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Exposing Online Lotteries — The World is Full of Crooks!

Lotto Exposed

Online lotto agents are popping up all over the Internet and all seem to offer the best deals in the market. As experts in the online lottery field, mission is to help you distinguish who is trustworthy and who is a scam.

Due to naivety and lack of hindsight, some players are quick to open an account with the first lottery service they come across online thereby exposing them to scamming. Welcome to reality, folks!
Online lottery is a risky business, and people do waste loads of money on fake tickets. However, simply because a player didn’t win, wasn’t careful enough to read the Terms of Service or forgot to un-click a checkbox, does not mean the lotto agent is a scam.

We stand for fair play, honesty and objectivity in our evaluations.

How Lotto Exposed Can Help You?

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There are many overly aggressive tactics and nasty tricks lotto agents employ nowadays. Almost on a daily basis, we receive complaints about unknown charges, annoying calls, unresponsive support or fake winning alerts.

We are here to serve the interests of lottery players, including their safety and vulnerability to scamming. Regulation is not doing enough to stop scam and that’s why Lotto Exposed has scaled up its detailed reviews to cover all the lottery services available on the Internet as well as provide unbiased, accurate information on the biggest lottery draws a player could possibly interact with. Our professional team tests and reviews most of the lottery software industry offers today.

We research and investigate each lottery service by reading the fine print on the Terms & Conditions, surfing the Internet for lottery complaints and bringing the eye-opening facts to you. We invite you to read and where necessary leave comments on our reviews, join our forums, and submit your complaints.

Together we can make the lottery a safe place to win and dream big!

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