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LotsLotto Exposed — Will You Play Lots of Lottos?

LotsLotto Review

LotsLotto.com certainly has lots of options to play lotteries online from the big international jackpots of US Powerball and EuroMillions to BonoLoto and Oz Lotto. There is even a Bitcoin lottery offered. Their syndicates are particularly creative with a bunch of combinations of lotteries included. It’s time to take a closer look!

Games at Lotslotto.com

There are 16 lotteries to play with a choice of “personal” or “group” play. There is a minimum purchase each time of €5 and 5 tickets for each of the lotteries offered. Players can opt for multiple draws with discounts of 2 draws/5%, 8 draws/8%, and 40 draws/15%. Looking at their group play, you can choose to play 1 draw or more with the same discounts for multiple plays. There is no information on how many shares are included. Their Bitcoin Lotto is based on the official numbers from BonoLoto. The draw takes place six days a week. There are two tiers of prizes – tier 1 is 1,300 bitcoins and tier 2 is 1 bitcoin. Players have the option to take the prize in bitcoins or the cash equivalent.

LotsLotto’s Syndicates

LotsLotto certainly got creative with their syndicates. There are nine options ranging from “Olympic” for 12 weeks of 24 draws with 6,600 tickets to Paradise Journey with 21,000 tickets for 15 weeks of 210 draws. But – yes the big but – there is no information on how many shares each syndicate has.

Bonus and Extras at LotsLotto

LotsLotto offers a special discount to “our first 100 players” who “buy the most popular tickets online” each season. Okay folks, when does a season start? Who decides what the most popular tickets are? There is also a “Welcome Bonus” of free play in a lottery pool. The same goes for the “Tell a Friend Bonus” as long as your friend plays within thirty days of joining. You also need to be aware of the fact that if you are participating in a free pool, only winnings of more than €5,000 will be divided up to the winners. Anything less than that is transferred to the company. There is no information on what the lottery is for free play.

Getting Your Winnings

Wins under €2,500 are transferred directly to your player’s account. For wins over €2,500, players “may” have to go get their winnings personally. LotsLotto says that taxes may be applicable for over €2,500 wins. Getting your winnings out of your account, there is a minimum of €20 and can take up to 5 business days. Ah, hang on – there are actually different minimum amounts depending on your country of residence ranging up to $50 for Central America and Africa. There is no commission but there could be third party fees. Whoops, reading through the small print, Lotslotto.com will take 10% commission on any single ticket winnings over USD 10,000.

Who Can Play at LotsLotto.com?

Services at LotsLotto are not available in Israel and “interstate activity in the US of A”. Players must also be 18 years or older unless the age limit for playing where their residence is higher. There is a whole spiel in their terms and conditions on the fact it is up to you to ensure you can play legally here.

Who Is LotsLotto?

LotsLotto is operated by ZILLIAN INVEST LP, with a snail mail address in the UK. There is an email address though I’m not sure if anyone bothers to answer. There are no phone numbers. There is also a “leave a message” but again, no one seems to respond.

LotsLotto.com and the Bottom Line

Besides the fact I don’t like a lottery site that enforces a minimum purchase of 5 ticket lines for any draw, I’m back to the whole communication thing. I’m not going to put my personal details and money somewhere, where I can’t ask questions. Then there is the fact there is no information on the actual shares in any of their syndicates.


Lots of International Lotteries

Interesting Syndicate Combinations


Minimum 5 Ticket Purchase for Each Draw

No Information on Share Ratio in Syndicates

Commission on Winnings over USD 10,000

This site gets a thumb’s down. I’m still laughing at the information on their bonus system or lack thereof.

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