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  1. I thought re the syndicates this was a great site until I weeded through the small print. There is no limit hence even a big win could be seriously diluted. I also don’t like the whole replication of the site. Why can’t they simply be online professionally with one site instead of a whole bunch. I’m going to stick to stick to one of the recommended sites. I just don’t need the noise.


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Playlot Exposed — Looks Strangely Familiar

Playlot Review

When an online lottery player clicks on’s website for the first time, there is a good chance you will find it strangely familiar. I had this eerie feeling myself and for a good reason. is nothing more than one of the many marketing websites administrated by LotteryNetwork which is a subsidiary of Sunseven-nv. They offer access to seven big lotteries (EuroMillions, Powerball, Mega Millions New York Lottery, Irish Lottery, UK National Lottery and Canada 649) plus various syndicates. For credibility this is good. For the avid player, it isn’t, and I’m here to tell you why.

First Who is Playlot? is an affiliate of which is owned and operated by SunSeven NV based in Curacao. Sunseven NV is a software development company, and is a research and development project exploring technology around online lotteries and is viewed as an incubator for building government-sponsored as well as owner-operated the lottery, casino and bingo applications (their words, not mine).

Cruising around online, you will find replicas of this site over and over again. They are all directly linked to the LotteryNetwork. They all offer the same services.

Customer Support at

Just click on any of the buttons under ‘Contact,’ and they will all take you directly to the LotteryNetwork. This includes the Live Help button on the left-hand side of the screen. I’m not sure when Live Help is open as it was offline when I tried to use it. The FAQ on the games themselves is good. Okay, they didn’t even write it – they thank their source Wikipedia! Guess it was a copy and paste for each different game at

The Games, the Games

Playing the lottery games at is pretty standard. The registration process requires personal details and then load your account. You can do this reasonably confidently as this is an affiliate of the LotteryNetwork. But read the small print as you start to play. charges more than double the face value of lottery tickets for providing you with this service. Okay – it is cheaper than flying to a country to buy a ticket but still. Just how much work does it take for them to do it? The information is transferred automatically to the country the lottery is hosted in, and some guy goes and buys the ticket. This probably involves turning to another machine where they are sitting. Complaints

After ten years in business, we expected to find some complaints about We did not we’re not sure if this more a case of reputation management. They are part of the LotteryNetwork family.

But the Name is the Game at

A closer look at the name underlines this. Once you get past the children play sites, dog parks and other things associated with the word ‘play,’ you find a variety of different affiliates and other companies that offer lotteries online. I don’t know long it would take to weed through all of this to find a complaint.

But What Else Does Offer

If there is anything good about then this has to be the fact that they enable players to join an existing syndicate or create one themselves. When you look at the syndicates already established, there is a fair number of options depending on how many people you want to share the potential prize with. The largest has around 1,000 members and is an official LotteryNetwork syndicate. The numbers range through a large percentage is in the single digits which defeats the purpose. I mean you could just get a bunch of friends together and do it yourself.

The other thing with the syndicates at is there doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many people can join each one. I like the idea of sharing in a bunch of tickets and get that it increases my odds but 1/1000 of a prize like $100,000 means I’d only get $100.

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The Bottom Line at

With so many other online lotteries, just doesn’t cut it. Not for the amount they charge for their services. It does appear to be a legitimate site that does offer seven of the big lotteries available around the world.


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