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Company: Bauer Xcel Media
Founded: 2007
Country: United States
Prizes: Cash, gift cards, etc.
TOS: United States residents
Email: sweepon@bauerxcel.com
Phone: No

Sweepon Exposed – Win Your Way to Travel, Cash and Household Goods

Sweepon Exposed

Sweepon Review

Clicking on Sweepon.com, the first challenge is what do you want to win? This is a free prize site where players can choose to win household items, tech, beauty & fashion, cash, travel, and events. Yes, it is all free – well so they say.

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What Is Sweepon?

Players simply click on what sweepstakes they’d like to enter and type in their email addresses. “While they are processing your entry” people have to complete a survey, play a game, or watch a video. Entry is limited to one per person per day except there are exceptions. For some of the prizes, there will be a message at the end on whether you can enter again – that day.

Who Can Participate?

Only people that legally reside in the United States and the District of Columbia can play here. Funny, they allow people under the age of 18 as long as they have the permission of a parent or legal guardian.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Sweepon.com?

There are different categories to click on the type of prize you want to win, but there are duplications in each of these categories. The majority of prizes are gift cards/vouchers from a $100 Walmart card to a $2,262 3-night stay at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino in the Caribbean.

Who Owns Sweepon?

Sweepon is owned and operated by the Bauer Media Group. This is a company that has offices all over the world. Why do they do it? They are collecting information on where you go, and what you look at through your IP address and through cookies. Then there are web beacons that are some sort of programming code that you won’t see but helps deliver cookies, count users and “count how many emails were actually opened or acted upon… count how many particular articles or links were actually viewed”. Add “embedded scripts” which is another programming code that helps sweepon.com collect info on what you do with their services. It sounds like it is only active when you are on their site.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Each sweepstake on Sweepon.com has its own terms and conditions though in general, they are straightforward. Differences can be how many times a day you can play and how long it will be until the prize game closes. There is a “rules” button on each but much of it is pretty standard for each of the different prize games.

How to Collect a Prize?

If you do win, they’ll send you a winner confirmation email which you confirm. Then your details are sent to the sponsor of that prize who will deliver your prize within 60 days.

Sweepon Feedback and Complaints

It’s interesting that scam advisor gives this site a 10% rating meaning it is high risk. The team did get a bit uncomfortable about all the tracking though many sites do this. They are building a better understanding of what people respond to for their clients. Sweepon.com has snail mail addresses in New Jersey and New York City. The New Jersey site is the one you write to if you want to opt out of their data-collecting practices. There are also a bunch of email addresses and online forms, but no telephone number.

Why You Should Register with Sweepon


Great Prizes


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Why You Shouldn’t Register with Sweepon


Only for the US

Time Spent on Surveys and Videos

Data Collection

Is Sweepon Legit?

This site looks good and at least it is clear why they operate it – data collection and tracking use patterns. There was no feedback on anyone that didn’t get their prize and they are a nice size though if I was in the USA, I’m not sure if I’d have the patience to sit through surveys and videos just to possibly win something.

Okay, if I was living in the US and had time on my hands, what the heck? The prizes are good. But I’m not there so it’s not an option. This is an interesting way to gather surveys and other consumer information.

The team had a hard time agreeing on a thumbs up or thumbs down on this one, but the first thing everyone did after they finished the review is clean their computer!

  1. I won 25 dollars daily Visa gift card back in early August and they haven’t sent it to me yet I’ve emailed them countless times they never responded something is not right

  2. I won two prizes and received both very quickly. I am very thankful.

  3. Good luck everyone! I won $250 in August 2020. It is now May 2021 still no check. I sent them many, many emails which they ignored. Finally complained on their page to let them know how I felt. They sent me the required paperwork which meant sending my social security info to them. Still no check. I complained again and their answer to me was it takes time. Either someone is not doing their job or they are just dishonest.

  4. I won a $500 Home Depot gift card from them and I got it in less than 2 weeks.

  5. I have won several times and love having the opportunity to try and win prizes, it is fun!!!


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