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Wshful Exposed — Will You Be Wishful for Winning?

Wshful Exposed

Wshful Review

What do you think “wshful” would stand for? I’m guessing wshful thinking may be about winning a lottery syndicate. Looking at, I think you’re going to have to be wishful to actually win anything. This is an online lottery provider that deals only in syndicates and only in two lotteries. Well, theoretically, they add a third one in their referral program but that’s it. More importantly, it all comes down to the numbers and though I’m not a mathematician, these numbers are not adding up for me.

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Games at

Wshful offers three levels of syndicates for two lotteries – EuroMillions and Mega Millions. Their Basic $5 a week buys players into 5 EuroMillions and 5 Mega Millions tickets a week. Each syndicate/draw has 88 shares. The next level is the Standard of $12 per week for 15 tickets times 2 lotteries twice a week again shared between 88 shares. We’re still looking at 15 tickets by 88 shares for each draw. The top level is Premium with $20 a week for 30 tickets per lottery for 2 weekly draws. We’re still talking only 30 tickets to 88 shares for each draw. There is no information on how they choose the actual ticket numbers.

Why Do You Play Syndicates?

The whole point of playing in a syndicate is to maximize tickets to shares. The good syndicates definitely have more tickets than shares. This one doesn’t even come close. The minimum buy-in here is for 4 weeks. It seems fairly simple to opt out though you can’t officially until you finish that specific 4-week subscription.

Added Value Wshful Points

Players earn 6 wshful points when they first subscribe. Each referral that registers earns players 1 point and each that subscribes earns players 10 points. For every 10 points a player accumulates, this is good for 5 bonus lottery lines for US Powerball for 5 weeks. It looks like that is one ticket per week (even though we know Powerball is played twice a week). Get to 100 points and you get a year’s worth of bonus lottery lines.

Wshful Getting Your Winnings

If a player’s winnings are below £50,000, LotteryTech will collect the winnings and then transfer the money to your account. If the winnings are over £50,000, Cloud Canyon Ltd. collects the prizes and then shares them with all of the syndicate. says there are no administration charges unless the prize is less than £3.

Who Is

You did note the two different companies. is owned by Cloud Canyon Ltd. They purchase the tickets through LotteryTech. Cloud Canyon Ltd. is registered in England and Wales with a snail mail address in London. There is also an email address and phone number. Customer service is available from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm GMT Monday to Friday. says to allow for 48 hours for any response.

Wshful and Who Can Play

Players must be 18 years or older (or the legal age to play where they reside) and can be from anywhere except the United States. One of the hilarious things is that in their terms and conditions, says you can particularly play from Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Why You Should Register with Wshful


No Administration Charges on Winning

Almost Anyone Can Play

Bonus Referral Program

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Wshful


The ratio of Tickets versus Shares for Syndicates

Only 2 Lotteries

Bonus Referral Program

Would you mind rating

Is Wshful Legit?

Syndicates are a great way to increase a player’s odds of winning but most good syndicates have more tickets than shares. This one doesn’t come close. Players are going to be wishful thinking about winning. gets a thumbs-down. Shop around for good syndicates and make sure you do your math. It’s a great way to play lotteries when the numbers work!

  1. Joined a couple of weeks ago after reading about them, won 14p so far, am happy with that, this is a syndicate, limited to 88 people at a time, so potential is big if you hit a jackpot, small gains otherwise, its not a get rich quick surefire winner. Anyone with any sense will read up properly before joining so they know what they are doing and what the return could be …. its called gambling.

  2. Recently joined through a special half-price promotion and am really impressed. Lots of lottery lines and draws, as well as some great weekly prizes.

  3. Having 3 great jackpots really appealed to me and so far i am enjoying playing at wshful.

  4. Enjoyed playing here. A bit different to other sites, offering you loads of lines as well as some nice loyalty system points that you can use to get extra lines. Easy to use as well, and pricing was clear, much cheaper than some other syndicate sites I’ve used.

  5. No good! Took money before I am going to update my bank details. I meant to cancel but they still took away my money!


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