Poor 2.3 | Reviews (62)
Company: InterGlobal Limited
Founded: 2013
Country: Belize
Prizes: Bitcoins
TOS: One account per person
Phone: +223.2839
  1. I joined this site, and when it asks do you want us to send you 200 dollars in free bitcoin every hour and I click allow it tells me I have blocked this site, which is rubbish I have not blocked them think this is just another scam site

  2. From the looks of things I guess the app is going on pretty well, but what I don’t understand is that withdrawal will be made or done only on Sundays. Which am not use if that’s true I believe the way to get more reliable customers and investors is to enable no limit for withdrawal and then you see how your company will be stuck by a traffic jam caused by people who are ready to invest participate and help the company grow business start with small and mind you guys you need investors and customer with high and upper hands to help your business grow you guys should look more into the limit for withdrawal

  3. I am a member since yesterday I got some bitcoins and lost in betting, I think it is a big scam.

  4. Just keep away from it. DON’T deposit any BTC. Anything you might earn, withdraw when you reach the minimum. Again, DON’T deposit BTC.

  5. very dumb and stupid site and you will never win, all you advertise is big nonsense, do not waste your time on this site

  6. I am so sad I lost my earnings. They use their betting trap (Hi-Lo) to steal my funds.

  7. I am a jackpot winner and my withdrawal selection is “instant”
    It has been hours gone past and its “pending a manual review”

  8. I wrote them bacause I noticed I was losing money on all my bets in their betting section recently even though some of them were winning. They replied telling me I was “talking shit”
    On an earlier occasion (several years ago) 30 000 sats just disappeared from my account. I contacted them and they did not reply.

  9. Beware ‘’ seems like a trap and a scam. If you deposit funds and then try withdraw your funds they may intercept your withdrawal and decide to keep your funds. Here is my email interaction with them. Thankfully they did not steal my funds this time and atleast their support responded.

    Yes, that is great. I’m sure people would love to see that on there too. Daylight robbery.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 9:14 AM Free Bitcoin wrote:

    You were lucky I let you get away with your fraud. Cheating the minimum withdrawal like that twice makes you very lucky I didn’t keep the 27000. That fact that you are too thick to see that what you are doing wrong means you’ll be dumb anough to write what a lowlife cheat you are in your reviews.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 1:52 PM … wrote:

    Yip, now that is an example of abuse, and fraud on your part.
    PS, I looked for the delete account option on your site on the profile page and I could not find it else I would of used it today.
    This is another thumbs down that can be posted about your site.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 8:48 AM Free Bitcoin wrote:

    You can’t understand that you had a balance of 0.00004870 which is far less than the minimum of 0.00030000 so you depositing 0.00027000 to withdraw that balance was fraudulent so you are now banned.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 1:40 PM … wrote:

    It is not getting around a limit, it is adhering to the limit.
    Just another example of how your site does not behave like a faucet,
    It behaves like a trap and a scam.
    Once again, thanks for not stealing my funds.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 8:36 AM Free Bitcoin wrote:

    If you use to try and get around the minimum withdrawal again you’ll get banned.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 1:29 PM … wrote:

    Well I hope if I do choose to use your site again I won’t get flack again the next time I decide to withdraw.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 8:22 AM Free Bitcoin wrote:

    lol. Bitcoin faucets attract a lot of abuse from multi-accounting. All the others that existed in 2013 when we started have been forced to shut down because of that abuse. We are the only one still standing and one of the reasons for that is we have systems in place to block suspicious withdrawals and check them. The people writing those bad reviews are the abusers that got caught.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 1:18 PM … wrote:

    You advertise a faucet and then make such remarks when people use your faucet?
    Your site has a history of this as per the review sites that gave you a thumbs down.
    I do not think that is a good way to do business.
    Why would someone invest in a site that complains about paying out what it owes, and an site that can’t even be trusted with small amounts.
    That is another reason it is not odd to withdraw whenever possible from your site.
    Anyhow, thank you for assisting.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 6:12 AM Free Bitcoin wrote:

    That’s what a lot of abusers do to get around the minimum withdrawal requirements.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 8:38 AM … wrote:

    One can only withdraw with a minimum balance.
    Therefore it is not odd. It is the only way to withdraw my small balance.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 3:03 AM Free Bitcoin wrote:

    The message tells you why. It is for security reasons. In your case, it is very odd that someone would deposit to immediately withdraw.

    On Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 6:55 AM wrote:

    Why is my instant withdrawal stuck and not yet done? ‘Your payout requests are waiting to be manually reviewed. This process might take up to 24 hours.’

