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Company: Bricormedia Inc.
Founded: 1997
Country: Canada
Prizes: Gift cards and various goods
TOS: 18+ residents of Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), New Zealand, United States or United Kingdom
Phone: N/A
  1. Just another blatant scam. Do not give them your phone or address. Don’t get sucked into this. IT”S A SCAM!

  2. I f***ed up..
    I gave them my personal details – wasn’t really thinking at the time, DoiOi that I am. Signed on to something legitimate just he earlier
    Even gave my address. Should I be worried? I doubt any of these hackers look anywhere close to my appearance but I’m still quite worried
    Reinstalling iOS, but I feel the damage has already been done
    SHOULD have searched them up earlier – saw the with a fairly well-written T&Cs
    Careful people

  3. The only thing they give away is your info to whoever wants to buy it. Seriously have no idea how they are even still operational considering how fast the new owners ran it into the ground.

  4. Very much a scam never give them your phone number you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

  5. It’s just another scam site. It’s a different company who owns the site now and trust me…it is not worth having your information sold to literally anyone willing to buy it from them. They do not send prizes. There are no prizes….I got a notification of a win that, go figure. Never was sent. It is complete bs. There is no contacting them because no matter how you try, they do not answer and the address is completely bogus. Your letters will just be returned due to it not existing. Don’t waste your time on this bs site. They are thieves and liars and should be shut the hell down.

  6. Uhm what products? They don’t sell anything other than your info to other companies so unsure of what bs your review is about….

  7. What a load of shit!!! All I do is fill out the same surveys over and over and over and over with requests to install one app to the next never winning a thing… and never received any samples plus no real customer service contact
    Is there any way to shut all of these free samples sites down
    Every one is SCAM.


  8. You get FREE APPS to download “for a chance to get free” more apps. Scam. You NEVER get any products.

  9. Used to think was ok but now it’s just another waste of time. After 2 years of being a loyal member it has literally gone from people getting actual items to now all giveaways just disappear…weird.

  10. Entered a competition for a bus. Just before the draw they took the competition down. Tried to message them and got no response. The two times they did draw it before taking it down the winners either didn’t get back to them and the person was under aged. I don’t think this company is doing the right thing.

  11. They sent me deactivated Tims card as a prize and asked me to take selfie with it and send it in – at least I could’ve paid for my drink if it had $5 on it – thanks for nothing

  12. It’s hard to win but it’s not a scam. I won eyeliner and mascara.

  13. Would you mind not having company send things to my IP ADDRESS

    I am not interested in you at all

  14. Exactly I tried it too and all I got was a bunch of annoying emails claiming I won 500 dollars gift card and asking me questions which never ends by the way it’s like you answer one after another and then towards the end they asked me to buy something in order to get my free prize. It’s scam and the law should take this site down because it’s a load of bull shit

  15. Well they said I was getting free paints. I guess I should have come here before I gave them my name and address. I am usually smarter than this.

  16. Scam never give info. There need to be a law where you can sue them for false advertising

  17. I signed up for this via an Instagram ad about it, thinking it was an actual thing. I know some people have claimed it’s real, but I disagree. It takes you on a rabbit hole from one info questionnaire to the next, and even after clicking “confirm” on any one, it takes you to another one in an endless loop so you never get to “confirm” any “shipment” you get emailed about. Speaking of emails, I’ve gotten over 80 of them in the past 2 days from dozens of companies claiming I’ve won a free Samsung TV, a free $500 Walmart gift card, a free $1000 Amazon gift card, on and on–and it’s such a scam. Asks you to enter in your debit information (of which I have NOT done and I pray no helpless soul ever does). Will not be giving them my information ever again. Please do not trust this.

    • **Full Disclosure: I am part of the Team**

      Just wanted to let the community know that a new site came out April 2019.

      We collected the many recommendations from our members and designed our own sampling program that is only open to our members to ensure you get more freebies, more often. You can earn ballots (old members will remember them as points) and exchange them for full-size free samples or enter prize draws:

      Current Prize Draws:
      Current Free Samples:

      You can see the improvements we’ve made and find answers to your FAQs here:

      We also have a pretty active Facebook Community, so if you want to talk directly to our team please DM our page at

      Thanks for taking the time to review the new!

      • Your new site is 100% worse than the previous. At least before people actually won things. Now your just a scam and people are sick of it. FYI I still have never received a single reply from you people on any platform.

  18. False advertising!!! All you get for free is spam emails & non-stop calls. Don’t waste your time people. I completed multiple surveys only to receive nothing but irritation in return.

  19. Thought I was paying shipping cost for a free bottle of keto lean but was charged 93$ 2 weeks later! Scam alert

  20. Steals information. Almost lost all my debit card funds. Not good.

  21. For some reason, I thought Freebies would be a legit site, but as soon as I signed up, I started getting about 100 calls a day from random numbers over the world, hundreds of emails from scammers, and I guess since scammers had my email address, my email got hacked!! And then a bunch of my accounts got hacked also (Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Walmart…) This has never happened before and even months after I had my account “deactivated”, I still get calls and emails from scammers and sketchy “companies”. Worst mistake I ever made

  22. FAKE! Can’t win anything! Won’t let me complete anything, everything I try to win something it just takes me to more and more links & try to get me to download a lot of apps

  23. I was a skeptic at first after reading other people’s reviews of not winning for years then in my first month I got a winners email for the PetSmart $50 gift card I couldn’t believe it, then I got another email stating I couldn’t get that particular giftcard it was unavailable in my area but gave me other options to choose from I picked Amazon and it was there within 24hrs so I know now that it’s for real? I play everyday in hopes to win again??I find it Fun!

