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Free Postcode Lottery Exposed — 100% Free Daily Prize Draw

Free Postcode Lottery Review

If you’ve got the time and live in the UK, ( currently) might provide a bit of entertainment each day and it’s free. This isn’t a game that is going to make you rich with the average jackpot around £210 shared by anyone with that specific post code. There are other prizes associated with referrals and product advertisements – more about that shortly, but for now, let’s look at the game itself.

How does the Game work at

It doesn’t get much more straightforward. We have reviewed a similar service already. Players register their email address and postcode. Each day a draw takes place from the postcodes registered. There is a winner every day. The catch is, players have 24 hours to claim their prize and that means popping into the site once a day to check to see if you’ve won the £70. If the prize is unclaimed, the pot grows each day by the same amount until it’s won.

Free Postcode Lottery and Winning

Players simply click on “Collect” and their winnings are sent to their email address using the PayPal system. But remember, you have to click on Collect during the 24 hour period after the draw otherwise – you don’t get any winnings.

How Do They Do?

Chris Holbrook set up and owns the site. He generates advertisers that fund the game plus other mini-jackpots and chances at prizes. Players have to visit the site every day and it’s almost impossible not to stop and read a few of the ads. I admit – I followed up on one. Chris is very upfront that any revenue left over from paying out prizes, he keeps.

Free Postcode Lottery’s Site

The site itself is very noisy, filled with social media (twitter comments), testimonials and yes of course – advertisements. Even the charities listed there are only for advertising purposes. The good news is the place to sign in to check your postcode is at the top, so the choice is yours on how much time you want to spend checking the rest of the site out.

Customer Service and

All the rules and other info on how this site operates are at the very bottom of the page. Click on Contact Us and finally, a menu bar comes up. The only contact details for Free Postcode Lottery is an online form. There is no snail mail, no online chat, no email address or phone number. Then again, this is a free service that actually looks like it doesn’t flood your inbox with spam.

What’s with the “Website of the Year”?

Listed on Chris’ site is an announcement that his site won the 2014 website of the year in the category of communities. This is for “the website with the highest average score on content, navigation, design and recommendation intention”. Though the awards are only for UK web sites, the company that runs it is based in the Netherlands. They give two awards in each category, one being the most popular vote and the other technical (which is what won).

The Bottom Line

This isn’t a game that is going to get you rich at the same time, it does payout daily and doesn’t cost anything to play. It could get a little tedious popping in daily to check out the winning postcode and it would get annoying to miss one day and there’s your postcode.






Must have a UK Postcode

Small jackpots

Must have a UK Postcode

Not being a resident in the UK hence no postcode to use, we didn’t get too deep into checking out what actually happens when players are in and out of the site. If you play here, we’d love to hear from you. Not the blather on’s site, but your direct comments here!

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