  10. Good place to earn free bitcoin. is the only one who still give away free bitcoin till now from 2013 onwards and all free bitcoin faucet has disappeared.

  11. Cheerleaders for this ULTRA-SCAM site are everywhere. They’re in all the forums like bitcointalk, here and many other places. Many are staff of, family members, friends, etc who immediately attack a negative review and then have things to say about the company that are just ridiculous. So ridiculous in fact, that legitimate reviews of legitimate companies sound nothing like them. They say only good about the company and never anything at all they don’t care for. They have used it for years and everything is wonderful. Come on. Nobody uses anything for years and no matter what, everything has been a pony ride, every day. They almost sound like soda commercials. Read through a few and see for yourself if what I’m saying is BS or not. Watch the responses as well, it’s always the customer’s fault “probably deserved it” is common among the staff pretending to be normal users.

    Provably fair is a farce. Anyone with a college education has done a bit of math knows this if they look closely. But this company pushing “provably fair” wants you to get lost in the details of how their system is so complex and genius that you shouldn’t even question it. Just know this and this is a crude explanation only made simple so that you understand. If you know 2 of 3 variables in a problem, you can always – ALWAYS – figure out what the missing variable is. (3*7=?) or (21/3=?) This isn’t rocket science but just look at the wording for how their “provably fair” system is done. You will need a dictionary to get through it, lots of chatter to say very little, hoping you don’t ask questions.

    That’s another thing. They think you’re stupid. Name calling is a sport with these thieves, that’s if you complain and actually get a response back.

    Contact information? Ha! Just one email address. Nothing else. Nothing. Good luck getting a response. Go ahead, before you invest one penny… one minute of your time, email them and ask them something simple. Just try it!

    Why would a legitimate company be so hard to get ahold of?
    Why no phone numbers?
    Why no address?
    Why no owner’s name?
    Why no mailing address?
    Why no lawyer or legal contact?
    Why no online chat?
    Why no publishing of winners in a transparent way for the lottery?
    Why such an enormously high number to change reward points to BTC?
    Why are all the published withdrawals so tiny?
    Why is the stated payout of bitcoin so small compared to Bitcoin Won By Users on the stat page?
    Why does the site mine in my browser window?
    Why don’t they say they’re mining on your computer when the site is open? Why is their mining statement so vague and lack any detail at all?
    Why such a high threshold on withdrawals?
    Why such an incredibly high published house edge?
    Why does the stated win/lose ratio on the multiplier NEVER match what actually happens?
    Why is losing 23 or 24 times in a row so common and mentioned so many times and has happening to so many people?
    How can that probability of a loser string of bad results happen to someone every single week or more?
    Why do all the negative reviews and comments all over the internet say the same detailed complaints for the same exact things?
    Why does the autobetting multiplier move faster than your clicking mouse can tell it to stop?
    Why is there no age limits for gambling?
    Why do they allow underage people to gamble?
    Why don’t they forbid people from countries where gambling is illegal from playing like every other online casino?
    If they’re so legit, what is there to hide?
    Why is who they are all such a secret?

    • The owner of the site is on Instagram. I follow him.

  12. I was really working hard on building the amount I had I doubled to 600,000 stoshis and a bonus popped I doubled the bonus and followed the directions when the bonus finished I had 200,000 in the bonus all of a sudden my bal was 25,000. Seems as though the system somehow stole or did error where it removed all my Satoshi. Ridiculous seen as though I’m a premium member and have been working in this system for over 2 years.

  13. So the multiply btc part is 100% a scam. Mathematically. If you want to put your wallet there and grow interest I don’t advise holding your bitcoin on a website where they scam people. Since I read people are also being scammed without multiplying but just trying to withdraw, or they empty out people’s balance. Really dangerous website. Just for the fact that their multiplier is rigged and designed to scam people should put you out of harm’s way and just have your bitcoin holding elsewhere.

  14. Great app up to so far

  15. Nothing wrong here, move along, it’s free, stop your moaning

  16. They are thieves, they banned my account for no reason. And when you ask what happened, you only get insults.

    • You probably did something wrong I have been using it for years now without a problem. You probably deserve to be banned!

      • well some people have reported having been banned after using their service for years

  17. Legit since I’ve been a member from 2014 and I’ve claimed 23.bitcoins while my Bitcoins are in bitcoin saving account getting 4.% per year and now we have premium membership it never been so nice to be a member

  18. This site seems okay at first if you just collect 1 satoshi per hour. But the instant you start to bet any of your winnings, you will lose it fast. I have never seen a roulette wheel where you can lose up to 25 times in a row. Just a big coincidence, I guess.

