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Freebies Exposed — Check Your Location Before You Play

Freebies Exposed

Freebies Review

If you’ve got some time on your hands and live in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or USA, Freebies is a site to earn points and prizes. The location is important as many of the prize opportunities are limited to specific countries. Points are traded in for gift cards or payouts through PayPal. Each prize opportunity has its own timing and size of the prize.

What Is Freebies? offers coupons, free prize draws, free samples and giveaways by having you look or experience an advertisement, video or article on a subject. They also use daily inspiration messages, daily memes, #shareables and riddles. Trivia questions and polls take time, but also put you in the position to win prizes or earn points. Many of the riddles, trivia and recipes all want you to share these on Facebook – which does link into your personal account. Some of these are published directly by Freebies and some are from external sponsors/advertisers. The members’ only draws are for gift cards or cash.

Who Can Participate?

The rules on who can be a member are limited to residents of Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), New Zealand, United States or United Kingdom. Players also have to be 18 years or older or “reached age of majority as of June 23, 2014” – whichever is more. Okay, that’s weird. For the external prizes (non-direct, there are different rules and regulations depending on the sponsor/advertiser. In some cases, people from other countries can play.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Freebies?

Players can get things from iPhones through to Lululemon yoga mat to electrical kettles and inflatable lounge chairs. Points collected can be used to purchase things in Freebies’ Point Store. Polls and surveys generally also collect points. Coupons can be collected for discounts on purchasing items. Then there are the members’ prizes. What is weird is, at one point of their site Freebies talks about monthly prizes and then in their terms and conditions they go on about a $500 gift card draw that takes place twice a year.

Who Owns Freebies?

Freebies is “sponsored” by Bricormedia Inc., a company out of Ontario, Canada. There are email and snail mail addresses (post office box) plus online form. Bricormedia has offices in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and US. This is a company with a tag line “get your consumers to your website to sell products, engage in services, interact, complete a questionnaire, register for your newsletter and more”.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?’s terms and conditions are only for members’ only. The actual points accumulated go towards a monthly prize tier. The top 10 members win a $25 gift card and 11th to 50th win a $5 card. Members from 1 to 400 top points go into a draw for 1/$100 gift card, 2/$50 and 1/$25. For other prize links and sponsors, the terms and conditions are specific to their site.

How to Collect a Prize?

Spend your points in Freebies’ Point Store and your purchase is a click away. Keep in mind, you will have to pay for the shipping and handling. Delivery depends on where it is coming from and who the supplier is. For members’ prizes, there is no timeline on how quickly you get your gift cards.

Freebies Feedback and Complaints

That is one of the things to watch for at The only complain found referred to an external supplier who didn’t deliver and wouldn’t return the shipping and handling costs. Other than that, it looks like this is a fun site with some interesting things to do and a chance to earn points, win prizes or buy things.

Is Scam or Legit?

If you have the time to sit online answering stuff and don’t mind a lot of advertising, this looks like a fun site to surf around on. Oh, and if you’re a resident in the correct country to actually earn points. There are a few weird things in their terms and conditions on members’ draws.

Bottom Line at

This site does have a lot of interesting options on how to gain points and prizes. I particularly like the trivia questions and though I chose not to share that strawberry shortcake recipe on Facebook to all my friends, I did save it.


Fun Ways to Earn Points

Points for Prizes and Purchasing

Interesting Advertising


How Much Time Do I Have to Play Here?

Do I Want to Share on Facebook?

How Much Advertising Am I Going to Receive?

This site is upfront in that it’s a marketing and advertising site that shares information and gathers people contacts. At the same time, there is a heap of things to earn and win.

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