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Mater Lotteries Exposed — A Chance to Win and a Way to Give Back

Mater Lotteries Review

Mater Lotteries Review is an Australian home lottery that raises funds for health services and medical research.

They conduct six lotteries a year with a variety of options depending on what kinds of tickets you order, how regularly you do so, and whether you become a VIP member. It is owned by the Mater Foundation, which is a charitable arm of Mater Health Services and Mater Medical Research Institute. Its license is governed by the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation in Australia.

Purchasing a ticket for Mater Lotteries isn’t just a shot at a life-changing prize; it’s a meaningful contribution to pioneering efforts in healthcare and research.

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Who Is

Mater Lotteries Introduction

Initially, Mater Lotteries were established in 1954 in Australia (Queensland). The idea was to lottery real estate to fundraise to support health initiatives. It took off and slowly migrated into offering lottery tickets for an annual draw which grew to six draws a year through direct sales and online. Prizes went from just real estate to including cars and other things like store credits, cars, mobile homes, and other high-end items. Steadily they expanded the different lotteries they offered to encourage people to play year-round.

Lottery Draws Available on Mater Lotteries

They have two lottery products available at the moment: Mater Prize Home Lottery and Cars for Cancer Lottery.

So How Do Mater Lotteries Work?

To purchase home lottery tickets just go to their site, complete your order, submit your payment details and get your confirmation. You can buy from one to one thousand tickets. The price starts with $2 per ticket and decreases up to $1 per ticket if you buy one thousand tickets.

All tickets are entered into the main draw of AU$3.6 million dollars home. Tickets are mailed to you.

Calculating the odds of winning a prize in Mater Lotteries can be complex due to various factors. The likelihood of winning the first prize depends on the number of tickets sold, which varies with each lottery based on the value of the first prize. Each lottery’s specific terms and conditions outline the maximum number of tickets that can be sold, directly affecting your chances of winning. Generally, the more tickets you hold, the greater your chances. Additionally, VIP members benefit from guaranteed entries in every draw and exclusive access to VIP bonus draws, which are only open to VIP members, significantly improving their odds of winning. These draws not only enhance a VIP’s chance to win but also add exclusive layers of excitement to their lottery experience. VIP Club

The VIP membership for Mater Lotteries offers a compelling opportunity for participants who are eager not just to win, but also to contribute consistently to Mater’s mission of advancing medical research and patient care.

As a VIP member, you never have to worry about missing a draw. Your membership ensures automatic entry into every Mater Prize Home draw each month. This includes entry into six million-dollar Mater Prize Home draws per year, ensuring regular chances to win big.

VIP membership enhances your experience with access to additional exclusive draws:

  • VIP Bonus Draws: Participate in 66 VIP-only bonus draws annually.
  • Second Chance Draws: Six times a year, you have a shot at winning $50,000 in the Second Chance Draw.
  • Gold Bullion Draws: Also occurring six times a year, each of these draws offers $25,000 in gold bullion.
  • Exclusive VIP Weekly Draws: With 52 weekly draws, VIP members have weekly opportunities to win $5,000.
  • Birthday Draws: Celebrate your birthday month with a special draw exclusively for VIP members.

Confirming Your Win with Mater Lotteries

When you win a prize with Mater Lotteries, whether it’s a dream home or a luxury car, you’ll be promptly notified of your good fortune.

For Mater Prize Home winners, a phone call soon after the draw concludes kicks off the exciting process. Additionally, an email will be sent with all necessary steps and documents through DocuSign, or, if you don’t have an email address, a confirmation letter and prize acceptance forms will be mailed to you via registered post. Results are also posted on the day of the draw at and in “The Australian” newspaper’s public notices section within the following week. The Winner’s Concierge Team will guide you through every step of the process, from paperwork to property handover, ensuring a smooth transition into your new prize.

For those winning vehicles in the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery, arrangements will be made to pick up the vehicle in Brisbane, with alternative delivery options available at the winner’s expense.

VIP bonus prize winners also receive timely notifications and all necessary follow-up, enhancing the exclusive experience of being a VIP member.

Customer Support at

For those needing assistance or more information about Mater Lotteries, there are several convenient support options available:

Phone Support:

Within Australia: Call toll-free at 1800 067 066.
International: Dial +61 7 3163 5666.

Online Chat:
Engage with customer support staff via the online chat feature, ideal for quick queries or guidance through the Mater Lotteries website.

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00am – 8:00pm AEST
Saturday: 8:00am – 12:00pm AEST
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Contact Addresses:
Visit: 14 Stratton St, Newstead, Queensland, Australia, 4006
Mail: Locked Bag 111, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 Complaints

Complaints about don’t exist except for the usual emails circulated using their name, claiming you’ve won, and then requiring the taxes or an indemnity be paid before receiving your prize. This also can involve some identity theft, but it has nothing to do with directly except that some people are trying to trade on their good reputation. There is nothing on their site that references this.

