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  1. I’ve had my account for more years than I can remember.
    My account stands at 14 quid total winnings in all that time.
    Although I get my reward points and can buy more tickets I’ve realised that everyone else is doing the same and being allocated tickets for none subscribed syndicates, i e someone else’s so think about it. There is 80 people to a syndicate plus probably hundreds or thousands with bonus points jumping on yours every week.
    I think it’s time to move on.
    When was the last time you saw actual lottery big winners published if ever?

  2. I have been with wishful for a while now I loved it when I could guess the number of marbles in a jar I won a laptop great since the virus can no longer do this Sad

  3. 16 pounds have been taken out of my account without your permission. I want my money back immediately.

  4. Seems to be the best value out of all the other UK based lottery syndicates, especially if you go for the Gold package. I like the choice of lotteries and the ability to buy additional tickets for big rollover jackpots (especially using my loyalty points which means I get them for free). I hope they bring back Powerball next time that climbs above £500 million jackpot.

  5. Really happy! I think Wshful is a hidden gem! You get so many chances for three different lotteries which creates a lot of excitement when checking your results. This is the best syndicate service I’ve found and I’m especially happy it’s a UK based company.

  6. So far I am pleased with what I get from Wshful. As others mention, you get a lot of lottery lines for each draw which makes it really entertaining, and the cost is really affordable too. I’ve not yet had any winnings of significance, but the loyalty rewards offered go some way to compensating for this. If you regularly play the lottery this is definitely worth a look.

  7. What a bloody con please do not use this site it is a scam

  8. There is a lot to like about Wishful. A good mix of lotteries and prizes, and it is really cheap

  9. I don’t normally do reviews, but after reading the error in the review below I thought I should add something here given my experience of Wshful so far has been pretty good, and whilst the value they offer isn’t amazing, it is at least fair.

    The £1.59 ticket value is completely wrong, as the reviewer has only mentioned Euro Millions. As each ticket costs £2.5 and you get 8×5 that is 40 x £2.5 which is £100. The value of Mega Millions tickets is a tricky one, as they are hard to come by in the UK. But competitor sites generally sell them for around £3.5 (for a real ticket, not a bet) so if you use that as a benchmark that brings the ticket value closer to £4 for each syndicate.

    I guess you pay a premium for the benefit of being in a syndicate, which I am happy to do. There is also the rewards rpogram which is definitely more generous than other gambling sites I’ve used, so all in all this seems about fair to me.

  10. It’s only now I’ve done the maths I’ve realised how scammy it is. The promotional offer costing £8 gets you £140 worth of tickets shared among 88 people. So essentially I’ve paid £8 for something worth £1.59. That’s a ridiculous margin – and this is the new customer offer. The regular price has an even bigger margin! Avoid!

  11. Joined a couple of weeks ago after reading about them, won 14p so far, am happy with that, this is a syndicate, limited to 88 people at a time, so potential is big if you hit a jackpot, small gains otherwise, its not a get rich quick surefire winner. Anyone with any sense will read up properly before joining so they know what they are doing and what the return could be …. its called gambling.

  12. Recently joined through a special half-price promotion and am really impressed. Lots of lottery lines and draws, as well as some great weekly prizes.

  13. Having 3 great jackpots really appealed to me and so far i am enjoying playing at wshful.

  14. Enjoyed playing here. A bit different to other sites, offering you loads of lines as well as some nice loyalty system points that you can use to get extra lines. Easy to use as well, and pricing was clear, much cheaper than some other syndicate sites I’ve used.

  15. No good! Took money before I am going to update my bank details. I meant to cancel but they still took away my money!

  16. TERRIBLE odds. Awful.

    £4 buys a share of 20 lines, so around 10 times the chance of winning. However, 10 times the chance of winning 1/88th of a prize, not 1/10th. Now, I know they have overheads, but come on… that’s ridiculous!!

    • The math is not as simple as you’ve put it here mate. You’ve gotta do proper statistical and probability analysis, taking into account all important factors such as how the probability of winning increases as the number of lines increases (syndicate versus individual), as well as the expected return attached to those bets. It’s not a simple concept of the cost of tickets in a syndicate versus doing it alone. Probability factors have significant. You can play the lottery individually until you die without winning anything and yet play through a syndicate and occasionally win small amounts that can change your life. It’s not as simple as you’ve depicted here mate.

  17. This seems like a great way to play the lottery. Easy to use site that feels like good value for money.

  18. Nice and easy site to use. Feels like good value too. Definitely one of the best sites for lotto out there.

  19. I love it! As others have said, you get lots of chances for each and every draw for euromillions, powerball and mega millions. I’m on the silver package and it feels like great value, especially when you factor in the nice loyalty offers that you get each week. I’ve not seen any decent rewards from any other lottery sites I’ve used in the past, so going to stick with Wshful for now.

    • Glad to hear you are enjoying the Silver Syndicate Subscription. Just like to know how long have you been in this Syndicate. Any winnings so far?
      Me too have just joined the Silver Syndicate a month ago. So far only had some mini winnings. But more Reward play more Lottery Lines.
      Hope this encourages others to Join Us playing in these Syndicates with
      Thanks for reading

  20. Seems good so far. Saw it in the daily mirror with a nice welcome offer. I like the concept and the loyalty bonuses are the best I’ve seen from any lottery site. Just got to see if my syndicate has any luck.

