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December 3rd 1997
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Days of Draw:
Tues, Thurs, Sat
Average ticket price:
€1 for two tries
Odds of Winning:
1 in 622.6
Numbers to choose:
Jackpot Record:
€177,7 Million (2010)
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SuperEnaLotto Exposed — Italian Super Lottery!

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SuperEnalotto – Welcome to Italy!

Do you read Italian? If yes, you can read the information on the SuperEnaLotto official website. I don’t, so I was really happy when I found SuperEnalotto’s site in English. I wanted to take a look at this lottery more in depth as I kept seeing it pop up as an option on various online lottery provider sites. I kept seeing the big numbers and wanted to know more about them. So what did I find out?

How Does SuperEnalotto Work

SuperEnalotto is a lottery that involves choosing six numbers from 1 to 90 for each ticket line. A minimum ticket is two lines (so two chances) at a cost of €1 over the counter at retailers in Italy. Various online lottery retailers also offer SuperEnalotto though charge varying fees and/or percentages.

Their draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with seven numbers being picked through the ‘lotomatica’ – six regular and one ‘jolly’ number. The ‘jolly’ number is like a wild card and is drawn from the original 1 to 90. It combines with the other numbers in various combinations for the second prize and other smaller prizes.

If no one wins the jackpot at SuperEnalotto, it is rolled over to the next draw. Yes, that means it continues to grow getting bigger and bigger until it is won.

Add a SuperStar to Your Regular Six numbers

A second machine is used to select a separate ball called the ‘SuperStar’ from numbers 1 to 90. This is an add on cost item to the regular ticket line you can opt for. If your Superstar number is drawn in the SuperEnalotto draw, you win a prize and/or it will multiply an existing prize. As it has the same numbers as the regular ticket, there can be duplications which actually wins bigger.

SuperEnalotto’s Integrated System

Okay, I admit it took me a bit to get my head around this one. SuperEnalotto allows you to pick more than the regular six numbers per line (yes this costs more). You can pick 7 or more (I think up to 17) numbers. All number combinations are entered as a ticket line. 7 numbers would cost the amount of 7 ticket lines. 8 numbers would cost 28 ticket lines. SuperEnalotto calls this the ‘Integrated System’ and claims it is particularly popular with syndicates.

How Much Will I Win at SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto is a big lottery with a jackpot that grows until it is won. I gotta admit though with the range of numbers, the odds are 1 in 622 million of being a winner. Each prize at SuperEnalotto wins a shared percentage of the jackpot. Not that one big number advertised.

Numbers MatchedOdds of WinningEstimated Prize Fund
6 Numbers (Jackpot)1 in 622,614,63020%
5 Numbers + Jolly Ball1 in 103,769,10520%
5 Numbers1 in 1,250,23015%
4 Numbers1 in 11,90715%
3 Numbers1 in 32730%

Money, Money, Money at SuperEnalotto

The SuperEnalotto’s jackpot is worked out based on 35% of sales with about 55% going to the Government. That still leaves a heap of money to be won with the largest jackpot being shared so far at €177 million.

Playing SuperEnalotto Online

SuperEnalotto’s home site links directly to an online ‘concierge’ service called thelotter.com which charges fees for facilitating purchasing your ticket from where ever you are in the world. A variety of other sites also provide the ability to purchase SuperEnalotto’s lottery tickets online though it is important to check them out thoroughly before hitting ‘play’. Not only do different companies charge different fees and/or percentages but security over your personal and account details can vary.

What Else Do They Offer

On the last Wednesday of each month SuperEnalotto runs a lottery game called Si Vince Tutto that has a definite twist. I like this one. Jackpots don’t roll over but roll down! So if the jackpot isn’t won, then that money in percentages is divided up into the other prizes. If the second prize is not won, then this is also divided up into the other prizes. The full shared jackpot is paid out from that specific draw. This means there is a good chance of winning a lot more than average on matching only 3 numbers compared to other lotteries. The downside is that because the jackpot isn’t rolled, it never grows. Yes you can play this one online!

What Else Could You Want at SuperEnaLotto

Customer support doesn’t exist but their website is pretty self-explanatory once you get your head around all the percentages that are bantered around. They have a page of ‘Statistics’ that provides information on the frequency that numbers have been drawn, commonest numbers, most overdue and least picked.

SuperEnalotto.com also offers all information in 8 languages: Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Chinese, and yes, English. Their site at SuperEnalotto.net is only in Italian.

The Bottom Line at SuperEnalotto

This is a lottery that offers big prizes. SuperEnalotto is an officially run lottery operated by the Italian government. Okay, given the current economic situation in Europe that could make a person a little uneasy, but there haven’t been any complaints from anyone that they were unable to get their money.


Official lottery that is well-regulated

Interesting options on playing

Love the idea of Si Vince Tutto tickets

Three weekly draws


Odds are the worse compared to other big lotteries

Large percentage goes to the state versus the jackpot

Limiting your ticket lines using their Integrated System

Just remember if you are going to play SuperEnalotto online, be careful who you chose. Though SuperEnalotto has been around since the 1950’s other online lottery providers have not!

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