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Company: MyOffers Ltd
Founded: 1999
Country: United Kingdom
Prizes: Money, electronic & gadgets, gift cards, etc.
TOS: 18+ United Kingdom residents
Email: No
Phone: 44 20 7932 4188

MyOffers Exposed – Getting Prizes or Spam?

MyOffers Exposed

MyOffers Review

Looking at the prizes at, it’s easy to get swept away. There is a heap of different things you can go for, from cash to household products. Add, the test market concept and you could end up with a new vacuum or a car. This is a site that uses “permission marketing” to develop product sales, market survey information, and email databases for advertising. And you might win a prize.

What Is MyOffers?

With a total of 90 different prizes you can go for at any given time, it’s easy to get caught up with this site. The prizes range from lifestyle, travel, electronics, motoring, money, household, and product testing. Each prize has slightly different things you have to complete ranging from simply viewing the product to writing a review and sending photos of you with it. Of course, anything you send becomes their property to use.

Why is 24Lottos a trusted lottery service?

Who Can Participate?

To play for prizes at MyOffers, you must be 18 years or older plus a resident of the United Kingdom. There are some other filtering on specific prize sites that might have to do with your gender, age, and location. Keep in mind, especially for some of the product testing, that this marketing company is after specific demographics.

What Are the Prizes Offered by

Pretty well all prize offers to boil it down to only one winner with more than one prize option that will be awarded depending on what is available at the time of the draw close. Prizes range from gift cards to products like MacBooks, grocery shopping sprees, and trips. My personal favorite is the win to test a trampoline and Buster the Boxer Teddy.

Who Owns MyOffers?

MyOffers Ltd. appears to be linked to EM Group, Scottish Power, Zeta Interactive International Ltd. CACI Ltd., and a bunch of other sites, though there is no specific information on who owns them. The company itself is registered in England. Keep in mind this is a group that uses “permission” marketing for products and services. Permission marketing means you are agreeing to review, read and respond to marketing and surveys on products. In playing for any of the prizes you agree to receive SMS messages, telephone calls, email, and snail mail.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

Each prize has its own terms and conditions at MyOffers though there are a few things that you should be aware of that are across them all. There generally is only one winner and the prize draw could be offered on a variety of websites at the same time. Most of the draws you can enter thirty times per month. Each of the different draws has a different close date.

How to Collect a Prize?

Getting your prize depends on the draw you entered. Usually, the prize comes directly from the advertiser/supplier. Players will be sent an email confirming the win with instructions on how to get it. Now in one paragraph, it says you have 7 days to respond for your prize and in another, it says 10 days. If you don’t claim it within the time frame, the prize is re-awarded to the runner-up. If that person fails to claim it in time, then the draw is void. The prize will arrive within twenty-eight days later.

MyOffers Feedback and Complaints

There was a heap of complaints online about people receiving (and getting charged for) texts on their mobile phones. The only we’re not sure of is the actual forms to complete to register for prizes don’t actually ask for your phone number. There were lots and lots of complaints regarding receiving spam in your email account. There were also a lot of warnings of charges regarding some of the sites to win prizes.

Why You Should Register with MyOffers


Good Range of Prizes

Product Testing to Win


Would you mind rating

Why You Shouldn’t Register with MyOffers


Only One Winner Per Prize

Multiple Sites the Prizes are Offered On

Receiving Spam and Texts

Is Scam or Legit?

So keeping all that in mind, there really is no reason to think that MyOffers is a scam. It’s simply a long shot to win. There is only one winner per prize, and there could be a multitude of sites that they are using to market/advertise the prize. This isn’t a site simply to get a chance to win, but to develop marketing and advertise products.

Folks, there is nothing for free and you are participating in a marketing program here, giving your option, offering information on yourself (for their database which they share), and potentially writing reviews for them. We’re also not sure on how much they apply demographics to each prize chance so you might go through quite a few to qualify.

This site gets a thumbs down mostly because of the odds (or lack thereof) of winning at the same time it is free and there may be a chance you win that prize.

  1. Don’t trust my offers! You’ll never receive anything to test! And don’t fall for the secure website. It might have a secure site, with reviews giving perfect scores, but you won’t get anything.

  2. utter scam to batter you with spam and emails sell your details to anyone in world that wants them – FACT

  3. MyOffers is a fantastic site, I won a MacBook Pro with Touch bar just before Christmas and received it just over a week later.

  4. This company likes to violate private emails without consent and permission sending junk adverts to your private email this is a violation of privacy law

  5. I keep getting a message from my offers. When I try and get in touch with you, I can’t get to talk to anyone just had a text to test and keep review a 55″4 curve Tv but what do I do now


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