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Company: Best of the Best Plc
Founded: 2003
Country: United Kingdom
Prizes: Car
TOS: 16+
Phone: +44 20 7371 8866
  1. A work colleague of mine won a BMW M3 and £40k..they surprised him at his home… He didn’t just get given they one they turned up in to surprise him.. .he got to choose the colour, the spec, added a tyre pack (because they’re £300+ each).. He got the insurance paid and gets 20p (I think) back per mile for the fuel). He waited ages for it but everyone is waiting for new cars in the current climate. The cash was paid in to his account ASAP though… Hence I now play every week.

  2. I play regular been close and had credit back but it’s always the big expenses cars that seem to win and not the smaller cars I play for

  3. What a bunch of idiot reviews! Does no one actually read the website before they comment? Obviously not…
    You play, you get closest, you win. Not rocket science, are you all expecting to win every week?

  4. What gets me is when you supposedly get very close to where even the judges have all guessed where they WILL PUT THE BALL they supposedly reward you with credit to your account, YES CREDIT YOU HAVE TO THROW BACK INTO THEIR GAME SO ITS A WIN WIN SITUATION FOR THEM.
    they charge anything up to over £7 sometimes for a shot at a car,
    now lets just say you spend £2.50 in the ridiculous hope of winning i dunno say a 40 – 50 grand car. (but you wont)
    And yet doing the euro lottery for the same £2.50 you could be the winner sometimes of over £170 million fact. you could buy any number of dream cars for that money so why spend £7 or even £2.50 on a slim chance to win just one car? botb may not be a complete scam but their certainly are a few grey areas open in their favour.
    lets just keep our £2.50 back for the lottery instead. even if you don’t win you know your money also goes to alot of good causes.

  5. They list the same vehicles to win on numerous occasions despite having draws done for the vehicle you’ve entered to win. You think you’ve entered to win one thing but when drawn could win something completely different and of different value

  6. Lots of UK winners they could do better with more OS winners.
    I live in Australia and have come close on a few occasions. Whether the Luxury Car Tax or cost of High End Models is too much compared to the UK, could the winning coordinates be moved to keep costs down??
    Just a Question, still play from Sydney every week.

    Are the Coordinates of the winning cross determined before the competition ends?

    Just some questions, but a PLC would never want to get caught doing anything illegal because everyone that had come close could demand the cars they were playing for in a Civil Court matter in a Class Action and get awarded them and their money back. I don’t think this BOTB is rigged at all, it’s just being in the right place at the right time with your Cross, denoting the balls position.

  7. played for the first time yesterday… today I got fraudulent activity using the same bank card .. it just goes to show, when some things are too good to be true – they probably are. keep your money and play the national lottery instead – or better still just put it in the bank

  8. It’s definitely NOT a scam, nor are winners limited to the UK only.
    Last week a guy from Germany won & just today the winner is a young guy from Malawi!
    I’ve seen male & female winners from many different countries & of all races & backgrounds.
    This year (2021) alone, whilst not actually winning the car I played for, I have honestly won over £1000 in credits for near misses. My closest was only 2 pixels away & I won well over £200 as I also had a “nearest car” prize added.
    Play, enjoy, spend only what you can afford and listen for the knock at your door, after me of course!

  9. Been playing for years and follow the winners closely. Lots of duplicate winners. Seems very odd that there are some people winning 3-4 times. Luck that is almost too good to be true.

    I could be wrong, it is just becoming very suspicious.

  10. I played once with 10 tickets didn’t win but looks legitimate to me just need to know what are you doing and I think there is possible to win

  11. BOTB is a scam. I entered the competition so many times and few times my tickets were right in the middle where exactly the ball was but they still refuse me to be the winner. If I can’t win then how can you? People are just wasting their hard earned money. I can’t attach the photo here if anyone needs proof inbox me and I can show you all. Think 100 times before buying the tickets. Rest is up to you all. Maybe this message can save someone’s money.

    • Got to ask, how do know you had the exact pixel of the middle of the ball for sure?

