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Company: Best of the Best Plc
Founded: 2003
Country: United Kingdom
Prizes: Car
TOS: 16+
Phone: +44 20 7371 8866

BOTB (Best Of The Best) Exposed — How to Win a Car?

BOTB Exposed

BOTB Review

Dream of owning that amazing car? offers just that. This is a weekly competition to win your dream car.

What Is

BOTB is a car drawing. It’s played weekly by purchasing tickets and the “spotting the ball”. You are shown a picture of a football match and you’ve got to guess where the ball should be. When the contest closes, the judges decide where the center of the ball is, and then whoever is closest to this point wins. It’s that simple. Tickets range in price from £3 – £20 depending on which car you want to win. That was where I got seriously distracted surfing through the different vehicles. I seesawed between the Maserati and the Alfa Romeo.

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Who Can Participate?

The BOTB’s game is open to anyone 16 years of age or older depending on the “age of majority” where you live. What is clear is anyone can play from anywhere – as long you don’t work for The only downside is if you do live outside the UK, there could be other costs on claiming your dream car.

What Are the Prizes Offered by BOTB?

For the Dream Car Competition, there is one car award. It looks like the winner gets to choose from the vehicles advertised. Any options or upgrades are paid for by the winner. The first prize includes insurance for the 1st year and one-year warranty servicing. Winners also have the option to take cash at a value of 80%. There are 20 runner-up prizes of £200 for Dream Car tickets for another competition. Oh, and if there is a tie for the Dream Car, the person who loses gets £500 cash and £500 worth of more tickets.

Who Owns

BOTB is a registered company in the UK listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and has been around since 1999. They have a snail mail address, phone number, and email address – plus an online form. This is the dream child of William Hindmarsh who always wanted to own that dream car and decided to set up a game for others to be able to do that.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

When I first looked at the prizes offered in BOTB’s Dream Car Competitions, I got all excited because I misread the small print. I thought it said that ticket entries for each of the prizes are limited to 150 people. What it actually says is, that tickets are limited to 150 per person plus any “Supercharged Loyalty Club Tickets”. The Supercharged Club is a bonus system for extra tickets and refer-a-friend cash awards.

Also in the small print, if the car is delivered in the UK then UK VAT is paid by If it is delivered to Europe, UK VAT is paid, but any other costs like taxes, import duties, and registration costs will be paid by the winner. That goes for any other country. They’ll get to the closest port and then you’ve got to sort out the rest.

How to Collect a Prize? will contact the winner, but if they can’t within 5 days, then it goes to the next person. Disqualification can also take place if you break the rules of the game and mostly that looks like getting more than the limit on tickets. Winners have to provide a copy of their passport, prove the credit card used to purchase tickets was theirs, provide pictures of them, and pose for photos and videos.

BOTB Feedback and Complaints

The reviews on their website are great. Other sites were just as positive, so it looks like this site does just what it says it does – offers a car a week to win.

Why You Should Register with BOTB


Amazing Cars to Win

Weekly Game

Fun Way to Win

Why You Shouldn’t Register with BOTB


No Info on Odds of Winning

Taxes and other Import Duties if You Win Outside the UK

Waiting To Win

Would you mind rating

Is Legit?

This site looks legit and does exactly what it says – players can win a car a week. I love the concept of a chance to win my dream car. The “spot the ball” idea is a hilarious way to choose a winner. The only downside is not knowing how many other people you are playing against!

BOTB gets a thumbs up partly for its simplicity and partly for the amazing different dream cars to win. I’m going back to looking at cars!

  1. Been playing for quite a while now my skill range at this game I would say is becoming perfect I always watch back and analyse the result team and how they look for a winner I’ve been playing for over to 8 months to a year now for the Audi rsq8 abt!! For this long but I’m lost between me being not good enough or maybe there’s more to this scam or what not although its a registered company and what not makes me wonder anyway think this week gonna b my last week spending on this game I’ll only attempt the free ticket nothing more … the annoyance of always being so close has just got too much

  2. Don’t waste your money. Played for 4 years every week with 5euros. Nothing nothing

  3. If you look at the Trustpilot reviews you will see they are mostly 5 star reviews from folk who have played and are hoping to win? How does that make the site trustworthy and legit? I don’t get it.. I find the same thing with most of these competition sites.. they advertise Great Trust pilot reviews but all the reviews are people who have bought ticket(s) and are hoping for a win.. that tells you nothing about the trustworthiness or legitimacy of a company. This is how they are getting more and more customers and making more and more money.. This needs to STOP. Trust pilot and other review sites should BAN all competition sites from them.. Poor public are getting Robbed!

  4. Great game, more fun than lotto, lovely cars and cash prizes, also midweek holiday and gadget competitions. and they show you the winners.
    Hope I’m next.

    Darren Gowland

    I’m disabled and got swindled in December 2021, I was just over pneumonia and COVID. And was taken advantage during a trade.
    I lost my £6500 land rover, kids loved it. Ruined us mentally. Anyways BOTB, gives us hope of a new car and holiday.

    I’ve played the lotto for 25 years and won squat. Been playing BOTB every week for over a year, when I can afford it.

    I just cross my fingers, I one day get the knock.

    I believe it’s very legitimate, to big not to be. I would like to see more prize money to winner as well as car. But I’d be happy just to win a new land rover for my wife and 4 girls x good luck everyone.

  5. I love this. The number of times I’ve been millimeters off winning is so excitingly frustrating but so much fun. Give me these zillions of times before the UK or any other lottery.


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