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Company: Digital Branding, LLC
Founded: 2003
Country: United States
Prizes: Freebies, free samples, free stuff, etc.
TOS: Different for each survey
Email: support@gofreebies.com
Phone: N/A

GoFreebies Exposed — Free Prizes or Links to Spam?

GoFreebies Exposed

GoFreebies Review

GoFreebies.com says they link to free stuff. Maybe they do eventually but getting there means a lot of clicking and things opening and not what you’d expect. This is a marketing and promotion site that offers the chance to get something free possibly. I say possibly as I clicked on those Adidas socks and ended up at a place called Max Samples offering me a sample box of chocolate bars – if I take a survey. And even then, they aren’t responsible for shipping the samples – someone else is. Are you confused? Let’s talk.

Is TheLotter legit in Brooklyn, New York?

What Is GoFreebies?

This supposedly free site will drive you crazy. It doesn’t seem to matter what a person clicks on; it takes you somewhere else. Everything is orientated to get your email address. Add to this; there are multiple disclaimers on who is responsible for getting you your freebie. GoFreebies links a bunch of other different sites that offer discount coupons, options for taking surveys for freebies, and other product advertising.

Who Can Participate?

Each survey or option is different for who can participate. You’ve got to provide your email address in each case to identify whether you qualify to participate. Each site that GoFreebies.com links to has different parameters to qualify to participate.

What Are the Prizes Offered by GoFreebies.com?

Want a free pair of Adidas socks? Well, I thought I did, but when I clicked on the link, I ended up somewhere else. GoFreebies doesn’t offer anything itself. It links people to other sites that make offers. Add to this, in many cases, you will be paying postage to receive your free sample. If you sign up for their daily newsletter, you get to participate in the daily Amazon gift card draw.

Who Owns GoFreebies?

GoFreebies is owned by a company out of Brooklyn, New York that creates marketing campaigns for targeted audiences. On the site itself, there is a contact page that has a few places to click for questions. Click on “I have a question about something else,” and a window pops up saying “Oops, this help center no longer exists.” There are no contact details.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Each different offer or option has its terms and conditions as it is not from GoFreebies.com but from a variety of other companies. These folks are only a site to link to others. And one of the things that happen is clicking on a prize and ending up with a blank screen that has taken you to www.smptrack.com.

How to Collect a Prize?

Again, there is no standard way to collect your prize – and given the number of complaints, there are some questions about whether you’ll get it or not. In some cases, you will have to pay the postage to receive your samples.

GoFreebies.com Feedback and Complaints

Whoa, Nellie – the number of complaints was incredible and outweighed the positive comments. Most of them involved the fact that people did not receive anything – no prizes, no gift cards, no samples – even when they’d paid for the postage. Plus the amount of spam in their email box has been endless. The other thing to be careful about is to make sure you are not paying for a subscription when paying for the postage for your sample.

Why You Should Register with GoFreebies


It’s A Free Link to Prizes and Offers

Why You Shouldn’t Register with GoFreebies


Clicking and Getting Nowhere

Who is Getting My Email Address

Will I Receive my Prize

The Help Page has Expired

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Is GoFreebies Legit?

This site is not a scam – it’s upfront about the fact that it simply links people to other sites to see offers, complete surveys, get samples, and see promotions. It’s a marketing game to get your email address and pass you along to other companies.

This is one site I’ll pass on. The simple fact that it didn’t matter what I clicked on, I ended up seeing something else, and not the original sample or prize offered got annoying. Add to this, after spending my time viewing what the marketing company wants me to see or taking that survey; there is some question on whether I’ll get my prize – I’d go elsewhere.

This site gets a thumb’s down! I guess the adage, “you don’t get something for nothing” applies here.

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