  24. Still very unsure about this site. I’ve been a member for over a year. I’ve had a lot of fun n accumulated a lot of points. But never won anything yet. Now this morning I log in n swear I see my name in winners list finally but cannot find my email saying I win. Nor can I find a way to contact them by email phone or anything. Very disappointed that there is no “Contact Us” place for members to ask questions.

    • Yes, I’d like to give openly anyway I can, THEY ARE A DISCREET CREW, personally I like it that way. It’s their wish I’ll submit and respect that decision.

  25. I’ve never won anything, although I’ve not been a member that long, really. However, I do notice that, often, the prizes I enter to win just disappear. They don’t show up in the winners’ list or anywhere; they are just gone. I also noticed that, for example: On September 1st, I would enter to win a prize that has around 90-95% entries received (once it is at 100%, apparently, they do the draw), and then the next day, when I notice it is no longer in the list of prizes to be won, I go check the recent winners’ list, and there it is, having been won on, say, August 28th (a date prior to when there were supposedly entries remaining to be purchased). In other words, either the draws are taking place and they continue to sell false entries (after the actual draw), or there are no prizes, and they are not very good at tracking their own fake prize dates, or …? And what happens to the prizes I entered to win but just disappear? Neither on a winner’s list nor on the members’ prizes list? Could be some explanation for all of this; however, these are the things that I have noticed. Maybe it is all legit, but I have no evidence, as yet, to be able to say so.

  26. I am a member and it’s a lot of fun. I haven’t won anything yet, but I can see a lot of members winning all the time.

    • I am members of freebies. All you basically see a majority of the time, is Canada win just everything! You have a snowball chance in hell to win, if you’re in USA, Australia, etc. But still is fun & I’m not giving up on it yet!


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Freebies Exposed — Check Your Location Before You Play

Freebies Exposed

Freebies Review

If you’ve got some time on your hands and live in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or USA, Freebies is a site to earn points and prizes. The location is important as many of the prize opportunities are limited to specific countries. Points are traded in for gift cards or payouts through PayPal. Each prize opportunity has its own timing and size of the prize.

What Is Freebies? offers coupons, free prize draws, free samples and giveaways by having you look or experience an advertisement, video or article on a subject. They also use daily inspiration messages, daily memes, #shareables and riddles. Trivia questions and polls take time, but also put you in the position to win prizes or earn points. Many of the riddles, trivia and recipes all want you to share these on Facebook – which does link into your personal account. Some of these are published directly by Freebies and some are from external sponsors/advertisers. The members’ only draws are for gift cards or cash.

Who Can Participate?

The rules on who can be a member are limited to residents of Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), New Zealand, United States or United Kingdom. Players also have to be 18 years or older or “reached age of majority as of June 23, 2014” – whichever is more. Okay, that’s weird. For the external prizes (non-direct, there are different rules and regulations depending on the sponsor/advertiser. In some cases, people from other countries can play.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Freebies?

Players can get things from iPhones through to Lululemon yoga mat to electrical kettles and inflatable lounge chairs. Points collected can be used to purchase things in Freebies’ Point Store. Polls and surveys generally also collect points. Coupons can be collected for discounts on purchasing items. Then there are the members’ prizes. What is weird is, at one point of their site Freebies talks about monthly prizes and then in their terms and conditions they go on about a $500 gift card draw that takes place twice a year.

Who Owns Freebies?

Freebies is “sponsored” by Bricormedia Inc., a company out of Ontario, Canada. There are email and snail mail addresses (post office box) plus online form. Bricormedia has offices in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and US. This is a company with a tag line “get your consumers to your website to sell products, engage in services, interact, complete a questionnaire, register for your newsletter and more”.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?’s terms and conditions are only for members’ only. The actual points accumulated go towards a monthly prize tier. The top 10 members win a $25 gift card and 11th to 50th win a $5 card. Members from 1 to 400 top points go into a draw for 1/$100 gift card, 2/$50 and 1/$25. For other prize links and sponsors, the terms and conditions are specific to their site.

How to Collect a Prize?

Spend your points in Freebies’ Point Store and your purchase is a click away. Keep in mind, you will have to pay for the shipping and handling. Delivery depends on where it is coming from and who the supplier is. For members’ prizes, there is no timeline on how quickly you get your gift cards.

Freebies Feedback and Complaints

That is one of the things to watch for at The only complain found referred to an external supplier who didn’t deliver and wouldn’t return the shipping and handling costs. Other than that, it looks like this is a fun site with some interesting things to do and a chance to earn points, win prizes or buy things.

Is Scam or Legit?

If you have the time to sit online answering stuff and don’t mind a lot of advertising, this looks like a fun site to surf around on. Oh, and if you’re a resident in the correct country to actually earn points. There are a few weird things in their terms and conditions on members’ draws.

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Bottom Line at

This site does have a lot of interesting options on how to gain points and prizes. I particularly like the trivia questions and though I chose not to share that strawberry shortcake recipe on Facebook to all my friends, I did save it.


Fun Ways to Earn Points

Points for Prizes and Purchasing

Interesting Advertising


How Much Time Do I Have to Play Here?

Do I Want to Share on Facebook?

How Much Advertising Am I Going to Receive?

This site is upfront in that it’s a marketing and advertising site that shares information and gathers people contacts. At the same time, there is a heap of things to earn and win.

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