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Online lotto sites are popping up all over the Internet and all seem to offer the best deals in the market. As experts in the online lottery field, mission is to help you distinguish who is trustworthy and who is a scam.

Online lottery is a risky business, and people do waste loads of money on fake tickets. However, simply because a player didn’t win, wasn’t careful enough to read the Terms of Service or forgot to un-click a checkbox, does not mean the lotto provider is a scam.

We stand for fair play, honesty and objectivity in our evaluations.

How Lotto Exposed Can Help You?

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There are many overly aggressive tactics and nasty tricks lotto websites employ nowadays. Almost on a daily basis, we receive complaints about unknown charges, annoying calls, unresponsive support or fake winning alerts.

We are here to serve the interests of lottery players, including their safety and vulnerability to scamming. Regulation is not doing enough to stop scam and that’s why Lotto Exposed has scaled up its detailed reviews to cover all the lottery ticket sellers available on the Internet as well as provide unbiased, accurate information on the biggest lottery draws a player could possibly interact with.

We research and investigate each lottery service by reading the fine print on the Terms & Conditions, surfing the Internet for lottery complaints and bringing the eye-opening facts to you.

Together we can make the lottery a safe place to win and dream big!
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It Could Have Been Anyone, But It Was Mavis Wanczyk

Mavis Wanczyk

If you haven’t heard the name of Mavis L. Wanczyk lately, you’re either living under a rock or you have no interest in lotteries whatsoever. The former hospital worker claimed a massive US Powerball jackpot in late August 2017 – she quickly became 758.7 million dollars richer (well, not exactly, but we’ll tell you a bit more about the calculations…

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Lucky Links Exposed — Are You That Lucky?

Lucky Links Exposed

Lucky Links Review The new baby in the portfolio of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation, Lucky Links is quickly gaining popularity. Perhaps it’s the relatively innovative format of the game, perhaps the odds have something to do with it… Whatever the reason, this lottery is definitely worth trying if you live in the state or plan a trip to it in…

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LotteryBankOnline Exposed — Are You Going to “Load Some Luck”?

LotteryBankOnline Exposed

LotteryBankOnline Review Clicking around online lottery provider, each time you change the menu it has a ‘wait message’ of “Loading Some Luck”. At first I thought this was nice, but after a while it got darn right annoying, especially when some of the pages kept timing out. Lottery Bank is an online lottery provider for some US and Colorado…

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Polla Loto Exposed — The Ultimate Bonus and Multipliers Lottery

Polla Loto Exposed

Polla Loto Review Polla Chilena Loto is probably the most popular game in the country. While Chile does have a nice set of lotteries, this one has been around for decades and it has produced numerous millionaires through the years. Playing Chile’s Polla Loto is far from difficult, but you’ll still have to keep a couple of basic rules in…

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Pambazuka 6/49 Exposed — The New Kid on the Block

Pambazuka 6/49 Exposed

Pambazuka 6/49 Review Have you tried all lotteries out there? Already feeling bored and looking for something new? Look no further than Pambazuka National Lottery. With a name like that, the game should probably offer some explosive prizes. We’re about to find out together if this is the case. Pambazuka 6/49: Introduction Pambazuka 6/49 is a brand new lottery in…

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Are All Online Lottery Sites a Scam?

Lotto ExposedThat’s the million dollar question! While most lottery sites are legit, there are some crooks out there. Lotto Exposed has one recommendation for you – stick to Approved Lottery Websites and you’ll eliminate the risk of getting scammed.There are regions in the world that have specific legislation in place for the purpose of regulating the activity of lottery operators. If you suspect fraud or shady activities, you can report to Econsumer, the US Government or Action Fraud.