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Company: Netperform Ltd.
Founded: 2006
Country: United Kingdom
Prizes: Vouchers, gift cards, phones, holidays, etc.
TOS: 18+ United Kingdom residents
Phone: (+44) 1225 430090

ActiveYou Exposed — Prizes and Spam Gallore!

ActiveYou Exposed

ActiveYou Review

In the age of email marketing and advertising, there is a heap of companies that combine winning prizes with data mining. Is yet another one of these sites or are you going to have a chance to win some great prizes?

What Is

With tag lines like “Congratulations! Your postcode must be lucky”, you’d think would be a great place to win prizes – not. This is a data mining site where the goal is to collect your contact details to use you to view and review products. They are very clear that you are going to start receiving information and advertising. There is no way to figure out the odds of winning as Active You states that the prizes might be offered through multiple websites.

Is 24Lottos legit in the UK?

Who Can Participate?

To win anything here you have to be 18 years or older and a resident of the UK. The form you complete to play asks for your email address, phone number, postal code – and date of birth.

What Are the Prizes Offered by

The bigger the prize, the longer the competition is open. Try for the Mini Cooper and you won’t find out whether you’ve won until January 2018. There are some prizes like the trip to Algarve, which doesn’t seem to have a closed date. For smaller prizes like an iPad Mini 4, Kitchen Aid Mixer, supermarket vouchers, and perfume, it looks like there is a draw at the end of each month. There are great prizes, but at what cost?

Who Owns

Active You is owned by a company in the UK called Netperform Limited aka DigitalBox Netperform Limited aka Digitalbox Group family. You can get in touch with them via a snail mail address, online form, and email address. There are no phone numbers or live chat.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

The first thing you should know is that Active You states very clearly that the prizes may be offered through various websites at the same time. They are also very clear that they will probably pass your contact details to third parties. That includes companies not only in the UK but could include Canada, the US, and other European countries. Yup – that’s the cost of winning.

How to Collect a Prize?

Draws take place 72 hours after the close date and are selected randomly by a computer. Winners will be contacted by email and have 14 days to claim their prize. They’ll send you instructions on how to get it. Ah, finally a phone number is listed here. They say if you won’t respond to two emails, then they will give you a call. Active You says that you might have to check your spam as the emails could come in that route.

Active You Feedback and Complaints

Wow, I haven’t come across this many complaints in a long time. The two threads that kept coming up over and over again are the amount of spam you will receive and that it is impossible to unsubscribe. Several people also complained that they received an email saying they won, but then had to go through pages of adverting and steps.

Why You Should Register with Active You


Good Range of Prizes

Monthly prizes to win

Get to See Lots of Products

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Active You


Only for UK Residents

Prizes that take a year to win

Third-Party Contact Sharing

Would you mind rating

Is Active You Legit?

There are quite a few sites that went so far as to suggest that it is fraudulent and not child safe. To me, it simply looks like a data mining site where Active You wants your contact details so they can sell them to other marketers. The complaints definitely focus on this. I made the mistake of giving one of these sites a shot and thankfully used a standalone email address. I go in once in a while just to see how much spam is coming in. This has all the indicators of another site like that.

This site gets a thumbs down. There are some great prize sites out there. I’d go play somewhere else.

  1. This is a very good website it works

  2. Smashing and interesting options!

  3. I’ve won a £4000 holiday from this site 5 years ago

  4. I’ve been on this site entered hundreds of comps I tried to log in again and was told my email or password has not been recognised, so all the hard work I put into has been wasted. There’s no point trying to contact them as they don’t reply I’m reporting them to ASA

  5. Totally scam, i was browsing on my phone and spinning wheel pop out, did 1st spin, 2nd spin won i-phone 7 “really?” So i was following instructions to fill my details and gess what, read terms & cond. Then phoned in Bath and spoke to the guy (not British), how to claim the price from spinning wheel i won, he didn’t have a clue, just follow instructions on the screen. So went back on the link and spotted that ones you subscribe, they will charge you for every txt you receive £ 1.50! So deleted all my details b4 subscribtion! Finaly, don’t be fool, or pay for it with your stupidity! It will cost you ££££ and miserable life! IT IS SCAM!!!!


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