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Scottish Childrens Lottery Exposed — Helping Children and Winning

ScottishChildrensLottery Exposed

Scottish Children’s Lottery Review

Are you looking for a regular raffle to play, plus live in Great Britain? The Scottish Children’s Lottery is an interesting combination of winning prizes and helping several charities. 30% of each lottery ticket goes directly to one of the charities this lottery supports.

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The Game at

Players select their favorite five numbers between 1 and 49 or simply go for a quick pick. The next decision is whether you want to play both Monday and Thursday, and then whether you want to choose to play for 1 to 8 weeks. Subscriptions are also available. Keep in mind there is a £100 cap on the amount you can spend at any one time. The lottery game is available both on your computer and as an app on your smartphone. One ticket for one draw is £1.

What Can You Win

Pick all five numbers correctly and the jackpot prize is £25,000. There is a five-tiered prize chart going down from 4 numbers plus a bonus ball to win £2,000, to 2 numbers for a fast pick entry. If there are say 4 or more jackpot winners, it’s capped at £100,000, that amount is divided among the winners. There is also a £500,000 cap for the total amount of prizes paid out on any single draw.

Getting Your Winnings

Winning the 2 to 5-tier level, the prize is paid directly into your account, or for direct debit people, it is paid into your bank account. I’m not exactly sure how they’d pay the 5 tier prize of a fast-pick lottery ticket. Win the jackpot and there is further documentation that the Scottish Children’s Lottery asks for prior to paying it into your bank account. Prizes are delivered within 14 days of any request for additional documentation. Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw.

Scottish Children’s Lottery’s Instant Win

There are fourteen different instant win games with jackpots ranging from £25,000 down to £500. They have some inventive names with my personal favorite being Dragon Scrolls.

Who Can Play at the Scottish Children’s Lottery

First and foremost, players must be both a resident and physically located in Great Britain to play this lottery. Players must also be 16 years or older, have an account with, and buy a ticket. The terms and conditions are fairly straightforward and seem to address all the areas of how to play their game.

Who Is the Scottish Children’s Lottery?

A bunch of charities got together and appointed STV ELM Limited to operate this lottery on their behalf. They have a snail mail address in Glasgow, an email address, and a telephone number. Customer service is available Monday and Thursday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. They are closed on weekends.

Their Charities currently supports four charities: Chance to Succeed, Chance to Study, Chance to Flourish, and Chance to Connect. Each of these supports the development of Scottish children. Every week on a rotational basis, a different charity is the beneficiary of at least 30% of ticket sales.

Why You Should Register with Scottish Children’s Lottery


Two Weekly Games

Good Ticket Price

Winning & Supporting Charities

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Scottish Children’s Lottery


Only for Residents of Great Britain

Players Have to be in Great Britain

No Mega Jackpots Here

Would you mind rating

Is Scottish Children’s Lottery Legit?

If you live in and are currently residing in Great Britain, this looks like a fun way to support children’s development and get in on some lottery games or instant wins – and potentially win some money.

The Scottish Children’s Lottery gets a thumbs up. You’re not going to become a millionaire playing here but it is a nice combination of the chance of winning plus supporting some good causes.

  1. I don’t see why folk have got such an issue with the 30p going to charity… Where do they think the prizes come from? And would they work for free lol I think not. This isn’t a charity, it’s a lottery that gives money to charity – just like the national lottery (which I’ve won bugger all on might I add). At least I get a free play now and then with this one and even if I don’t, at least money is still staying with the kids in Scotland.

  2. Sick and tired of seeing this advert on STV plus I am astounded only 30p goes to charity. No doubt someone will be coining it in!

  3. It’s a con. Set up direct debit for £16 per mth. Checked my online banking recently as I had prev been locked out of it, to my dismay 3 DD had been deducted without my knowledge £18, £10 and £5. Phoned their office and was told DD set up auto as when I won free lines and tried to put these lines on using different numbers it would auto make a fresh DD. Don’t do it folks

  4. The advert is the most annoying ever. I think everyone knows this lottery is available, there is really no need for the advert to be on repeatedly ?

  5. Instinct win cash cuisine 25p well u can win 25p or 50p that’s it been playing so long and twice got a pound so don’t waste ur money it’s a joke!!
    I ply tickets every week so may have luck there?


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