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Ulotto Exposed — You and Ulotto.com

Ulotto Review

If you’re wondering why ulotto.com might look a bit familiar, it’s the latest online lottery provider site offered by Y&M Hans Management Limited. This company out of Cyprus also operates Icelotto.com. So let’s go see what Ulotto.com has to offer.

Games at Ulotto.com

Ulotto.com offers eleven lotteries including US Powerball, Mega Millions & NY Lotto, EuroMillions & EuroJackpot, Canadian Lotto 6/49, Spanish La Primitiva, El Gordo & BonoLoto, Italian SuperEnalotto, and UK Lotto. Players can purchase straight ticket lines with discounts on subscriptions for 8 draws (15% off), 26 draws (22.5% off), 52 draws (25% off) to 100 draws (27.5% off). The team was impressed with the fact they used the number of draws versus a month or months. Oh – and you do get a scanned copy of your ticket into your account.

Ulotto’s Group Play

Players also have the option to join a group (syndicate) to play any of the lotteries offered. Players buy into 50 ticket lines per draw and up to 150 shares in the group. The only issue is there is no information on how many actual total shares are in the group. They say the subscription includes all bonus numbers, but there is no other information about how they choose the actual ticket lines.

Ulotto & Winning

Players can withdraw their winnings in a variety of ways including credit card, wire transfer, and cheque, but the mode is at Ulotto.com’s discretion. They do say they will try and accommodate your choice. Money is paid out in either US Dollars or Euros and any funds that have to be exchanged are done at the rate according to the Royal Bank of Scotland fewer fees and costs that occur.

Winning over 500,000 Dollars or Euros

Ulotto.com does take 10% of your winnings if the amount is over 500,000 whether it is dollars or Euros. This is for support in receiving the winnings. On one hand that’s fair if they deal with all the legalese and processing from collecting the money from another country. On the other hand, how difficult could it be?

Ulotto.com’s VIP Club

The other thing that Ulotto.com offers is discounts for players who play a lot. Each dollar spent earns 1 VIP point. Bronze is from 400-899 points with a 3% discount. Silver is up to 1999 points with a 3% bonus money back plus a 5% discount on each purchase. Gold is up to 3999 with a 5% bonus money back and a 10% discount. Platinum is over 4000 points with a 10% bonus money back plus 12% discount. There is no information on whether there is a time frame this must be completed in or whether this is over and above the discounts offered for multiple draws. The other issue is the team could not agree whether they’d like to know overall how much they are spending on lottery tickets.

Ulotto Customer Service

Though there is nothing said about it, it looks like Ulotto.com offers an online chat. In the bottom right hand of the site, there is a “Leave a Message” tab. They also offer UK & Bahrain (okay, that’s weird) telephone numbers, email address and snail mail address in Cyprus.

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The Bottom Line at Ulotto.com

These guys look for real and have been in the business for a while. I do have a few problems with their terms and conditions though that’s more nitpicking than a real issue with their being in business. I also couldn’t get my head around all the different discounts offered and they don’t explain that well on their site.


Discounts Galore

Most of the Big Lotteries

Single & Group Play


10% Commission on Mega Wins

How Many in the Group Play

Calculating the Discounts

These guys get a thumbs up though it wouldn’t be our team’s first choice to go play. I don’t think 10% of anything over $/€ 500,000 is a fair amount for processing my winnings. We also figure they need to make more info on their syndicates (okay, they say group) available before registering!

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