    • trust not a scam I won I’m a small YouTuber and safe to say I won the 15grand

  12. I’m very suspicious do they keep your card details

  13. I stopped playing BOTB this week, I have purchased tickets every week for the dream car competition for nearly 5 years I won a £1000 prize in a botb Christmas draw.
    I have at present £38.67 dream credit in my botb account that I received for this week playing dream comp and midweek car comp. But I am not going to use that credit because simply I don’t see the point when I won the £1000 in 2018 I thought I had a chance of winning the dream car but when female player comments on botb’s Facebook page on Tuesday that female players never win then the following day the winner of the lifestyle winner is a female player convenient or what? in 2017 a player abroad commented that foreign players never win following that comment there were 6 winners all in the following 6 weeks coincidence? they say it only takes one ticket if you can win on only buying one ticket then luck to you.

  14. botb is not a scam
    play sensible and not beyond your means

  15. Very difficult to win a single prize among millions of participants. Just wasting time and money. If want to enjoy, only use credit you earn

  16. Only people in the UK can win but they don’t tell u that. Shame on u BOTB.

    • not true
      I have seen winners from all over the world

    • Apparently, they do not show the judges where the original ball was…the judges decide where they think it would be…..when asking you to play…they say…use your skill to work out where the ball is….when actually you could get it correct and the judges get it wrong….should not be legal.

  17. I ended up opening a dispute on PayPal and PayPal refunded me right away. I think they know this is just a Ponzi scheme.
    The trick is that they always judge the ballz where is the most convenient, aka lower prizes or as usual a British guy. If they don’t use the real ball position then the jury must judge it BEFORE the competition ends OR IS FIXED.
    If you take a look at the winners, you will see 99% are from UK, south UK actually. France has only 4-5 winners, 4 of them are having British names. USA winners are just a few, come on. Germany – 5 winners only in 20 years. Netherlands – 6 winners of some very insignificant cars.
    Now, look at the cars won. They are almost common cars. Who the heck plays to win a Volkswagen 4 door, when there are Porches, AMGs, and McLarens on the menu?

    It’s fixed.

  18. I gave the correct answer saying lifestyle Andmar, it’s all GB, what’s going on, help some in the world, there is no lottery like that, I have been playing for 4 months, no winner, All GB, what business? Pls don’t waste your money here, You will regret it! Shame on you BOTB!

  19. Its waste of time and money. Very tricky and cheeky website for selling tickets. Firstly it asks you to pay a price for choosing car and then asks you to pay for add on. To purchase a minimum ticket value of £ 1.50 I ended up paying £ 5.50 least and it’s waste and making fool of myself. Do not ever waste your money and time its absolutely Rubbish and Bogus.

  20. Like the old pools spot the ball where the dead center of your cross had to match exactly with the center of the ball (chosen by a panel) your chance of winning is so remote as to be negligible!

  21. I chose Michael Douglas, it’s true no cash one, no one paying cash And so bad, don’t play this again and don’t waste money

  22. The chance of winning this competition is virtually impossible. The one who won is by fluke. The si call expert panel decide who wins is no more experts than the man in the moon. You have better chance of winning by entering storm competition.

  23. What I will say is this – if you’ve WON your dream car you’d want to show it off, I get not everyone has Instagram for example but they’ve had a couple of younger ‘winners’ and not one winner has commented under the video of them winning saying thanks or won and hashtagged BOTB, there’s all these winners but absolutely no one has posted about it, cars or cash…

  24. Soooooo many cars to choose From Means its a scam. theres no way in hell the numbers add up….Do the math folks, you will see there are not enough giveaways.

  25. Why all “winners” are from UK.
    Maybe BOTB is not scam but not for non UK players. It’s easier to announce winner to UK player.

  26. Guy in our town won a car who my missus knows so I started playing, been close twice getting a few quid back, only played 4 weeks ? it’s fun, if you think it’s not real don’t play.. Simples

  27. BOTB is 100% not a scam, however the chances of winning are slim.
    Having just had the results from last week announced and my best guess only 4 pixels away from the judges decision l wasn’t even one of the 20 £200 credit runners up, in fact looking at the list of closest attempts l wasn’t even in the top 200.
    So get this, l was 4 pixels away and there were over 200 people closer than me, where were all these crosses?
    How many were spot on, meaning those people had to have a play off with another photo?
    How many of those 20 £200 credit were bang on the money only to not win.
    l would love to see this information on their frequently asked Q&A page.

