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Company: Unknown
Founded: 2015
Country: Canada
Prizes: Art, food & drink, beauty & spas, electronics & computers, etc.
TOS: T&C for each prize vary
Phone: Unknown

FishbowlPrizes Exposed — Click, Click, Click to Win?

FishbowlPrizes Exposed

FishbowlPrizes Review

FishbowlPrizes could be addictive. This is a site to win prizes with no other strings. There are no surveys to complete. There are no videos to watch. You simply put in your email address and click to win.

The team really got into this site. It’s so simple and straightforward. say you agree to receive communications and marketing material from the people that sponsor prizes (merchants) but nobody has received anything to date. No spam. No advertising.

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What Is FishbowlPrizes?

This looks like a straightforward site where sellers can get their products looked at and build real databases of people who were interested in their type of products. Basically, they simply put a product out there for you to try to win. There are no surveys to complete, and no videos to watch. You simply put an email address and click “enter to win”. I think this could be addictive. It’s so easy, it’s hard not to start clicking on every prize just to see if you can win.

Who Can Participate?

Okay, this one was weird. In general, most of the marketers offering prizes have no identification of where they operate. If there is no location, then generally anyone can enter. Then there are those that specify a location. Click on those and there are different terms and conditions in each case.

What Are the Prizes Offered by FishbowlPrizes?

Want a chance to win a business backpack? What about a solar charging set for your phone? The list is endless in small to medium prizes. It looks like the site updates with more prizes every day.

Who Owns FishbowlPrizes?

It’s an interesting question on who owns There is no actual information on the site on who they are. There is an email and snail mail address, but that’s it. Well, the snail mail address is a PO Box so could simply be a drop. But you’re not spending anything so what the heck.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

One of the things they say is to make sure you check the terms and conditions of each prize though most that we looked at defaulted back to FishbowlPrizes’ own site. There are a few that will show on the advertisement a specific location and these usually have their own terms and conditions. Mostly, they are geographic.

How to Collect a Prize?

You’ve got seven days to respond to a winner notification by email. Simply click the “Claim My Prize” button. Once you’ve got your prize, you’re supposed to answer another email by clicking the “I Got My Prize” button. They say you never have to make a purchase, plus it doesn’t cost anything.

FishbowlPrizes Feedback and Complaints

We couldn’t find any complaints or feedback on There aren’t any reviews anywhere either. There is a heap of links where other people have added the link to their sites. You can also see your odds on winning as it lists for each prize how many entries they have received.


Why You Should Register with FishbowlPrizes


Lots and Lots of Things To Win

Doesn’t Look Like Lots of Spam

Nothing to Complete! No Surveys!

Why You Shouldn’t Register with FishbowlPrizes


When to Stop Clicking for Prizes

Who Are They?

Only Seven Days to Collect Your Prize

Would you mind rating

Is FishbowlPrizes Legit?

This looks very legit and very straightforward. It doesn’t get much simpler. You just click to win. The terms and conditions are straightforward on which prizes are open to ‘click for’ by anyone and which are for limited geographical areas. That seems to be the only limitation.

My new coffee break exercise is going through the list of prizes and yes – click, click click. I keep wondering when the spam is going to start from playing at but so far nada. I haven’t won yet, but then only one ‘click’ has closed.

This site gets a thumbs-up. I’m sitting here doing it again – click, click, click. I’m waiting to see if and when receiving spam kicks in.

  1. Yes, very legit I have won 5 prizes now totalling over $2800 I still am in shock !! Best site ever on the net period!!Good luck to everyone !!

  2. I must be honest.. when I first heard about Fishbowl prizes, I was extremely leery and skeptical. The prizes were great fun and it only took seconds to enter a myriad of great giveaways. Now, as a TWO TIME WINNER of prizes worth more than $100, I am a LOYAL FAN and FOLLOWER and faithfully post about my wins. I also make sure to enter every giveaway they offer and share them with my family and friends via Twitter and Facebook. CHECK THEM OUT and WIN!! Entering their giveaways is way too easy!

  3. Very professional and legit.

  4. I won a Dean Zelinsky private label guitar of Love it and it is 100% legit


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