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Playlottery Exposed — Fully Licensed and Regulated in the UK Exposed

Playlottery is an online lottery service owned by Annexio Limited. Annexio Limited T/A PlayLottery is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission under a license, issued under the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001, on 14th October 2011. For UK clients, Annexio Limited T/A PlayLottery is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Playlottery offers its members the opportunity to play 9 worldwide lottery syndicate entries as well as single-line tickets. PlayLottery is located at St Georges Chambers, 1 Athol Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1LD, British Isles. It also could be reached by phone number +44 (0)207 1000 200 and by email address All winnings are automatically credited to your account and paid in pounds sterling.

Play Lottery Review

Our team had quite a discussion today on the concept of whether we like online lottery service providers who actually purchase tickets versus those that simply operate a betting service based on the results of lotteries. is not that simple. They run a betting service where players bet on the outcome of the national lotteries, but also they DO purchase the lottery tickets.

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So, How Does This Work? gives players the chance to bet on numerous world-renowned lotteries from all over the globe, taking out insurance so you can bet against huge jackpots and making sure you always get your winnings. Established way back in 2011, the company is privately owned and based in the Isle of Man. New players have loads of offers to choose from and one of the best offers they promote is the £100 Million Bumper Jackpot in the EuroMillions!

Games at

PlayLottery lets players bet on the results of the nine lotteries: EuroMillions & EuroJackpot, US Powerball & Mega Millions, UK Lotto, Italy’s SuperEnalotto, Irish Lotto, and German 6Aus49. Their Jackpot Power Play is a three-lottery combo syndicate. All lotteries are available in both single-ticket purchases and in syndicates. Their syndicates are capped with specific shares which is good. They pay out all published tiers. Promos offers players numerous attractions and incentives for players, including:

– Welcome Bonus
– Winning a MINI Car
– Bumper Jackpot! Win £100M every week. has a variety of different offers you can choose from – so you have a wide range of offers available.

Who Is PlayLottery?

PlayLottery is owned by a company called Annexio Limited out of the Isle of Man. Annexio is licensed out of the Isle of Man Gambling Commission and for UK Customers, the UK Gambling Commission.

The Managing Director of Annexio Ltd is Jennifer Houghton. collaborates with some of the largest and leading insurers to cover large jackpot wins. A portion of the price of your line goes towards buying these insurance policies to insure you are always paid your winnings.

Customer Service and Play Lottery

To get in touch with Annexio Limited aka PlayLottery, they offer a snail mail address (Isle of Man), telephone numbers, email addresses, and live chat. Please note that they are only available GMT business hours, closed Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

What Happens When You Win?

Withdrawing your winnings is simple and fast. A customer support team will help you withdraw your winnings and advise you on the best way to get your money. They can be transferred to the Debit/Credit card, straight into your account or you can even request a cheque and delivered straight to your front door!

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Clear Syndicates

Big Mega Jackpots

Attractive Promotions

Regulated and Licensed

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Only Business Hours GMT

Only 1 Language

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Is Play Lottery Legit?

Winning whether betting or buying tickets is still winning – I guess. Lots of people prefer betting rather than purchasing lottery tickets. It is purely a matter of personal preference. gets a thumbs-up from our team. It does have a few shortcomings, but nothing indicates this lottery agent is not legit. Furthermore, PlayLottery is joining our prestige “Approved Lotto Agents” list.

  1. Total Scam. Seriously… I Initially saw a discount deal on SwagBucks offering reward points for signing up to PlayLottery, and purchasing 55 jackpot chances for £1. I triple checked the details and nowhere did it state that I would be charged a weekly fee of £11.90… after the purchase, I then realised my mistake as both the email and membership page stated the next payment was due in 2 days and to be continued… Misleading rip off, but luckily I managed to find this page, as well as contact them immediately to terminate my membership, but not before contacting my banking provider who swiftly put a block on all future payments to PlayLottery. They have since informed me that my account has been terminated, so its a lesson learned! Don’t be fooled!

  2. Just discovered why my credit card has been so costly over the past 3/4 months when I’ve hardly been using it. Yes, PlayLottery have been helping themselves to £18 weekly plus charges. It comes to a sum I can no way afford and to which I would not have agreed.
    Of course, as a professional company, I have no doubt they will refund it.

    • I’ve just found pot have been taking £11.90 per wk
      Have you managed to get cash back.

  3. I signed up a few days ago thinking it would only cost £1. (Boy was I wrong ) it tried to take £11.90 out but the bank stopped it. I want to cancel my subscription but for some reason I can’t sign into my account and it keeps saying that my email isn’t registered with them. I sent them an email yesterday and waiting for the reply.

  4. Bad customer service.
    They took money from me after I cancelled my subscription and have not replied to my emails.

  5. I’ve given these fraudsters 1 star, but id really like to give them negative stars. I took out a subscription using their pay £1 entry. Because I joined using a smart phone it was absolutely NOT clear at the time of joining that I would be further charged. These scammers then withdrew £11.90 per week for three weeks, even though I emailed them to a) reset my password to check what I’d signed up to myself and b) cancel my account. Their customer service is appalling as they are no help whatsoever and basically don’t give a toss that they’ve fleeced me out of £34. As they wouldn’t refund me, I chalked it up to stupidity and an experience not to be repeated. However, I did win a tiny amount of £2.80 and withdrew this. I’m still waiting for the money which I suspect I will never get and when I emailed them they haven’t even bothered to reply. Don’t sign up to this they are total scammers steer well clear as you’ll lose your money and never win a thing. Should get their licence revoked. Oh, and if they reply to this saying everything was clear in the initial email and text message that they were going to charge me weekly then I can categorically state it was not as I would sign up to that kind of money per week.


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