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Exposed by Nick Silver on Tue, 07/22/2014

Withdraw Your Winnings – An Overview You might think it’s easy – you sign up, you play, you win and now you want your winnings with you in hard cash. True, and we all want that, but like I said earlier, it isn’t easy because there are certain rules and regulations that you must adhere to if you want your – Read more » Post Thumbnail


Exposed by Robert J. Cook on Sun, 07/20/2014

The Kicker at Oregon’s Megabucks Lottery Oregon’s Megabucks Lottery is a lovely mid range jackpot with lots of ways to win. It doesn’t grow in leaps and bounds like some of the mega jackpots, but it is an official lottery run with very clear rules and regulations. The Kicker isn’t just a punch line, but can multiply your prize four – Read more » Post Thumbnail


Exposed by Nick Silver on Thu, 07/17/2014

Online Lottery Bonuses for Those Who Love a Little Extra! Have you always loved a little extra? Of course apart from the weight (!), everyone loves extra stuff so here we are with fantastic news for lottery lovers! How many of you have actively been searching for online lottery bonuses, welcome bonuses or first deposit bonuses, but have failed to – Read more » Post Thumbnail


Exposed by Evette Champion on Tue, 07/15/2014

OMG! $1.25 Million… Straight to the Garbage! Maybe you’ve heard the news about a Pennsylvania man who threw away $1.25 million worth of lottery tickets in the garbage. If not, let me enlighten you. This guy, we’ll call him Pissed Pete, goes to the usual spot to get lottery tickets, Zhou Grocery on South Queen Street in York, Penn. He – Read more » Post Thumbnail


Exposed by Nick Silver on Sun, 07/13/2014

Amateur Hour at Serious folks, in this day and age, you would think any online lottery provider would take the time to make sure their site worked. had my eyes rolling. It simply doesn’t work. It looks pretty professional when arriving but then falls flat. They claim they offer to all kinds of international lotteries, but every single – Read more »

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