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MaterPrizeHome Exposed — Simply a Charity!

MaterPrizeHome Exposed

MaterPrizeHome Review is an Australian home lottery that raises funds for health services and medical research. They conduct six lotteries a year with a variety of options depending on what kinds of tickets you order, how regularly you do so, and whether you become a VIP member. It is owned by the Mater Foundation, which is a charitable arm of Mater Health Services and Mater Medical Research Institute. Its license is governed by the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation in Australia.

This is not a site to play national (Aussie) lotteries such as Oz Powerball or Oz Lotto, but to play the lotteries they offer.

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Who Is

Initially, Mater Prize Home Lottery was established in 1954 in Australia (Queensland). The idea was to lottery real estate to fundraise to support health initiatives. It took off and slowly migrated into offering lottery tickets for an annual draw which grew to six draws a year through direct sales and online. Prizes went from just real estate to including cars and other things like store credits, cars, mobile homes, and other high-end items. Steadily they expanded the different lotteries they offered to encourage people to play year-round.

They have four lottery products available: Mater Prize Home Lottery, Cars for Cancer Lottery, Chicks in Pink Lottery (four times a year), and Cash for Kids Lottery. Cars for Cancer (10,000 tickets) and Cash for Kids (5,000 tickets) both limit the number of tickets for the first prize which does increase your odds compared to online lotteries.

So How Does MaterPrizeHome Work?

To purchase home lottery tickets (how can you not buy more than one) just go to their site, complete your order, submit your payment details and get your confirmation. Under the options of different amounts of lottery tickets they offer, they include an increase in additional prizes that can be won. I do think this part gets complicated. offers different levels of prizes against the cost of the tickets. So for a 6-dollar book (for a single lottery), a person gets six tickets plus an added value of a draw for Myer store coupons for AU$10,000. As the price of the books increases, the number of tickets increases so does the item on offer for those kinds of tickets.

All tickets are entered into the main draw of AU$1.4 million dollars home.

There is no information regarding whether or not this is limited to Australians. Tickets are mailed to you. VIP Club

Becoming a VIP member means you qualify for a range of additional prize draws. This includes weekly prizes between the main draws.

There’s a form you must complete, and you can choose whether you automatically are entered for the six draws each year or chose your options. VIP seems to simply be the fact you are going to play more than a one-time lottery.

Customer Support at

There is no doubt that they want to make sure you can ask your questions. They offer direct dial telephone numbers (free) in Australia and New Zealand plus an International number for other people. This also includes a fax number. They are very clear on when they are available (Monday – Friday 8 am – 8 pm AEST +10 UTC and Saturday 8 am-noon. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays). There is no live chat, but this isn’t the usual type of lottery that needs 24/7 support.

When you send an email with questions, there is an auto-reply that confirms your email and says “it will get back to you within 2 business days”. Unless the clock is ticking for the next draw and your questions are urgent, at least you know when to receive a response. Haven’t seen this on other sites! Complaints

Complaints about don’t exist except for the usual emails circulated using their name, claiming you’ve won, and then requiring the taxes or an indemnity be paid before receiving your prize. This also can involve some identity theft, but it has nothing to do with directly except that some people are trying to trade on their good reputation. There is nothing on their site that references this.

Why You Should Register With Mater Lotteries


Reputable and Well Regulated

Easy to Join

Odds on Their Games are Good

Why You Shouldn’t Register With Mater Lotteries


Too Many Options to Decide What Combo You Want

No Rules and Regulations for Internationals

Waiting For The Next Draw Takes a While

Would you mind rating

Is MaterPrizeHome Legit?

Absolutely! This is only one of the house lotteries in Australia that has set up a bunch of lotteries to fundraise their initiatives. They have great sponsors, which contribute to trade, promoting their products as well as promoting their social reputation for providing prizes.

If you want to roll some dice and see if you win, this is a place to play. At the same time, you know your money is going to a good cause even if you don’t win. doesn’t get a thumbs up or thumbs down – it’s just there!

  1. Prize draw is not transparent… still my family buys the ticket hoping that the money is spent for a good cause.. only God knows

  2. Mater has drawn 300 houses over the past several decades, so to say it’s anything less than legitimate is hot air.
    As far as other reviewers comments about numerous emails or calls – like anyone else they have a legitimate and functional unsubscribe option.

    To the poor guy who had a bad experience with his daughter – It’s always hard to go through that, but a call to their support team would have resolved this too.

    What does seem poor taste is to bait readers to identify any legitimate business as a ‘scam’ just so they can attract these people and then sell tickets via services they get a kickback from. Poor form.

    Mater proceeds go towards vital medical research and patient care – and has done for decades. I say they rock!

  3. Total Scam – you finish up having ANZ recording your purchase as a cash advance!!! This will cost you additional charges accordingly – Stay Away!!!

  4. Terrible – All they do is spam your emails and they constantly phone and text, even if you block the number they will start phoning from another number.

    Stay AWAY!

  5. Carey

    This is a scam don’t buy a ticket.

    I purchased a ticket back in December 2021, thinking I was doing a good thing for charity after watching it on the Today show.

    Bought 50 dollar one off ticket. And hoping to win a prize as I was going through a horrible time of domestic violence had to leave family home.

    Yesterday I get an email saying another ticket bought! this was taken out of my visa debit card.

    Made me feel sick, I did not sign up for this at all rang my bank straight away can’t do anything transaction done.

    Emailed Mater got a letter saying you MUST have selected VIP. Will cancel the ongoing transactions but have bought January now.

    There is no way in the world I would ever sign up for 50 dollars a month this is obviously done in a very sneaky way in fine print.

    I know only 50 it’s not the point I wonder how many people have been stung by this especially elderly or vulnerable people this is very distressing and very clever on their marketing department. The CEO and Mater have a lot to answer for.

    I will be taking this further will go to ACCC.

    This is online gambling and a scam

    Don’t support Mater.


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