  19. What a bunch of cry babies, the site is legit. Don’t be too greedy if you don’t want to lose your money.

  20. They rip you off. I’m contacting the Attorney General and the BBB exposing these clowns.

    • You do realize they are not located in the United States, no? You can contact the BBB, FTC, FBI, CIA, attorney general in every state, even the President of the US they can’t do a damn thing to help you or stop a website located in a foreign country.

  21. This site is scam, don’t bother to play because it is free faucet. at least you must deposit inside your account to faster your WD

  22. It’s a SCAM. The moment you get enough satoshi to cash out they BAN YOU.

  23. I simply cannot believe a guy called me “fuckwit” in reply to my inquiry. And they don’t allow to delete account. I will suffocate Google with my reports of this scam and FCA is also contacted.

  24. has all the symptoms of a SCAM:
    – Real testimonies of people who were stolen with the same system.
    – False testimonials, appealing to enthusiasm and using high figures to awaken ambition.
    – No visible face or representative person, in case of legal claim.
    – Headquarters in tax haven.
    – Accounting of the company does not have an audit.
    – The means of contact for doubts-suggestions is narrow and limited, to hinder claims.
    – The prizes and great rewards are fictitious. It is not known who are the “common” people who have won.

  25. The spin is all there is and it ain’t exactly worth the time for 6 satoshi an hour

    I tried the betting twice… twice the results were in my favor and twice I received no payout. Would be nice if the site actually functioned.

  26. Best bitcoin earning site ever!!!

  27. Nothing wrong with, I’ve been using it for months, I’ve have several accounts (as pretend referrals). I have all account rolling dice and day and night and I can prove. People who lost money on this site are gamblers! The system works fine, blobkchain is real, is real and legitimate, the reason they can afford to “bankroll” the game is that their primary focus is “Mining”, by rolling the dice by millions of users and all the transactions occurring over or through the mining, servers is where they make their money. We are small fish, simple. But by using our resources (PC’s/mobiles) processors instead of millions of dollars in mining hardware I find this a 2 way street. Their making money, I’m making money. They are no different to us though, mining is massive and they also only ever make drips of BTC by mining the transactions. The savings aspect is great 4.08% paid daily (which you can see everyday). Cash savings accounts I recently compared, have a look yourself, 1.8% maybe, with account keeping fees. Get the numbers right in your settings, only bet the min about, see how long you can roll the dice for.. It took me months, no script, no coding, just sheer dogged determination and a love of beating a machine, especially when know how all the integers/bytes/longs and primitive data types you will understand by through parsing integers always round down, believe it or not, I think that is how I beat it.

    • PS-I noticed in the review by the site. Just to clarify, winnings are deposited to your account and also yes I have sent BTC from their account to my “coolish” wallet at LocalBitCoins, then of course you would be stupid not to have a freezing “cold” wallet for your ultimate BTC savings account.

  28. After losing over 80$ from a “hacker” wagered over .0088 satoshi with a 2FA enabled they refuse to do anything about it. No trust in this site anymore and I’ve read a lot of other reviews and it seems I’m not the only one that has gotten this. the site was the only thing that won in my loss.

  29. attention to this site
    Never use the multiply bt
    multiply BTC is a scam = thieves

    you have to file a complaint with the police
    freebitcoin = probably fake

    stop these thieves!

  30. It is a total scam. It is not paying… Lost my money… Don’t invest ????

  31. my balance in my account suddenly disappeared today for no apparent reason…I have never withdrawn anything from that account, it was collecting the interest and I was building my balance a little at a time and now it is gone!


    But on my Referrals page:
    TOTAL 0.91302240
    RECENT 0.00150461
    MULTIPLY BTC 0.29566502
    EARN BTC 0.00769273

    • So you show 6312 referrals which is how you have amassed almost 1 Bitcoin. Hope you feel great about your earning guiding so many people to this place who lost a great deal of money. Even you yourself show you are a coward to play the multiply game. Just so you know it is illegal to promote or refer people to a gambling site and you could find yourself losing so much more than you gained. Reported to FBI!

  33. Poor earnings, so I decide to deposit again (third time). 7 times I lose × 8000satoshi..its that fair?!? In totall I lose 0.00045
    Very bad (scam) site.

  34. Does anyone believes that 21 straight losses, always with small numbers, is not a scam??? I don’t.

    • Yes I do believe in 21 straight loss. Mine got 24 so you’ll lose a million or two. Safest way. Autoroll odds to 4 increase bet to 750. In just 7 rolls you’ll earn 1.1million satoshi

  35. free is a very good website. this the best site of bitcoin earning. I have win lottery and contest round.

