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Pick My Postcode Exposed — A Real Free Lottery That’s Not Too Good to Be True?

Pick My Postcode Exposed

Pick My Postcode Review

How would you like to pay nothing and get a chance to win money? That’s what Pick My Postcode lotto offers to its members. The suggestion seems too good to be true, and we’re here to investigate if it’s possible to participate in a free lottery without a hidden catch.

We’re already familiar with Pick My Postcode. Pick My Postcode used to be called Free Postcode Lottery. Our original review attracted many comments about the lottery, some of them negative. People complained about the thing is a complete scam, somebody else picking awards that they’d won and the whole thing is a time waste.

So what exactly has changed through the rebranding and the introduction of Pick My Postcode? Are the Pick My Postcode reviews as unfavorable as those for its predecessor? So many questions, so little time! Let’s get started with the essentials right now.

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Pick My Postcode Lottery: Introduction

The history of Pick My Postcode started in 2007 when the idea of a free lottery was born. Initially, however, the game was called the Free Postcode Lottery.

The premise was quite simple – register your email, and your postcode and a daily drawing takes place from all of the registered postcodes. In the beginning, there was a simple catch – players had 24 hours to claim their prize.

So, how is Pick My Postcode different from its predecessor?

You can join in the web-based version or the Pick My Postcode App. The opportunity is open to everyone in the UK. You will once again have to enter your email and your postcode. So more or less, the Pick My Postcode free lottery is a rebranding and not a whole new opportunity.

Is Pick My Postcode a Scam and Can You Play It Online?

While some people are unhappy with the free lottery and what it has to offer, Pick My Postcode is not a scam. The project has a lengthy history, and it has even managed to attract some investors over the year.

Nothing is misleading, manipulative, or fraudulent about Pick My Postcode. The rules and everything else about becoming a member are provided upfront.

If you need some more information about this opportunity, do check out the Pick My Postcode lottery Facebook page. It has a pretty large community, and there are dozens of reviews you can go through to see what luck people have had with this one.

As far as playing Pick My Postcode online, this is the only way to participate in the lottery. More about signing up online will be featured in the next sections of this guide.

How to Play Pick My Postcode Free Lottery?

Pick My Postcode is much more of a raffle than an actual lottery game. In this sense, participating is pretty straightforward, and there aren’t that many complicated rules to follow.

To create a Pick My Postcode login, you’ll have to enter your email address and your postcode. For a chance to participate, you have to be in the UK and aged 18 or older.

In the event of a postcode being entered by more than one player (a distinct possibility, of course), any potential reward will be split among all of the individuals that share the same postcode.

You may be wondering about the catch. After all, nothing in life is provided for free, right? So, how does the Pick My Postcode lottery exist without asking for payments from its members? The answer is simple – through ads.

When you log in to the portal, or you use the mobile app, you will have to endure all of the marketing messages that finance the opportunity.

There are also surveys and offers on the website. People who have reviewed the opportunity claim these offers are not worth paying attention to. This is up to you, however. You may have some of the promotional material beneficial.

The daily total prize pot is announced on the website, and you have somewhat of an idea about the sum you could potentially win. Apart from the main drawing, there’s also a video draw, a survey draw, a stackpot, and a bonus draw. These additional opportunities come with smaller rewards, and all of the sums are announced on the website.

Keep in mind that you may have to meet certain conditions to participate in the additional drawings. For example, to be considered for the survey draw, you’ll have to take part in a sponsored survey through the website.

Pick My Postcode Prizes and Odds

Prizes will vary significantly from one drawing to another. Pick My Postcode winners, however, should not anticipate a massive reward. This is a relatively small opportunity that pays out a modest amount. The sums you could win through the additional drawings are even lower than the prize for the main daily one.

The most significant sum that’s been won in the history of Pick My Postcode is 2,526 pounds. Since the launch of the lotto, it has paid out over 1.09 million pounds in the form of prizes (according to the official presentation).

Keep in mind, however, that winners need to act fast to claim the amount that they’re entitled to.