  28. Been playing for a couple of years now. Have not won anything yet.
    Still keep playing in glorious hope.
    Miracles happen sometimes.
    Just waiting for it.

  29. I only knew about the BOTB company yesterday night trying to go on some cash winning prices but BOTB attracted me, I thought nah let me take a risk on this one because a car right now is something needy for me, even lifestyle. I wanna win the car for my mom for her upcoming birthday next week Sunday, I want it to be a surprise gift. I chose the Volkswagen because it’s my mom’s favorite car she ones had money to buy a car but didn’t have enough of her favorite car because she doesn’t even have a car. Money too is needy cause my both parents cannot seem to reach the ending of their debts. BOTB I just wish for any 2 or 1 move for me. My bank account is from R237.00 all my money went down the drain because of the car and money competitions I entered. Stared registering with BOTB with R41.00 on my bank account now I got R1.00. I wish me all the best because I need it so much.

    • You obviously have a gambling addiction, get help, playing games like these steal your money and you become poor and your family abandoned you for being stupid and losing your money. Some gambling addicts turn to stealing to get money to waste yet again. You end up on the streets or prison playing these games. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  30. I am from New Delhi (India) no one win yet from my city …I hope someone will win someday

  31. BOTB is a legit website. I played this about 10 years ago and tied for first place with two other people. We had to do an extra draw and I didn’t win first but, at that time, you could choose between different cars or 90,000 GBP so they decided to split the 90k – 50k for first and the other two got 20k. I thought it was a scam but I did get the 20k GBP. I even got a chance to claim the second place prize of a supercar for 24 hours but you had to pay 5k GBP deposit, charge 1 GBP per mile with only 100 free miles and you actually only got the car for 23 hours. At the time, I couldn’t afford doing that.

  32. BOTB is not a scam but is misleading. If you win land on the correct pixel then you go to another competition if there are other correct placings, the surface add is very seductive but don’t be fooled, this is one competition where you do need to actually read the t&c’s. The winners always look like they are not below the poverty line and expect violent online berating from the press and neighbours if you win whilst on dwp benefits and mainly come from England. The filming part is compulsory and the likely hood of a life of pain will follow.

  33. What goes around comes around. Pay back hurts like a dog that don’t pee on trees!
    Trick or treat ?? Stop scamming people!

  34. I have many doubts with this game, many of the players who won have searched for it through social networks and very few have published the alleged prize. I wrote to one of them and asked him if it is true and he never answered me.

  35. The odds of actually winning are very slim there is millions of pixels in your screen but are slightly narrowed down by the skill area of where the ball should be its a fun game but don’t get addicted and don’t spend loads of cash doing it. It only takes 1 cross

  36. I have a strange feeling that this is a popular lottery that pays out a very small percentage of its takings. I cannot get this important piece of info from the internet. It is important to know from BOTB what percentage is paid out otherwise the only real winners are the owners of BOTB themselves. Strange that answer is not on their FAQ’s

  37. Been playing BOTB for many years now, although I have not won a car, I know I have much better odds of winning than the National Lottery, and it’s fun at the end of the day when the fun stops STOP.

  38. I am from India this game scam I play a game but when I use my debit card to pay money for tickets it doesn’t work’s and also shown your card is declined I also try my another card by the same problem.

  39. Totally agree with Mr. Harman. I have played BOTB a number of times and always get a return to play again. It is not a scam. Someone local to my workplace won a car recently. People think these contests are a scam because they play and don’t win. It is a bit of fun to win a major prize. If you don’t treat it as such don’t play it. Simple!

  40. I chatted with them and told them that they need to have a second and third place winner and it would be more fair. Also in the picture the judges are just guessing where the ball is. They never see where the ball was original at. I told them that that is not a fair contest. They try to say that they are on the stock market like that means anything. Enron was on the stock market and we saw what happen with that. They said they tried to call me for my concerns and they never did and I had my phone next to me the whole time. Stay away from!