Why You Should Register With Mater Lotteries


Reputable and Well-Regulated: Mater Lotteries is governed by the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation, ensuring a trustworthy and secure experience

Supports Vital Causes: Purchases contribute to funding important health services and medical research, directly benefiting Mater Health Services and Mater Medical Research Institute

Extensive Prize Options: Participants can win a range of prizes, including multimillion-dollar homes, luxury cars, and gold bullion, increasing the allure of participation

VIP Benefits: VIP members enjoy guaranteed entries into all draws, access to exclusive VIP bonus draws, and other perks, enhancing their chances of winning

Clear Winner Notification Process: The process for notifying winners is well-organized and transparent, involving direct phone calls, emails, or registered post, ensuring winners are informed promptly

Comprehensive Customer Support: With phone support, online chat, and detailed operating hours, Mater Lotteries ensures participants can get assistance when needed

Why You Shouldn’t Register With Mater Lotteries


Complexity in Prize Structure: The variety of lotteries and prize options might be overwhelming for new participants trying to understand the best value or odds

Geographic Limitations for Prize Collection: Some prizes, particularly vehicles, must be collected from specific locations, which can be inconvenient for winners not based near Brisbane

Limited International Participation Rules: There are fewer guidelines and support options for international participants, which could deter potential non-Australian residents from entering

Wait Times Between Draws: The interval between draws might feel lengthy for participants eager for continuous action or more frequent winning opportunities

Potential for Scams: As with many large lottery organizations, there’s a risk of scams using Mater Lotteries’ name, requiring participants to be cautious and informed

Are Mater Lotteries Legit?

Absolutely! This is only one of the house lotteries in Australia that has set up a bunch of lotteries to fundraise their initiatives. They have great sponsors, which contribute to trade, promoting their products as well as promoting their social reputation for providing prizes.

If you want to roll some dice and see if you win, this is a place to play. At the same time, you know your money is going to a good cause even if you don’t win. doesn’t get a thumbs up or thumbs down – it’s just there!

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Share Your Feedback on Mater Lotteries

If you’ve participated in a Mater Lotteries draw or interacted with their customer support, sharing your feedback on a review site can be extremely valuable.

Reviews help prospective participants understand the real user experience and can guide improvements in Mater Lotteries’ services.

Whether your feedback is positive, critical, or suggests improvements, it plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Mater Lotteries.

By providing an honest review, you contribute to the transparency and effectiveness of their initiatives in supporting vital medical research and patient care.

Don’t hesitate to detail your interactions, the ease of use of their services, and overall satisfaction with the process.

Your insights ensure that Mater Lotteries can continue to offer an engaging and supportive experience for all its supporters.

  1. I have been supporting this organisation for many years as I believed that it was for a good cause.
    However…………….I am fed up with getting text messages every day to subscribe. I also get annoying phone calls. These people obviously work off commissions. Oh yes, you can “opt out” from texts by sending them your number!!! Will certainly send my private phone number to some overseas call centre. NOT. The way they set this up you can’t even block the number. Just a scam.

  2. Mater Hospital need to stop selling off all customer information to a Call Centre to harass customers weekly or daily constantly to purchase more raffle tickets on top of what they have already purchased.

    It does not reflect good on their name and is loosing customers by the day, once they allow us to cancel our payment or subscription, which we should not have to beg to be removed from their system.

  3. Going on the harassment of phone calls to buy more tickets then hearing that they won’t let you cancel payment being taken out, need to improve their customer service and satisfaction other then that it is a good charity in principle and would be happy if they stopped ringing me

  4. Have repeatedly asked to be taken off their mailing list but still keep receiving mail from them. It’s harassment.

  5. I had a guy come to my house and try to get me on to it. He was a good sales person and won me over. I signed up for the $20 a month deal.
    He did warn me that others are going around scamming people using this method and organisation name as a ruse and they seem legit. They will ask for credit card details and will make sure they get the CVV number printed on the back.
    The legit people will ask for a credit card number and name, but not the CVV.
    If they ask for the CVV or want to hold your card directly, it’s a scam. Don’t let anyone touch your credit/debit card who knocks on your door! If they’re happy to have you read the number to them, there’s nothing they can do with the information illegally *as far as I know*.
    I got dudes name and ID number too. I imagine the scammers wouldn’t volunteer that information.
    Think about who you give your details to before you volunteer that information.
    I went into it knowing I could cancel my debit card at any time so there’s no real loss for me, except maybe a 1 time payment of $20 before I potentially cancelled the card. I did a bit of research into the organisation and didn’t see anything that suggests it’s a scam or anything with the only exception of what the guy said to me.
    So far so good for me!


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