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Lotterypartner Exposed — We Can Increase the Fee at Any Time, WTF?!

Lotterypartner Review

Grabbing an internet address like “”, you would think someone would follow through with a professional looking site. It’s not. Part of the issue is all the different things going on. It’s hard to figure out what to click on first. is an online lottery service provider based out of Cyprus. So what do they offer? Let’s take a look.

Games at claims you can play 17 of the biggest lotteries in the world, but on their site, there are only 14. They are only lotteries offered in Europe and the US so no Canadian 6/49 or Brazil’s Mega-Sena. The lotteries they do offer are some of the bigger ones including US Powerball and Euro Jackpot. They operate as per the usual lottery service providers and have agents in various countries to purchase locally. Then again, digging into the terms and conditions did take some work.

How to Play?

I had to read the terms and conditions three times before I could get my head around the terminology. A lottery player completes what they call a participation form with their lottery numbers (lines). Next, the player receives a confirmation number for their participation form. Players are supposed to keep this somewhere safe as they might have to produce it. Next, initiates a ‘parallel form’ which is the actual lottery ticket purchased in the relevant country for the lottery draw. Are you still with me?

Lottery Partner and Winning

If a player’s parallel form wins, then the winner can either authorize to pick up the winnings or arrange to receive their ‘parallel form’ to collect their winnings themselves. Winners receive their winnings by bank transfer fewer taxes, transfer charges, banking fees, and transfer commission. Okay – how much is the transfer commission?

For players with winning under US$ 2,500, this money is available immediately after the lottery results are official. Winnings over US$2,500 are paid 30 days from the date receives it from the official lottery. I couldn’t resist sitting down and calculating the interest could make on say a mega win with US Powerball (current jackpot of US$ 80 million) even less the lump sum calculation and taxes.

Other Money Issues

On top of the vagueness of what they may or may not charge in transfer commission, says they can increase the fee (money paid on top of the face value of the actual lottery tickets) at any time, ‘even in between draws’. That means if you’ve taken a subscription for a month, you might end up paying more. I had a real problem with this one.

Customer Service and

Now they do offer the answers to inquiries in multiple languages. But – yes the big but – the only way to contact them is through email or snail mail. There are no phone numbers, no live chat and simply no way to ask a question fast! Their snail mail address in Cyprus and I can’t see any of us simply popping around to knock on their door to find out where our winnings are.

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The Bottom Line at Lotterypartner website

There is nothing here that says scam at the same time, there are a lot of potential mystery fees and charges. These folks have been up and running since 2011, so I can’t even say they are new and still getting their feet wet.


14 International Lotteries

Multiple Languages for Email Questions

No Complaints – We Could Find


Claims it Offers 17 Lotteries

Transfer Commission???


The lack of info on transfer commission and the potential of increasing fees are enough for me to give them a thumbs down. I play through an online lottery provider so I can ensure I don’t miss my favorite numbers, but I certainly wouldn’t want to suddenly find out they’ve cost me more!

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