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  1. It looks like this site is totally fake. And according to website checkers online, this site is deleted and it does not exist anymore.

  2. Its good to write some complaints here, because I deposit $.500 US by Lottobroker and now they are out off the air and telephone numbers are fake

  3. I’ve been an affiliate, as well as customer, for Lottobroker for years and was very satisfied. They owed me over $1000 in commission and when asked to pay they said they were having problems and I would get my money in October.

    That was last year. Multiple emails and no reply. Then I noticed their Affiliate site no longer works. If you check the link on their site it leads to an expired domain.

    I’ve sent one last email. If I don’t get a reply I’m going to start telling everyone they can not be trusted.

  4. Lottobroker does not pay its affiliate. So if you do not pay the affiliate a small money, how do you think will pay you big money when you win the Jackpot.

  5. I have registered anew at Lotto Broker and, as the review states,it looks quite good. I had a question for the customer service and got a quick reply within 24 hours. The rates at this site are reasonable and the whole purchasing system is impressive. On their reply, it was posted that the message is through Zendesk. Zendesk is a highly rated Silicon Valley firm and this brings a solid credibility to Lotto Broker.

  6. Hi Jimmy, I moved your comment to the relevant section. Please, check it out. I believe, you’ll find the answer to your question. Next time I suggest you to use the search on our site. Daisy.


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LottoBroker Exposed — The Elegant Way to Win?

Lottobroker is an independent lottery ticket purchasing service, offering 19 international lotteries and 4 lottery syndicates. claims it is run by the real lottery enthusiasts. Lottobroker website was founded 16 years ago; it is owned and operated by Aldermartin Ltd., which is located at Athalassas Avenue 176, 2025 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. It also could be reached by email address is available in 10 languages and has more than 100,000 members. The new players are welcomed with a Welcome Bonus.

Lottobroker Review

It’s hard not to chuckle when looking at the site with the combination of a tagline “The Elegant Way to Win” and that frog starring at you. It’s almost as if it is saying I dare you to win. is a pretty user-friendly online lottery provider that underlines that it takes no commission on prizes.  Let’s see what else it says.

Lotto Broker the Professional

Though its name is uninspiring definitely looks like one of the top online lottery ticket services on the internet. Crisp details and inspired chromatic choices make a pleasure to navigate and greatly simplifies the visitor’s mission to find information. And I love the frog.

Big jackpots Available Through LottoBroker focuses on the top jackpot lotteries from around the world such as the Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, El Gordo and I could go on but you can simply visit their site. The big ones are there! I did find it a bit excessive that they brag about this accomplishment with such statements as “ is run by real lottery enthusiasts who have traveled around the world and experienced what it is like to buy lottery tickets in many countries”.

“Reasonable” Fees at

I must confess I don’t like the use of the term ‘reasonable’ and fees. The only way to actually see what fees charges is to start buying tickets. It seems to be just over 150% of the actual ticket value which does seem to be an industry average. In the event that you win the big jackpot, the company doesn’t take a percentage of your profits and the entire amount will be credited to you. Stop – maybe I’ve gotten ahead of myself with that statement. You can rest assured that with US jackpots, the government will take its share in taxes. Complaints doesn’t raise red flags and their service seems legitimate, but I find it hard to believe that it is so good as to render complaints nonexistent. One of the benefits of having a name that brings together Lotto and broker is that any negative reviews about your venture are easily lost amid the thousands of Google search results. There are no complaints about and definitely no scam allegations that I could find.

Customer Support at

Support at includes email, telephone, and live chat. For review purposes, I had to put them to the test. Lottobroker performed quite well and all three customer support options were responsive with my favorite being the live chat. The email support has an immediate auto-reply confirming your question (and you can even go back and add to it with the link provided) though it doesn’t say how long it is going to take for their staff to get back with the answer.

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The Bottom Line at Lottobroker

I like these guys. Their site is clean and friendly. It’s easy to find information and they did pass the customer support test.


User-Friendly Site

Good Customer Support

Big Jackpots Available


Fees for Services?

Live Chat Hours?

No Info on Complaints seems to be a professional online ticket seller for some of the big jackpots available internationally. I would love some feedback from anyone who has played with them. The difficulty of getting behind their name to look for complaints was frustrating! Until then, they get a thumbs up.

Information was updatedDear visitors,
The domain has been sold to an unrelated third party company. If you have any questions about your old Lotto Broker account, please contact

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