  36. Noticed my FreeBitCoin “Free Roll” went down from 20 satoshi to 6 per hour, when my Bonus Bitcoin account produces around 50 to 80 satoshi per hour depending on the price of Bitcoin. A customer service tech cancelled my account and stole all my satoshi (a considerable portion of a Bitcoin) an 15 minutes ago because I asked him why my “free roll” satoshi was only 6, and he kept reading his prefab answer from a script hanging in his cubicle. He claimed to own FreeBitCoin, which is preposterous, because with 23 million users, there’s no way in hell the OWNER and I are going to exchange a total of 15 emails back and forth.

    (caution: cursewords sent to me in the emails by the low level tech who stole my money appear in my written experience below.)

    When he started calling me an “asshole” and a “whiny crybaby” I said “I never cursed at you, why are you doing it now?”

    He said, “I’m going to close your account.”

    And before my eyes, I watched my account close and a year and a half of hard work from 8 Bitcoin Faucets that I deposited into my FreeBitCoin account disappear, like a fart in the wind.

    FreeBitCoin stole my entire account because the low level tech who pretended to be the owner was butthurt that I wasn’t buying his stupid script as to why I was only getting 6 satoshi per hour when others are getting a whole lot more, doing the exact same thing I was doing.

    Then he called me a “dickhead” and said “These kinds of things happen to dickheads like you.” AFTER he stole my money.

    If you think that FreeBitCoin is going to help you… NO.

    If you think FreeBitCoin is a safe place to store money? NO.


    My sponsor on FreeBitCoin had 0.15 Bitcoin disappear from his account on FreeBitCoin and he’s stupid enough to keep putting more on there? He’s at 0.4 Bitcoin there right now, and I’m going to laugh at him when they steal his whole amount instead of just part of it.


    I’m going to make reports everywhere I can and then focus on a YouTube campaign that shows all of my email interactions with the tech in India who stole all my Bitcoin because he couldn’t “win an argument” when there was never even any argument. He just couldn’t answer the truthful question with a truthful answer. So… The Bitcoin amount I had…

    I guarantee he’s already added it to his own FreeBitCoin account.

  37. about 1 week ago I did deposit bitcoin to my account in
    yesterday when I enter on my account I saw my bitcoin was withdrawn by unknowing action, besides my account address has also been changed by unknowing action.

    • Wrong website.

  38. Only ones that win here are the ones that have many referrals.

    • Yep, I have 6000 referrals. My daughter has 2000.

  39. Yes it is pure scam, 100-360 times missing on a row untill it sucks your bankroll are very common. I have seen it. In this way I got stolen for nearly 8,52 BTC and no not just in one day. In 9 months, so as you can see. It is rigged till the bones. Even in the casino you would have atleast 1 day you walk out with something descent. Also the lotterij. Yes dear. Every week (because of playing) I have over 500.000-2.000.000 lottery tickets. And i not even get something. Thats says enough. Time to Hack this site.

  40. This site has stolen over 1400 US dollars worth of bitcoin from my account and cannot log back in to access this. They do not reply to emails and do not care to just block your account. Do not risk it, I feel sites like this will create a downfall or a scared purchaser of bitcoin due to the scams. Do not waste your money here. They also did not pay out any of my winnings or interest lost everything with no communication BS.

  41. The Multiply HI/LO game is totally rigged in a way to make you win at first and then all of sudden rip you off. They say it’s based it’s an algorithm based on cryptography. I strongly do not believe so.
    First the house edge is huge if you leave by default the odd at 2.00 it can be triggered several times in a row despite the fact that the vast majority of the roll will be either LO or HI.
    Secondly, this is rigged. As soon as you possibly win a decent amount, there is something that it being triggered systematically to make you lose it all.
    This is how I eventually invested 1.67BTC and turn it up to 7.53 BTC and all of sudden it was all gone with over 25 consecutive loss that obviously included house edge several times when the chance are extremely low with the default odd value.
    I got a pay out of 0.006btc eventually once that I’ve made for checking sake to ensure they do really wire the payout, it seems they do but their multipy HI LO is clearly fucking rigged as hell. Make you win then make you lose it all unexpectedly and if you ever contact them they talk back to you like they take you for retards thinking we do not know probability and math. The game is clearly rigged and me and some other friends also noticed there are days that a more likely to drain all your BTC instantly, It almost feels like there is a bit of bank of satoshi available for the winning of Multiply BTC and as soon as this bank is close to be emptied, the algo changes and ensure to make you lose to every single roll you make regardless if you swap HI or LO or if you t=use the martingale strategy; they rip you off systematically. This is how I lost a huge quantity of BTC with them. 12 BTC and they have no problem replying to you with a one liner saying you only roll that much therefore chances are this or that. Complete rubbish. Why do you think most users recommend you to play a bit and then log out and clear your cookies etc? If this was a learning algo probably set and fair, you would not have to use such measures.
    Advice for the ones who want to risk Multiply BTC as soon as you make a positive earning in your stat with multiply BTC, stop playing and enjoy free roll and withdraw because if you decided to leave it as savings, the temptation of using multiply BTC will be too high and you will lose everything, that is guaranteed.

