Poor 2.4 | Reviews (21)
Company: Sharestakes, LLC
Founded: 2009
Country: United States
Prizes: Cash, iPad, Macbook Air, gift cards, etc.
TOS: 18+ residents of United States (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom
Email: members@uwinit.com
Phone: N/A
  1. I have played at UWINIT for several months before I realized they are thieves and UWINIT is a National Scam Artist, I went on UWINIT recently and I got 1 winit per ticket, then my winits started doubling, suddenly I had more Winits than tickets that I put in, I started watching closely they were giving me my winits and holding back my tickets by taking all my tickets back and doubled my winits. I’m familiar with this type of scam artist after allowing Sweepzilla to steal my tickets, they are giving those tickets to friends, family members, or keeping them! Report to FTC online, Report to BBB online, Facebook is a Social media site warn all people who may be their customers!

  2. I have been playing UWINIT for almost a year, and I still can’t seem to win a thing, but I see other people’s names along with the prizes that they’ve won.

  3. I supposed to win $25 amazon card never received it i.ck in sign up did everything I was to do. NOTHING. What’s up….

    • On July 16, 2020, I won 25.00, not received. Eduardo

  4. I won the daily $20 about 4 weeks ago and till now they have not paid. the prize dept just keeps ignoring my emails. I have won on winloot, prizecraze, rewardit and sweep4all. these have all paid within 5 days. Uwinit definately a scam!

  5. This one star is aimed at their customer service. Every sweepstakes site will tell you over and over, to keep your email address updated so that you don’t possibly miss out on a winner email. Some sites and other tips I’ve read, advise creating a special email just for all your sweeps. This makes perfect sense, so that’s what I did. I am currently doing 5 sweeps, so I went into my account page for each one and updated my email address. Perfect, right?? Well, it was with four of them…but, the computer for Uwinit proceeded to erase ALL my other information (address, DOB, etc.) and…ON IT’S OWN…created a whole new account!! They kept sending emails to my other address, and it took me a few days to realize what was going on. So I explained to them what happened and asked if they could please link them as I didn’t want to lose all the entries I had already done with the old email. Now, I really expected them to say something like ‘we apologize for the mistake, we will fix it for you ‘ or ‘we apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately, there is no way to link them ‘..or SOMETHING like that. Their response? They made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that I had violated the rules of having two accounts and they will NOT combine the two. Sooo, what part of my email did they NOT comprehend? So my next message to them was, I admit, a little more passionate. But I NEVER used any fowl language, I NEVER accused them of fraud or illegal activity of any kind. I always maintained that the computer had somehow screwed things up. They responded with threats of discontinuing all my accounts and said that I was being abusive!!!! Can you believe that???! Now, I have messaged them many times in the past without so much as a peep….but say something negative about the game, and they will respond IMMEDIATELY and they refuse to take any responsibility for what THEIR computer did to me. So, I have to wonder…HOW MANY OTHER players have they done this too. Steer clear of Uwinit!!!

  6. won $20 but never got paid!!! I only get burned ONCE!! won’t play never again & tell everybody not play!! Let them go down the TUBE!

    • Message to UWINIT Today!! Absolutely the most unethical site on this computer, I watch u steal my tickets. I have 2 degrees in Business what really matters in any Business is Character, it gives your life direction and meaning. You are completely without integrity, honesty, and fairness how can anyone trust what’s happening on UWINIT, unfortunately, people trust too much especially when they are desperate, those people are working hard on this site while lazy scumbag employees are thieves set back and let everyone supply a living for you! FTC will be glad to fix this issue!! 

      Cora Sparks

    • After about 2 years of playing Uwinit I finally won the daily $20. Unfortunately it has been 3 weeks now and still no payment. The other sites I have won on like Prizecraze. Rewardit, Sweeps4all and Winloot have all paid with 5 days. Stopped playing Uwinit for now until I get paid if ever?

  7. I won 10.00 iTunes on 1/21/2020 requested 10.00 Amazon gift card never received it as of 1/30/2020 what’s up with these people play day & night & can get my win & if you keep emailing them they block your emails d am pricks I want the dam 10.00 I won 10.00 if you want to block my contact for trying to get my dam money you never sent you suck why don’t you try playing if its so dam easy no phone number to get in touch with them how else can you get your dam win I also have cancer 1..5 years 67 years old block me for try to get my 10.00 win someone should report you 4 that shit mad as hell send me my 10.00 dollar win on 1/21/2020 if you block my contact 1/30/2020 never got it I want my 10.00 I won/Howard 1/30/2020

    • The FTC says Sweepstakes cannot charge you for winning!! Something is wrong!! I HAVE Won & received Checks from 1) WINLOOT and 2) Sweepszilla. 2 Very Real Sweepstakes and Extremely Trustworthy!! Please Try & trust them!!! And Good Luck &?? God Bless you!!

  8. I keep the winners list every month and I just can’t see why the same people win twice and the winners mostly live on the east coast.

  9. Can not get into the website at all!..cleared my cache, browsing history etc..still can’t!..anyone know why?..

  10. I won $25.00 daily Amazon prize, I opted for the money, on April 24, 2019, I sent my mailing address to UWINIT, and still haven’t received my check! I would like to know what is going on???

  11. UWinIt is Awesome! I have been playing for a few months and just won $2500. Was contacted by email in 48hrs. and Matt has been great money should be here within a week! YOU ROCK UWINIT…??