Winners should have visited the website over the last seven days to be eligible for a particular prize. Also, they have to claim on the day their postcode gets picked. If not, the amount they won would be rolled over towards the next drawing. The most significant sum that went unclaimed in the history of Pick My Postcode is 2,100 pounds.

Pick My Postcode results are made available via the online platform. If you’re wondering what the Pick My Postcode how to claim procedure is, visit the website’s FAQ question. In essence, if you win, a claim button will become activated in your profile. If you visit the site or the app after the prize expires, the button will disappear, and you’ll have no chance to claim.

Can You Play Pick My Postcode Online?

This is the only way to play Pick My Postcode.

The Pick My Postcode free lottery is not an actual physical lotto that’s being sold in the real world. You will either have to visit the dedicated website or the app to secure your participation in the daily drawings.

You need to have a postcode in the UK to register. This is a critical condition, and you can’t just fake it. In the event of suspicions about your location, the Pick My Postcode lotto team may ask for address verification.

If you find yourself incapable of verifying your address, you will not be paid out the amount you won, and your membership with the platform will be terminated.

Some Information for Pick My Postcode Winners

Pick My Postcode winners to have to act really, really, really fast after the daily drawings take place.

The short timeframe for claiming a prize applies to both the main drawing and the additional bonus reward opportunities.

To collect, you have to visit the website before the “collect” button in your profile expires. The proportion you get out of the prize pot depends on the number of other people who have registered that very same winning postcode.

The only exception is Stackpot drawing. That one hands out awards on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, if you’re late, the chances are that people living nearby beat you to claiming the amount that had accumulated.

Once you have securely claimed your reward in time, you can choose to withdraw the funds via PayPal. Unfortunately, this is the only money withdrawal method that the Pick My Postcode lottery has made available.

If you don’t like PayPal and you don’t want to register for an account, you can ask the lottery team to “payout” your prize in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Why You Should Play Pick My Postcode


This is one of the few legitimate free lotteries out there

Anyone can register, as long as they have a UK address and are over the age of 18

You practically don’t need to do anything to play – your postcodes automatically included in the daily drawing

There are additional drawings for smaller daily prizes

Players can claim their awards and withdraw the money via PayPal

Rewards can also be claimed in the form of Amazon gift cards

Both the main and the bonus drawings take place daily

On the downside, Pick My Postcode misses the mark in the following ways:

Why You Shouldn’t Play Pick My Postcode


You need to have an actual UK address to participate in the lottery

You have to endure the ads and the special offers to have this free lottery experience

The prizes are not that spectacular

Players have a single day to make a prize claim; otherwise, their award will expire

There’s no way to boost your chances of success – each player is entitled to just one entry

Would you mind rating Pick My Postcode?

Is Pick My Postcode Legit?

Pick My Postcode lottery is nothing to write home about if you’re looking for the international games of luck that provide the biggest jackpots out there.

It will appeal mostly to people who are looking to test their luck without investing money in the opportunity. Anyone who wants to have a bit of fun and doesn’t mind being exposed to ads will benefit from giving this free lottery a try.

Do you have any experience with the Pick My Postcode lottery? Love it? Hate it? Don’t hesitate to share your criticism or praise with us and the rest of the Lotto Exposed community in the comments below.

  1. I’ve been a member of Pick My Postcode for about 7 years, I have a nice bonus there for when it’s my lucky day and I win on a draw to get paid the winnings + bonus I’ve earned too.

    I know PMP is genuine and legit, I have a few friends whose postcode was drawn and they got paid what they won with no issues, it was simple, quick, and easy.

    For me there are no cons at all it’s totally free, you check the site daily and view the diff draws and see what offers there are to earn £ that’s added to my bonus.

    It’s not too much to ask, a minute or two a day to see if your postcode was picked.

    Your data is safe and secure too and there’s minimal personal info required. Just if u complete 3rd party surveys via the site u enter what you need there.

    Keeping the ‘lucky’ fingers crossed 😉

    The Boz

  2. Amazing website! Absolutely free 🙂

  3. I had a bonus of over £24 now it’s shrunk to 24p l think it’s fake

    • Never had a problem and my bonus is over £77! The admin team is always so helpful when I have any questions… Have you contacted them about it?


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