  21. Joined for the Euromillions superdraw and pleased with what I’ve seen so far. Good mix of lotteries where you get a lot of lines each draw, and relatively cheap. Am I missing something?

  22. For a weekly subscription of £4 I get a huge number of chances to win compared to the £2.50 a single line on the Euro Millions costs.

    A couple of the reviewers don’t seem to get that it’s a subscription service and a syndicate, not sure why as it’s pretty clear! My share will be low percentage wise but the size of the jackpots more than makes up for that – both Mega Millions and Powerball usually have jackpots over £200 million, so I’d still be a millionaire if I won. I’d take that!

  23. Absolutely terrible site such a big con. Can’t even cancel. Looks like a 1 man operation working from home in Ealing

  24. What’s the point, if all you get is a penny from your winnings. This Information is not available on their website if I knew I would not have wasted my money.

    For example in one of the games my winnings was supposed to be £4.40 but I received £0.05, this has been going on for awhile, I sent them an email to ask why my winnings was so small, no response, I decided to call them, I was told my winnings was shared equally with everyone else in the game, so I asked if their winnings will also be shared with me, but the man on the phone avoided the question and told me to visit their website.

    Just as the name “Wshful”, you can only wish, don’t expect to get any real money even if you win.

    I’ve cancelked my subscription and will be more careful in the future.

    • It’s a syndicate! When one line wins, each of the 88 participants receives 1/88th of the total, hence 5p from £4.40 (1/88th). Equally, you are 88 times more likely to win than playing on your own.

  25. I’m not happy your company taken £12 out me acct without my permission my bank tried to claim it back but u still taken it I want it back

  26. I’ve used Wshful for a few months now and love the number of chances I get to win. It’s also very easy, no messing around picking your numbers for each draw, it’s all automated which is great for someone like me.

    I’ve always enjoyed being part of a syndicate but couldn’t find any trustworthy sites until now. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a company located in the UK rather than some offshore tax haven…..


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Wshful Exposed — Will You Be Wishful for Winning?

Wshful Review

What do you think “wshful” would stand for? I’m guessing wishful re thinking about winning a lottery syndicate. Looking at, I think you’re going to have to wishful to actually win anything. This is an online lottery provider that deals only in syndicates and only in two lotteries. Well, theoretically, they add a third one in their referral program but that’s it. More importantly, it all comes down to the numbers and though I’m not a mathematician, these numbers are not adding up for me.

Games at

Wshful offers three levels of syndicates for two lotteries – EuroMillions and Mega Millions. Their Basic $5 a week buys players into 5 EuroMillions and 5 Mega Millions tickets a week. Each syndicate/draw has 88 shares. The next level is the Standard for $12 per week for 15 tickets times 2 lotteries twice a week again shared between 88 shares. We’re still looking at 15 tickets by 88 shares for each draw. The top level is Premium with $20 a week for 30 tickets per lottery for 2 weekly draws. We’re still talking only 30 tickets to 88 shares for each draw. There is no information on how they choose the actual ticket numbers.

Why Do You Play Syndicates?

The whole point of playing in a syndicate is to maximize tickets to shares. The good syndicates definitely have more tickets than shares. This one doesn’t even come close. The minimum buy in here is for 4 weeks. It seems fairly simple to opt out though you can’t officially until you finish that specific 4 week subscription.

Added Value Wshful Points

Players earn 6 wshful points when they first subscribe. Each referral that registers earns players 1 point and each that subscribes earns players 10 points. For each 10 points a player accumulates, this is good for 5 bonus lottery lines for US Powerball for 5 weeks. It looks like that is one ticket per week (even though we know Powerball is played twice a week). Get to 100 points and you get a year’s worth of bonus lottery lines.

Wshful Getting Your Winnings

If a players’ winnings are below £50,000, LotteryTech will collect the winnings and then transfer the money to your account. If the winnings are over £50,000, Cloud Canyon Ltd. collects the prizes and then shares it with all of the syndicate. says there are no administration charges unless the prize is less than £3.

Who Is

You did note the two different companies. is owned by Cloud Canyon Ltd. They purchase the tickets through LotteryTech. Cloud Canyon Ltd. is registered in England and Wales with a snail mail address in London. There is also an email address and phone number. Customer service is available 9:00 am to 17:00 pm GMT Monday to Friday. says allow for 48 hours for any response.

Wshful and Who Can Play

Players must be 18 years or older (or the legal age to play where they reside) and can be from anywhere except the United States. One of the hilarious things is that in their terms and conditions, says you can particularly play from Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and South Africa.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

Syndicates are a great way to increase a player’s odds of winning but most good syndicates have more tickets than shares. This one doesn’t come close. Players are going to be wishful thinking about winning.


No Administration Charges on Winning

Almost Anyone Can Play

Bonus Referral Program


Ratio of Tickets versus Shares for Syndicates

Only 2 Lotteries

Bonus Referral Program gets a thumb’s down. Shop around for good syndicates and make sure you do your math. It’s a great way to play lotteries when the numbers work!

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