  12. Play daily, no problems. Have won a couple times for. Twenty $ and twenty five $. Notified within twenty four hours and check arrived within a week or less from Chase bank. Of course there are ads but. It is free to play. Without ads there would be no contest. Be realistic. It’s fun, free, and with luck great. My small winnings paid for couple great meals for me and friend.

  13. I play these sweepstake sites all the time and never thought I could win until 12-26-18. I won a $25 Amazon gift card and was very surprised. So the answer to everyone’s question is, yes you can win, just keep playing and don’t get discouraged. If it happened to me it can happen to you ?

  14. I love love it. I have fun playing the games. I win.

    • I play uwinit every day before I go to work early I’m n the morning. Right before a prize is about to come out I get an email saying I missed something and therefore have forfeited my chance to win. This is every time. before a big prize is to come out.

  15. It is legit, they get backed up though and email communication can be frustrating. Best way to contact them is thru their Facebook pages or on their sister site Winloot. I ended up messaging thru Facebook, and it was faster than email.

  16. I have won 25.00 a while back-Been playing for a good while.

  17. I WON!!!! No kidding! $25 gift card. Cool!
    Too bad I JUST FOUND the notification email, now 2 mos. old!
    Maybe they will still honor it, I will let you know!
    If so, I will give them 5 stars!?

  18. Once you sign up there is no cancelling the daily emails they send you even though there is a link that states as such to cancel. Also when you write them ‘again’ requesting to be removed from the daily emails they give a bull pucky reply that it takes over ten days for this to occur. Now it has been almost two months and they ignore my requests to the point where I am banned from contacting them. My suggestion is don’t get involved with this ‘contest’ site.

  19. Fun to play when I have time. I received a lot of emails giving me extra tokens but have yet to win. I get lots of emails indicating that I am in the running for prize but when I research it, I see the other person’s name in the winners list. So when that it is a time filler during my dialysis, I will continue to play. Good luck to me and everyone else.

  20. Too many damn the ads and it’s a very hard and in the play you got to chase down the in trees

  21. Hello, have been entering have not won a single cent!


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UWinIt Exposed — What Can I Win at This Free Prize Site?

UWinIt Exposed

UWinIt Review

Do you have the time to do into a website each day and click, click, click to win. UWinIt has a good range of prizes to win ranging from $5000 cash down to $25 gift cards. Okay, you might end up with a heck of a lot of ad sponsored spam mail, but then again, the games are free and the only way to win is to play.

What Is UWinIt?

UWinIt is a free prize giveaway site with daily prizes. They have a catch phrase of “no catches” at the same time the reality is this is an advertising site. There appears to be a limit to how many entries are permitted for each of the prizes available, though I did get a bit suspicious when all the prizes remaining have 5 or 10 entries remaining. There is no information on exactly how many entries are permitted in total. The winners page doesn’t help as it also simply posts more prizes to win.

Who Can Participate?

Here’s another prize play that it’s important to read the small print. UWinIt.com says you must be a legal resident and living in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or the United States (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) and must e 18 years or older.

What Are the Prizes Offered by UWinIt?

There are a heap of prizes to win at UWinIt.com ranging from daily to longer term. Basically, the bigger the prize the longer the contest period. Their biggest prize is US $5000 and it looks like that runs for six months. Other prizes include an IPad Mini 2, LG 49”1080p LED TV, Samsung Chromebook 2 and Amazon Gift Cards ranging from $500 down to $25. There are McDonalds, Gap and Chipotle gift cards, plus money ranging from $100 upwards. There are two $25 Amazon gift cards given daily.

Who Owns UWinIt?

It looks like UWinIt is owned by Sharestakes, LLC., a company out of Hicksville, New York. There is a snail mail address and online form. There are no phone numbers or online chat. There was an email address in the terms and conditions for cancelling membership. There was some information on other sites that it might have originally been owned by Amazon.com which sorta makes sense given the type of prizes.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Each of the prizes have their own terms and conditions though there are some general things that seem to apply to all. Players can submit ten entries per day (though there are a few that only allow 5). Membership can be cancelled at any time by email. Keep in mind, this site is free so there really isn’t anything to cancel except the chance to win.

How to Collect a Prize?

Each of the different prizes have their own rules though there are some general things that seem to apply. In most cases, the draws take place within ten days of closing the contest. Some of the smaller prizes take place within 1 day (Amazon $25 gift cards). Winners are notified within thirty days by email plus have thirty days to file the necessary documentation. For Canadians, there is also a skill testing question that has to be answered.

UWinIt Feedback and Complaints

Looking at complaints, things got a bit interesting. The biggest complaint seems to be for all prizes, postage is applicable. There were several complaints saying that they went all the way through an ad sponsored site and got down to winning something, paid the postage and then waited to no avail. The prize didn’t come. They contacted customer service but simply got the runaround.

Is UWinIt.com Scam or Legit?

It looks like the prizes directly related to UWinIt are pretty straightforward and there aren’t any complaints that players didn’t get their prizes. Though, it would be better if they actually posted some of the winners on their website. But, this site links into ad sponsors who are outside of UWinIt. There could be some question on whether these folks deliver.

Would you mind rating UWinIt.com?

Bottom Line at UWinIt.com

If you’ve got the time and don’t mind getting spam’ed with ads and other game opportunities, then UWinIt could be a place to win some prizes.


Lots of Prizes

Free to Play

Daily Prizes


What Are the Odds

Ad Sponsored Spam

Postage to be Paid

UWinIt.com gets a reserved thumb’s up. If you’ve got the time to go in regularly and play and deal with the anticipated spam email from other ad sponsors, you will have a chance to win some prizes.

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