    As for the lottery it is very dodgy on how they operate, I went as high as having so many tickets that I reached 38% win rate chance a couple of minutes before the end of the time for the draw and I got the 8th prize which was obviously a blood piece of joke in comparison to all the BTC wagered and invested for it, a complete loss.

    A second times, that was 3 weeks later, I also ended with millions of ticket and win rate chance higher than 20%, and guess what? 8th prize again! How the hell if it was really fair would I end up with the same ranked prize which is a ridiculous amount of satoshis when you see other users who are apparently winning the top 3 prize (between 0.1 to 2BTC) by having only playing sometimes under 100 tickets. I was also looking for those winners but we never managed to find any. It is very clear that the top 5 prizes of every single lottery draw are most likely bot accounts created by themselves.

    If they were not suspicious and completely fair, they would mentioned the entirety of the users who won and the payout being made as well as the payout address but guess what? They shrink them all so you can’t really check.

    they post some last 10 payout every now and then but you will notice its usually rarely very high amount of BTC (between 30k satoshi to rarely 1,2 BTC).

    As for the wagering contest this is also a hint that something is going wrong. If you look at the wagering contest you’ll be shocked to death how come some players could have wagered over 300BTC within a month! Just as FYI I went as high as 100BTC wagered once and that did involve having close to 10BTC deposited or available in your balance. So its either big whale or staff of who wager all the earnings they make on daily basis so nobody gets the 10000$ reward. Other suspicious things are the user ID. Most of the times the winner are what seems to be very recent account created (over 6 digits leght). One would easily assume that old users having hoarding a lot of BTC would possibly be owning and ruling the contest due to their bigger reserve but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

    Another evidence which I think will break anybody who trust they’re all clean and legit. They recently added a new contest with a Lamborghini at stake. You can either buy the gold ticket for 25k satoshi or you will one every time you wager 500k Satoshi with the multiply hi lo game or if you bet the same amount for the betting games.

    Now look the very first day of the wagering contest for May and you will see already users who have wagered 11BTC. This information are refreshed very fast within a minute as soon as the change reached over 10000 satoshis.

    If you still follow, you would understand that these users who wagered over 1BTC (even 10BTC) should technically already have up to 2000 golden ticket for that Lamborghini contest. Check the golden ticket page, you will be able to see that there are currently 0 total tickets played which mean only one thing… There are lots of fakes stats and fakes users on their website.

    And they dare taking everyone for retards with their provably fair…

    If I could I would hack the hell out of them and make them a very steep price for all the money and crypto they robbed to everyone. FBI should bloody arrest them all and lock their BTC and mining operations.

  42. All you guys complaining, stop betting!! Stop using the multiply btc option. Use freebitco as a wallet and earn from referrals, daily interest, faucet. That’s all!! Don’t let greed get to you. Gambling always end up in sorrow.
    Yes it’s rigged, the more reason to keep off from the gambling feature.

    • Exactly. Too many people came here to complain after they bet the farm on a game. I have 8000+ referrals after I bought the domain name and redirected it to the referral link. 6000 on my account, and another 2000 on my daughter’s. I earned 0.9+ on my account from 6000. That’s from a $999 investment in the domain name, so it was all worth it. I am now trying to get a Google Play app approved for more referrals and will just redirect the domain to the google play page to get the users set up with my own app.

  43. There is a business in The BVI operating under the name of InterGlobal Ltd whose address is 3rd Floor, J & C Building, P.O. Box 933, Road Town, Tortola, the British Virgin Islands using the website of which is purely an Internet Gambling Website. They use the name Freebitcoin and is known as operating as a free faucet to obtain a small amount of bitcoin for free. You can make claims on an hourly basis and with each claim a pop-up display stating you can multiply your Bitcoin up to 4750 times playing their provably fair Hi/Low game.