    • That’s not how the game works… Its whoever guesses the closest to the judges guess… if the judges knew where the ball was, why would they bother judging…

    • The reason they use judges to estimate where the ball is as there are rules in law against using old sorts matches that way. It has to be a judged game of skill not a lottery. All explained if you do a little research

  41. I rate BOTB as one of the best chances of winning a substantial prize. Who cares what the odd’s are, no it’s not like the Lottery with odd’s of 14 million to one. BOTB is a game of skill where you use your eyesight to determine where you think the ball is. These type of games were very popular in the sixties and seventies with several daily newspapers offering prizes of up to a million pounds!
    Because you don’t win does not make it a scam.

    • I was a bit dubious at first thinking hang about these guys get to choose where the ball is? I wonder how many of there friends and family comes away with a car on a regular basis??
      But now I do see it as a bit of fun, do not spend a fortune on tickets or it then does not become fun but a gambling habit, just buy or two tickets and have fun placing that football you never know what it may get you?


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BOTB (Best Of The Best) Exposed — How to Win a Car?

BOTB Exposed

BOTB Review

Ever dreams of owning that amazing car. offers just that. This is a weekly competition to win a dream car.

What Is

BOTB is a car drawing. It’s played weekly by purchasing tickets and the “spotting the ball”. You are shown a picture of a football match and you’ve got to guess where the ball should be. When the contest closes, the judges decide where the center of the ball is and then whoever is closest to this point wins. It’s that simple. Tickets range in price from £3 – £20 depending on which car you want to win. That was where I got seriously distracted surfing through the different vehicles. I seesawed between the Maserati and the Alfa Romeo.

Who Can Participate?

The BOTB’s game is open to anyone 16 years of age or older depending on the “age of majority” where you live. What is clear is anyone can play from anywhere – as long you don’t work for The only downside is if you do live outside the UK, there could be other costs on claiming your dream card.

What Are the Prizes Offered by BOTB?

For the Dream Car Competition, there is one car award. It looks like the winner gets to choose from the vehicles advertised. Any options or upgrades are paid by the winner. First prize includes insurance for the 1st year and one year warranty servicing. Winners have the option to take cash at a value of 80%. There are 20 runner-up prizes of £200 of Dream Car tickets for another competition. Oh, and if there is a tie for the Dream Car, the person who loses gets £500 cash and £500 worth of more tickets.

Who Owns

BOTB is a registered company in the UK listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and has been around since 1999. They have a snail mail address, phone number and email address – plus an online form. This is the dream child of William Hindmarsh who always wanted to own that dream car and decided to set up a game for others to be able to do that.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

When I first looked at the prizes offered in BOTB’s Dream Car Competitions, I got all excited because I misread the small print. I thought it said that ticket entries to each of the prizes are limited to 150 people. What it actually says is, tickets are limited to 150 per person plus any “Supercharged Loyalty Club Tickets”. The Supercharged Club is a bonus system for extra tickets and refer-a-friend cash awards.

Also in the small print, if the car is delivered in the UK then UK VAT is paid by If it is delivered to Europe, UK VAT is paid, but any other costs like taxes, import duties and registration costs will paid by the winner. That goes for any other country. They’ll get to the closest port and then you’ve got to sort out the rest.

How to Collect a Prize? will contact the winner, but if they can’t within 5 days, then it goes to the next person. Disqualification can also take place if you break the rules of the game and mostly that looks like getting more than the limit on tickets. Winners have to provide a copy of their passport, prove the credit card used to purchase tickets was theirs, provide pictures of them and pose for photos and videos.

BOTB Feedback and Complaints

The reviews on their website are great though that would figure. does say they post everything said. Other sites were just as positive, so it looks like this site does just what it says it does – offers a car a week to win.

Is Scam or Legit?

This site looks legit and does exactly what it says – players can win a car a week.

Would you mind rating

Bottom Line at BOTB

What a riot! I love the concept of a chance to win my dream car. The spot the ball thing is a hilarious way to choose a winner. The only downside is not knowing how many other people you are playing against!


Amazing Cars to Win

Weekly Game

Fun Way to Win


No Info on Odds of Winning

Taxes and other Import Duties if You Win Outside the UK

Waiting To Win

BOTB gets a thumb’s up partly for its simplicity and partly for the amazing different dream cars to win. I’m going back to looking at cars!

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