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Company: Prizeo US, LLC
Founded: 2009
Country: United States
Prizes: Events
TOS: 13+ individuals
Phone: (310) 309-5780

Prizeo Exposed — Is It Safe and Legal? What Do People Say?

Prizeo Exposed

Prizeo Review

Play Prizeo’s raffle and win that amazing experience to attend an event with your favorite TV or Sports star and at the same time, support a charity.

What Is Prizeo?

Ever imagined getting to meet that celebrity from TV or sports? is your opportunity to play in a raffle to win just that. Just imagine playing golf with Bill Murray, recording a voice for Charming with Avril Lavigne, or attending an after-show party with Lin-Manual Miranda. Prizeo is a site where players purchase raffle tickets for sharing an experience with celebrities.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can play here, though there are some restrictions on specific ages depending on the prize. If you are over the age of 13 but under the age of 21, that might mean your parent or guardian has to attend with you. For people from outside of the US of A, it might mean you might have to top up the airfare cost to get to the event. Oh, the only downside is there doesn’t appear to be any limit to the number of people who can participate/purchase tickets in each prize event.

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What Are the Prizes Offered by Prizeo?

Most prizes include a ‘friend’ which you choose to invite to share the fun. You can do this through Facebook or email. Most prizes include airfare to an event for two (and in some cases more) and tickets to an event. In some cases, the prize can also include a sports experience, meeting a celebrity or participating with a celebrity in something, and accommodation. Each prize package is unique. Depending on your buy-in for raffle tickets there are other giveaways depending on the value of the tickets you purchase. Take the current Ellen DeGeneres context. If you purchase $50/500 raffle tickets, you automatically get an “Ellen” Black Crew Neck T-shirt.

Who Owns Prizeo? is based in Los Angeles, California with a snail mail address and phone number. It looks like it is run by a group that refers to itself as the Charity Network through Join the Light Foundation. The income from each raffle/contest goes to a charity. Each celebrity gets to choose the charity. After Prizeo takes 3% off for credit card processing, 77.3% of the raffle tickets sold go to charity with the other 19.7% for administration.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Players purchase raffle tickets where you get a ticket for each $0.10 you donate to the raffle. In most cases with purchases of tickets over $25, you get a giveaway. Players can purchase any amount of tickets and/or have the option of submitting a free entry form to win. Prizes must be taken on a specific date (most are for an event), are not transferable, and cannot be taken in cash.

How to Collect a Prize?

Winners are determined by “Random Number Generator” software and notified by email. There will be a deadline for confirmation for you to respond. And again, remember the prize must be taken as described in the specific contest.

Prizeo Feedback and Complaints

The comments from people who have won previously are great. I thought it was hilarious that Bill Murray decided to pause in the middle of playing golf and give the winners a few golf tips on the course. How about joining Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel for a toast and a photo at the Weinstein Company Cocktail Party for the awards? Winners to date all couldn’t believe their luck and you can read about their experience on the site.

Why You Should Register with Prizeo


Unique Prizes

Helping A Charity with a Chance to Win

Anyone Can Play

Would you mind rating

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Prizeo


No Limit to the number of Entries

Events/Prizes are for Specific Dates

Paying the Additional Cost fly from the UK

Is Prizeo Legit?

Not only do they post their comments, but winners have their names and pictures posted on the site. Plus, given the profile of the celebrities involved, this site is very legit. What a great way for a chance to win once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, at the same time support specific charities. Plus there is the added value that if you purchase over $25 worth of tickets, there is a takeaway.

I’m getting all excited about what the next campaign/contest is going to be. This site gets a thumbs up for creativity and combining a cool way to help a charity and win something unique.

  1. There is a contest going on to have dinner with Cher in her Malibu home I know as well as everybody I have no chance of winning ever however I just wanted to put an entry in to prizeo they said that you can do up to 5,000 entries which is insane. I did three entries and then was I notified that I had reached the limit of 5,000 entries. I wrote to the company and explained to them what happened and they wrote me back stating that I had 5,000 entries This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I know I didn’t do 5,000 entries which I explained to the company but yet they are sticking to the fact that I did this. So is it safe to say that there’s a glitch? At the very least, they could write that and say well there’s maybe a computer problem but no they said I did 5,000 entries I mean I wish I had the time to do 5,000 entries to have dinner with Cher in her Malibu home lol, come on this is just plain ridiculous. Guarantee this review won’t be posted either because I just tried posting this review on the better Business bureau and it wouldn’t allow it The kept saying my verification code was incorrect

  2. I won 10,000 cash and it came in a cheque 17 days after the draw and I had to sign a ton of paperwork though. I never even donated a cent just kept entering without donating. I choose not to disclose any more information but that sums it up. Good luck to all very legit and do more research and you will see its 100% legit and funds go to where they belong.

  3. I won a statue last year after being chosen.
    They contacted me and I stayed in touch for a few weeks, they wanted data and told me to be patient because the object was still in production, which is true since it is only now coming out of the manufacturer. but it is days that I have not received any more response from the support and I have not had any more information about it after 1 year or more of waiting.

  4. Prizeo thinks answering emails or communicating with entrants is for jerks or losers. I have sent them six emails and have heard from them once. They were going to send out a prize. That was a month ago. I haven’t heard from them since. They are severely ethically challenged. Also, I won a huge prize in one of the contests, but their rules totally suck and are ambiguous. Don’t walk; run from contests being pushed by this organiztion. It is totally ludicrous.

    I entered a Toronto Raptors NBA sweepstakes in 2020 and they NEVER selected a winner! It’s been two years and despite writing them over and over, they will never answer or provide me with an explanation for this. They effectively stole the money of everyone who participated in that sweepstakes.


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