    Reputable gambling sites block IP addresses where Internet Gambling is known to be Illegal. I have a dispute with them which I reached a dead end where they claimed their Gaming Console or Platform worked with 100% accuracy yet I have numerous screen prints of game logs which they have completely ignored where I can prove over 4 Million Satoshis which is known as fractional Bitcoin was lost.

    They do not have a gaming license because they say that it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on and that anyone who will pay Curacao the fee can obtain one. I requested a complete audit be done on my account. Initially, they insulted my intelligence telling me to look words up in the dictionary to unnecessary name calling to vulgar emails of threats. I was humiliated by them in a public forum where I was pointing out how I unfairly lost Millions of Satoshis.

    They have no terms of service and anyone with knowledge to operate a computer deserves the right to access their complete house advantage games. They place no age minimum on gambling either as my 14-year-old nephew lost nearly 2 Million Satoshis on a malfunction that they claimed was completely on his end yet they were able to fix it.

    Last night he got into a heated argument demanding the return of monies lost on Jackpot bets he did not place and said he would report them to their Government authorities. They in turned made threats of reporting him to the Police for Blackmail. To add further insult to injury they blocked his account and he had two referrals with substantial balances that were also blocked and the funds on deposit were confiscated, downright stolen. So if Freebitcoin cannot steal your money from their house advantage game they will literally steal your money.

    I had made promises of contacting you as well as the FBI in the U.S. and they told me I did not have what was required in my “Trousers” which you know what they meant, to carry out anything I claimed. It was reported that a lady from Russia lost large amounts of money to this site under their phone malfunction that they threatened to report her to her Government authorities for her participation in Illegal Internet Gambling when she demanded the return of bets she did not place.

    Freebitcoin uses companies owned and operated in the U.S. to conduct their Illegal activities like Twitter to solicit wagers from U.S. residents, Cloudflare their hosting company to operate their site, as well as Facebook and Instagram for further solicitations of Illegal wagers from U.S. citizens.

    I find it very interesting that they have no restrictions on who can gamble at their site allowing children to access their site, gamble, and lose money that may not be theirs to be betting. They turned my teenage nephew into a gambling addict. I as well as my nephew both tried to work with the unknown operators of Freebitcoin in an amicable manner and they are so dead set that they are right and we are wrong and actually give the impression that they are above the law.

    Something clearly needs to be done here as they should not be allowed to get away with stealing peoples money as they did to me, my nephew, and his two friends. I read that Internet Gambling, as well as the operation of such a business, is Illegal in The BVI and like I said they have challenged me to do something and so I am reaching out for help here as about 15 cents in bitcoin worth about $750.00 USD is at stake here. I would like to see a return of these funds to my Coinbase wallet and I would be happy to disburse funds to the other 3 who were ripped off. It really seems strange how my nephew had a heated argument with Freebitcoin and his account and his two referrals all had their account blocked and the funds are now no longer accessible for withdrawal.

  44. People are saying it’s a scam because of the gambling feature. I think, however, that it is a very good site, as I am getting legit payouts, good faucet bonuses and referral bonuses. This is a great site, do not let anyone tell you that it is not, they are just stupid and lost it all while betting.

  45. Hi
    I have invested 1 bitcoin and started to play. After 2 days suddenly I got 35 times lo in a row when I was betting on hi. What do you think 35 times in a row against your bet with odds 2.
    I lost all of my money. don’t play there.

    • That sounds rather crazy that you thought spending 10K in bitcoin and using it to bet will get you further in life.

  46. Waste of time….seriously….just go and play lottery probably you have the same chance to win…

  47. The site is good, why can’t we be patient? People want to make 3btc under one day. Haba. That’s how we get scammed by people because we lack patience

  48. I’m not saying it’s not a fixed or greatly sided to there advantage but I have cashed out around .1 bitcoin from them and they pay in under 15 min every time sometimes in under 5 min. I’ve never cashed out more than $200 at one time but if you can control yourself and not take to much and go back later with a different strategy it adds up I have got over a .1 in one game before but it will eat it all if you go too long.

  49. I personally, hated freebitcoin. In from the start. Because I invested $90. Went to the multiply game, and I had won almost double my money. Was super stoked and couldn’t stop playing, before another hour was up, I had 0.00000323 satoshi left. When I started with 0.01. So all in all I was pretty pissed, but it was my fault that I lost it all, I mean it did seem rigged because I had a lot of wins at first and then after that, it was straight 5 losses to 1 win every time. But wait there is more to my story, even though I lost all of my bitcoin I decided to stay with them and do the free rolls day after day, after day, hoping it would pay off, and damn it takes a life time, plus all the winnings I got from the free roll I would just go gamble it away again. Hoping to win a quarter of my money back. I was starting to feel like I was never going to get anything back, then one day I had actually won that $200.00 that they say you could win every hour. So I honestly think freebitcoin is a honest and fair site because you play at your own risk really. If you burn up all your money that’s your fault. Just be smart about it and you can actually make some money on that site.

