed

Winogo Review

Winogo is a free prize site that gives people the chance to earn points that can be used to enter contests or redeem for things.

What Is Winogo?

After registering either with your email address or Facebook, simply collect points by using mobile apps, downloading programs, completing surveys, or playing games. Each draw entry is worth 1 Winogo Point. Winogo points are good for buying things and/or entering some of the more premium draws. What is interesting is for the prize draws, they limit the number of entries and post this. Many of the prize sites around the net simply leave this open so the number of players can be quite large, decreasing your odds. Players can also earn Winogo points by referring their friends.

Why is 24Lottos a recommended lottery service?

Who Can Participate?

Technically, you are supposed to be 18 years or older to play at Winogo, though they do say people 13 and over can play with their parent’s approval. Not sure how that works. There is only one account allowed per household and it looks like they monitor this by capturing your IP address.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Winogo?

Prizes offered here range from Apple iPhones to PlayStation 4, through gift cards for Amazon and PayPal. The prize games seem to close when the contest is full. There is no other information on when the draw occurs.

Who Owns Winogo?

There is no information on who owns or operates Winogo. There is a UK snail mail address but no telephone number. There is an online form, email address, and links to the fact they are part of the network, which is another points collection/games site. says it could take 24 to 48 hours to get any answers back though no info on whether this is only during business hours – or where.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

The terms and conditions are pretty light on though they do tell you how you can opt-out and all the reasons they can close your account. They do say they will not send your personal information to 3rd parties at the same time they also say they will be sending stuff.

How to Collect a Prize?

If you are redeeming points for a prize, making you’re claiming seems pretty straightforward. Simply click on the ‘redeem’ button and fill in the form. There is no information on how quickly or how you get any prizes won. There is also no information on when prizes are drawn.

Winogo Feedback and Complaints

Checking around online there doesn’t seem to be any complaints or feedback for that matter. We’re not sure if this is simply a general lack of people who play here or if it works. Weird in their blog part of the site, there are only comments dating back four years from when the site kicked off.

Bottom Line at

More information on the terms and conditions of how players get their prizes, the process, and the timing would be good.

Why You Should Register with Winogo?


Free to Play

Limit to Entries for Prizes to Win

Anyone Can Play Here

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Winogo?


Who Owns Winogo?

Waiting for the Number of Entries to Fill for the Draw

When Do I Get My Prize?

Would you mind rating

Is Winogo Legit?

Winogo looks legit though we’d be happier if there was more information on who actually owns it and a faster way to get answers to questions. It would also be really good to hear from people who play here, especially if they’ve won.

Though this site looks pretty good, it gets a thumb’s down for the lack of info on when I actually would get my prize. This is pretty key to playing!

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