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Lottery24 Exposed — Fee Plus 5% to THEM

Lottery24 Exposed

Lottery24 Review

Looking at, the site seems straightforward forward offering an online service for players to purchase lottery tickets. It’s not until you get into the nitty gritty small print that things like their fees and percentages of tickets that they take that you start to see the bottom line. I dug into researching this online lottery ticket provider to find out if they are real and how good they are.

Which lottery service is better? 24Lottos or Lottery24?

Who is Lottery24? is a lottery ticket provider for lotteries based all over the world. The copyright of their site is attributed to Prudential Investments Limited (weird but not suspicious). Their main office is located in London with operations in Cape Town (South Africa), Malaga (Spain), Milan (Italy), London (UK), and New York (US).

What is is a service that purchases tickets for seven lotteries (UK Thunderball, SuperEnaLotto, UK National Lottery, etc.) by their staff for players located anywhere in the world. The registration process to set up an account is very straightforward. After purchasing your lottery tickets online, sends you a scanned copy.

So Why Does Lottery24 Do It? is upfront about how they make their money. For each ticket you buy, Lottery 24 charges you one additional £1 which is used to cover the costs of running the website and other service fees. 1% of every prize goes straight to the syndicate manager (guess that is the person who runs the office in the respective country where the ticket is sold) while keeps an additional 4% as a service charge. Hang on – they call this person the syndicate manager. Okay, I did find it funny when they rationalized the exact percentage that keeps. They claim that they are required by the law to own a percentage of every ticket, so they have no choice but to keep this amount.

No Live Customer Service at

There is only one way to contact with questions or issues, and that is through their online form or an email address. There is no telephone number though they do provide a head office address in the UK for snail mail. I can’t imagine waiting that long for a reply, especially if I had a problem. There is a little box down the right-hand corner that says “Offline Message,” but whenever we checked, they were offline.

Their online support provides a confirmation that your request has been sent but also confirms that it could take up to 48 hours for them to respond. They do carry an auto-reply confirmation to the email address you have indicated, though it has no reference number or information regarding what you asked in the first place. I could see forgetting what I’d asked by the time I got the answer. I can see going to another website to purchase online lotteries before I got the answer!

Complaints at

These guys are either impeccable or have an excellent reputation management service working for them 24/7 because no complaints surfaced. I’ll keep digging and keep you up to date with my findings, but since there don’t seem to be any scam alerts or red flags.

They notify winners via email for amounts under €50,000 and by telephone for jackpots that exceed this sum, but then again, they do have a vested interest with their 5%!

Why You Should Register with Lottery24


User-Friendly Site

Scanned Copy of Tickets

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery24


Fee plus 5% to THEM

No Live Chat or Telephone

Would you mind rating

Is Lottery24 Legit?

I don’t like the fact of paying double the amount lottery tickets cost in traditional retail outlets, and I’m not thrilled with the 5% commission, but at least they don’t hide these fees. Considering the cost of getting on an airplane to go purchase a ticket, the fees and commission do look reasonable.

We can’t in all truth give them a thumbs up. They appear professional and legit, and they are clear about what they charge. I like that. But I would be more comfortable having other ways to talk to them if I had a problem.

  1. I have played with for many years without experiencing any problems. Although certain things have changed since the development of their new site:
    1. You no longer get a scanned copy of your ticket
    2. It would appear that you no longer have access to the Millionaire Raffle. I believe that this inducement was introduced when they implemented a fairly hefty price increase?

  2. is not so lilywhite. I have used them for a while without any complaints until they moved to the new website. I registered and went though all steps required. When I bought the ticket an error message appeared indicating that the transaction did not go through. I immediately mailed them to alert them about this. But, the money went off my credit card and no Lotto tickets in sight. Up to this point, they did not even acknowledge the mail I sent and there is no other way to make contact with them. I will not use their site again!

    • Dear Elsa, we are sorry to hear about the issue, we hope it got solved at the end. Unfortunately when a website gets an update, technical errors can happen, which we try to solve as soon as possible. Wish you all the best!

    • Dear Elsa, unfortunately technical problems can happen when updating a website. We are sorry to hear that you didn`t get a prompt answer for the issue, and hope it got solved! Kind regards

  3. I too have not read anything negative about, but I’ve never heard of anyone winning a jackpot through their website. That would be interesting to know about. Sure, I’ve won small amounts of money, and I’ve been paid out straight away. Maybe their members have never won, because otherwise surely they’d advertise it.

    • Dear Samtam, winning on a lottery is simply a matter of luck. Players choose themselves the numbers they want to play with. Lottery24 has no power over the results of draws. As you said, you have won yourself before on our site, so nothing is impossible. We hope you hit the Jackpot next time!


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