  50. roBot behind auto play are set in such way at same time 3 bot will lost grab your satoshi in fraction of seconds. All money all satoshi loss u only realize to stop bet by the team your insufficient balance. Check you history page and you will see how freebitco plan to loot you.
    Its like you are wrestling in arena with 3 hulk people and u are nothing.
    Dont play freebitco its scam in such way it grabs all money. It doesn’t have bet speed limit to control. More you invest more u loose. Spread this message like fire and let the burglar freebitco to realize there are real scammer.

  51. All of the people saying that this website is “so great and fair” just because they got a payout don’t understand math or really just work for and are making false reviews so they can keep on cheating you.

    If you get a payout at the withdrawal minimum (0.0003 BTC) after a month or two of work and bitcoin is priced at $7500. Well, big spender – you just made a whopping $2.25 US dollars. Wow. That’s all it takes to buy your trust and write reviews?

    So, you start thinking you’re gonna chance it on “Multiply BTC” game then? Try this and tell me it’s not fixed. After all, the people saying all those great things and leaving 5 stars end up saying things like “the averages will eventually work out” Please. Give me a break.

    Here’s proof that BS ain’t true here.

    Go to AUTOBET or the MULTIPLY BTC and set the “BET ODDS” at 95. With the enormous spread they have, you’ll have the winning odds of 1 out of 100 (1%)

    Now, just leave the bet at the minimum amount (0.00000001) and spin. Do this 1000 times. At 1%, you should win 10 times.
    Go ahead, try it. You won’t win 10 times.

    Do the same thing with 10,000 spins. Watch what happens. You lose again. I’m not talking about the odds already in place that you bet one Satoshi one hundred times and only get back 95 per winning roll because of the spread, the win percentage is fixed much higher in their favor.

    Still think it pays off “in the long run?” No, it doesn’t. And they take more than just their 5 percentage points. For crap’s sake, look at the website stats. Almost 250,000 Bitcoin wagered, only 150,000 Bitcoin paid out. Hmmmm. That’s 40% difference. That’s a lot of money.

    Last thing. You people saying “their great” and “honest” and the rest of that, you do realize they don’t watch you say that and then make your account win more, right? There is no payoff. One withdrawal that puts $2 in your pocket after 6 or 8 weeks of work? They’re sitting back and laughing.

    It only took $2 to buy you.

    • LOL. It took way more than 2 dollars. I paid $999 to buy and then I made $10,000 in bitcoin from it.

      • Interesting LinkedIn Page you have there, Mr Slabaugh.
        You own, you say?
        You live in the United States?

        You say these reviewers don’t have “balls”. When you think you hide behind anonymity online and claim to be in different country. This is for other Reviewers to take you on. Don’t ask for me to come for you sir. I’d have to be extradited to the USA even if you were abroad or fled.

        -Signed some USAF & Former CIA

  52. Dear,

    I’ve been logged in practically this whole year 2018. I have gained nothing.

    You didn’t pay me in February. Are you going to pay me 0.00031012 BTC this weekend?

    Kari Hakkinen

  53. They pay yes but they never lose in the long run you will lose all your money. It is fixed to let you win at first and then if you don’t quit which why quit when you’re up so much next you lose lose lose and when you realize your done nothing left. THIS SITE IS A SCAM FOR SURE.

  54. Multiply btc is so fixed. I’ve had the lagging problem. When i start winning it logs me off website. They are cowards and won’t answer questions about this issue. The lotto isn’t probably real either. Only way I will believe it is if they have a live draw. They more than likely make up numbers and pocket all of it. All the electronics that are prizes are outdated. All those reward points for a galaxy 7 edge? Might as well give out a BlackBerry.

  55. I deposited $200 dollars on managed to multiply it and turn it into over $1000 dollars. The funny thing is that as soon as I did that, the entire format and dynamics of the multiply dice roll game changed drastically. From the loading speed, it went back and forth from extreme lagging, to all of a sudden to extremely quick loading causing you to tap the button again believing that it didn’t load, next thing you know you lost 3 times when you only meant to roll once. Aldo out of nowhere one of the lottery boxes will be ticked, specifically the 0.02 box even though I just refreshed the screen and didn’t even scroll down to even have a chance to select any of those options yet. Which also has a high probability to cause you to lose big and fast. If anyone wants to get together on bringing a class action lawsuit to these scum bags please let me know, if anyone is already in the process I’m definitely happy to join.

