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IQLotto Exposed — Might Not Be a Smart Place to Play!

IQLotto Review

If you’re wondering why looks familiar, read on. It’s another online lottery provider powered by LottoYard and managed by Y&M Hans Management Ltd. out of Cyprus. That includes and plus a few other sites that auto link back to So, is there anything different on this site?

Games at

IQ Lotto offers twelve international lotteries online. For first time players, there is a 100% welcome bonus. This must be something they’ve just added as the only information in the terms and conditions is a free play in a lottery pool. Players can play some of the lotteries offered, like EuroMillions, for one draw for one ticket. Keep an eye on your order as several of the lotteries simply add an additional ticket with a minimum purchase of two ticket lines. Players also get a free Mega Millions pool/group ticket free. There is no information on how many people share this.

Multi-Draw versus Subscription

Usually, when players can choose to play multiple games or take out a subscription, multiple draws are for a fixed amount of games versus subscription, which automatically renews even if it is for a fixed period of time. We couldn’t find anything in the terms and conditions of that confirmed this and it looks like both automatically renew. Players do get graded discounts, meaning them more games you commit to, the greater the discount.

Syndicates/Group Play at IQLotto

Each of the lotteries offered at IQ Lotto has a group play button with 50 ticket lines shared between 150 shares. There is no information on how they choose the ticket lines. There are also six combination plays, including “American Group”, “Euro Group” and “Jackpot Hunter”. Usually, there is more information on this kind of thing, but when you click on the buy tickets, it simply auto adds it to your order. The only information available on these games is if click the “i” and then it only says the games and shares. In most cases, this means a minimum of 4 draws. Promotions/Bonuses

The only thing different about their loyalty/VIP Club is that the thresholds are higher than their other sites (well last time we looked). The cashback bonus element can only be used to get more tickets. The more you spend, the harder it is to climb up the VIP ladder. There is also the “Tell a Friend” which simply means you are added to a lottery pool which they choose.

Your Money at IQ Lotto

There is no specific information on whether they take any of your money except in the terms and conditions where they do say

“the amount paid by the Operator less any handling charges, fees and/or commissions, including charges, fees, and commissions to be paid to the Company”.

That’s vague enough for me to start wondering what their commission rate is. They say where possible, they will collect your winnings for you, at the same time they also say you might have to do it yourself.

Talking to

Y&M Han Management Ltd has a snail mail address in Cyprus open Sunday to Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (GMT). There are the UK and a Russian phone number, but one of them says it is not available right now and the other says it’s not in use. There is no online form, but an email address and an annoying “leave a message” button on each of the pages. I’m not sure if this is to infer that there might be live chat – there isn’t.

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The Bottom Line

The phone thing is enough for our team to say forget. The cloned nature of the site was strike two. The lack of information on commissions was strike three for!


Group Play on All Lotteries

Twelve International Lotteries


Lousy Ratio for Group Play

What’s the Commission?

No Working Telephone numbers

This site gets a thumbs down. If you are playing online lotteries here, please do get in touch as we’d like real-time information. None of our team would touch it.

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