  56. It’s true guys, spin the faucet and earn BTC or even use your PC to mine for BTC. I did it and earned 35k Satoshi and withdrew it into my wallet address. JUST BE PATIENT you will win. GOOD LUCK.

  57. The site pays …i manage to withdraw 2 times like 160k satoshi in total, made in multiply….but about the lottery …i don’t know …it’s seems weird that nowhere on internet you don’t find an actual winner on lottery.

    • I know right, the lottery prize seems to be weird coz I find anyone who won that in internet but never found. I feel like it all set up by it self to make us trust it

  58. It’s a scam!! Scammers! They would not pay you a penny to your account!

  59. I don’t know about winning up to $200 in Bitcoins every hour, but you can use your current Free BTC amount to Multiply BTC and you have to choose between manual bet and auto bet and you can multiply your money. I hope there won’t be any issues with withdrawing my btc because I am letting it accumulate for now.

  60. Yes, in addition to the daily free Satoshi you can also multiply your Bitcoin in the multi plyBTC game. Initially i was hesitant because it took me a while to get to 30,000 satoshi but when I did, they paid that very day. This is the best free money I’ve gotten and I’m just going to keep racking up interests.

  61. I am using it for some time now, got payments from them, but after i just left satoshi in my wallet to get interest every day, because when you hit 30,000 satoshi in wallet you start getting free satoshi every day.


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FreeBitco Exposed — Can You Really Win Free Bitcoin? Read Reviews!

FreeBitco Exposed

FreeBitco Review is a Bitcoin faucet that offers a chance to win free bitcoins through a Hi-Lo game plus a weekly lottery. If you’re looking at how to earn free bitcoin, read further.

What Is

FreeBitco offers what looks like two games. There is Hi-Lo which they say you can win up to $200 in bitcoins. They say you can win up to $200 in free bitcoins every hour and then in the same paragraph, FreeBitco says if you play this game, you can win up to 1 Bitcoin each time you play. Then there is a weekly lottery for prizes. Players get a 50% referral commission when they encouraged their friends, family, and others to play. There are a few websites where people are actually advertising for more players.

Who Can Participate?

Though there is no information on who can or cannot play, the very nature of bitcoins suggests that anyone can join the games. Bitcoin is a currency that is not based in any country or by any authority. The exchange rate floats though the current rate of exchange is 1 Bitcoin is worth US$ 2,282.23.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Free Bitcoin?

Playing’s Hi-Lo game wins you Bitcoins. There do appear to be prizes to be won in their weekly free lottery, but there is no information on what they are. Playing either is free.

Who Owns is owned by InterGlobal Limited, a company based in Belize. There is a snail mail address and email address, though don’t look to find this on their site. Well, it might show up once you register, but there is no “contact us” menu on their site. InterGlobal also owns a mirrored site called which is a duplicate platform for DOGECOINS. They are currently trading at 1,000 DOGECOINS is work US$ 3.48.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Don’t look to find published Terms and Conditions at prior to registration. There aren’t any. There is a “Terms of Service” with three rules: do not use bots, don’t use rude language, and don’t create multiple accounts.

How to Collect a Prize? has no information on how you collect your prize. Theoretically, getting your winnings should be pretty straightforward and simply credited to your account. But there is a heap of complaints online, where players say their wins were not credited. We’re also not sure whether you can transfer your Bitcoins somewhere else to purchase things or this is locked to their site and advertisers. Feedback and Complaints

Jumping around the web, it’s been a while since we come across so many negative comments. The loudest one was the rate of winning which estimated a potential win of $0.002 for each roll. This was qualified with the fact that if you did use the referral system and got lots of people to play, the amount would add up pretty fast. There were also comments on the fact the site had too many advertisements. I guess that’s how they stay in business.

Is FreeBitco Legit Bitcoin Faucet or Scam?

It’s hard to say whether this is legit or not without registering and there was no way I was going to do it without more information. That and the fact, there were more complaints than good reviews.

Would you mind rating

Bottom Line at

The combination of so many negative comments and the lack of published information prior to registration definitely put me off. Add to that the comments that a bunch of people (who must be better at math than I am) posted relating to the only way to really win here is by referrals hence getting a bunch of other people to play.


Anyone Can Play

It’s Free

Simple Game of Hi-Lo


No Terms & Conditions

No Info on How You Get Your Winnings

A Heap of Complaints

FreeBitco gets a thumb’s down. This site seems more angled at getting you to engage in the world of Bitcoin than actually getting prizes and things.

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