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Numbers to Pick: 6/49
Days of Draw: Daily (Except Sunday)
Average Price: €1
Odds of Winning: 1 in 13,983,816

BonoLoto Exposed — How to Play It Online from Overseas?

BonoLoto Exposed

BonoLoto Review

A maximum jackpot of 7 million euros fails to get you too excited? Hold your horses; there are other things about Spain’s BonoLoto that you should keep in mind. Though it may be far from the lottery having the most spectacular jackpot in the world, chances are that we’ll be capable of sharing at least a few other redeeming qualities with you.

Having a standard 6 out of 49 format and decades of background, BonoLoto is definitely not worth dismissing so quickly.

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BonoLoto History

BonoLoto has been around for a long, long, long time – ever since 1988. It’s just one of the many games operated by the national lottery entity in Spain and the incredibly low ticket prices (1 euro per line) make BonoLoto popular throughout Spain and Europe. The official site of BonoLoto is, where anyone can check the latest BonoLoto results.

If you’ve gone through the brief overview in the introduction, you already know that BonoLoto has 6 drawings per week! That’s like every single day apart from Sunday. The huge number of draws is one of the most defining characteristics and one of the things that people love about BonoLoto.

How to Play BonoLoto Online or Offline?

BonoLoto has a pretty straightforward 6/49 format. This means that to win the jackpot, you have to pick 6 numbers from a pool of 49 and get all six of those correct for the respective weekly drawing.

There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 400,000 euros for every individual of the six weekly drawings. If there’s no winner, the jackpot will roll over to the next drawing.

A single drum is used every single night apart from Sunday to choose the 6 winning numbers. After the main 6 numbers are chosen, a 7th bonus number will typically be selected from the drum, as well. This bonus number determines the size of prizes apart from the jackpot.

How Much Can You Win with BonoLoto?

As already mentioned, the minimum guaranteed jackpot is 400,000 euros. Because of rollovers, however, the biggest sum ever won by a single BonoLoto ticket was over 7 million euros.

The odds of getting the jackpot are precisely 1 in 13,983,816. The odds of having 5 correct numbers and the bonus ball are 1 in 2,330,636. People who have 5 correct BonoLoto numbers and the bonus number can expect to win an average prize of 86,363 euros. The prize for 5 correct numbers is 1,028 euros, for 4 – slightly over 30 euros and for 3 correct numbers – 4 euros.

DivisionWinning Numbers RequiredProbability (Single Game)
161 in 13,983,816
25 + 11 in 2,330,636
351 in 54,201
441 in 1,032
531 in 57

It’s interesting to point out that though the jackpots aren’t the most impressive ones on the face of the planet, BonoLoto produces an average of 66 millionaires per year. Luck? Strategy? Something else? We don’t know, but we think that with such results, BonoLoto deserves a try. The price of tickets justifies the purchase, as well.

Does BonoLoto Have a Tax-Free Jackpot?

The best aspect of giving BonoLoto a try is that all of the prizes are paid in the form of a lump sum. In the past, Spain didn’t have lottery prize taxation, but things have changed. Today, the lucky winners are subject to two tiers of taxation. Prizes of up to 2,500 euros are provided as a tax-free lump sum. Prizes that exceed 2.500 euros are subjected to a tax rate of 20 percent.

If you’re an international player, however, be mindful of the fact that there may be some form of taxation in your own country, as well. You may want to check the regulations before getting started with international lotteries.

Can I Buy BonoLoto Tickets Online?

If you’re an international player that’s interested in BonoLoto, you have a couple of possibilities to check the lottery out and give it a try. Various online lottery agents have BonoLoto included in their portfolios. These websites have local representatives responsible for buying tickets on behalf of the clients. Depending on the agent you’ve chosen, chances are that you’ll get a scanned copy of the ticket via email as evidence of the purchase.

So, should you give BonoLoto a try? Let’s answer the question by summing up all of the lottery’s positive characteristics before taking a look at the shortcomings:

Why You Should Play BonoLoto


Standard 6/49 format that most lottery enthusiasts are familiar with

Very inexpensive tickets

A bonus number increases second-tier prizes

There are 6 drawings per week

The jackpot will roll over in the case of no winner

Awards are paid out in the form of lump sums

Open to international players

Some of the money generated through ticket sales goes to support good causes

There aren’t too many negative things to say about BonoLoto. Some of the shortcomings that immediately come to mind include the following.

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Why You Shouldn’t Play BonoLoto


The minimum guaranteed jackpot isn’t that big

The biggest jackpot won ever is negligible in comparison to some bigger European lotteries

Spain has a 20 percent income tax on bigger prizes

There are some Spanish lotteries that feature much more spectacular possibilities to win

Is BonoLoto Legit?

BonoLoto is a game that’s organized and managed by Spain’s Loteria Nacional – an entity that was originally established back in 1763 (yes, it’s that ancient!). Because of the increasing popularity of lotteries in Spain and the huge percentage of the population interested in buying tickets, many games have been added to the Loteria Nacional portfolio. BonoLoto is just one of them.

Loteria Nacional has pretty straightforward policies about fund distribution. Approximately 70 percent of the money generated through ticket sales is dedicated to prizes. The other money goes to support good causes in the country. That’s a pretty lengthy explanation, but it’s aimed to show you that BonoLoto is a legitimate opportunity and that by buying a ticket, you’ll actually be contributing to something good.

To sum it all up, BonoLoto is comfortably familiar and fun. The 6/49 format is one of the most widely distributed and most people have played such a game at least once. Entering BonoLoto and testing it for yourself isn’t going to cost you a lot. Since it’s a legitimate opportunity, we give you the complete thumbs up and hope that this is the one international lottery that will make you at least a little bit richer.

  1. Very interesting game. Price is low, open for International players and the chances of winning are really great.

    • I did not buy a ticket for BonoLoto.ES, never heard of it but just received a letter in the mail from them (Madrid, Spain) telling me I have won $4,500,000.00 based on a winning # in the 3rd category & to contact a claim agent who will take 5%; need to provide my bank account# for transfer of funds if I can’t go to Madrid in person. Also asking to keep confidential; seems like a scam to me.

  2. Against the mega jackpots of some of the big boys internationally, this is a pretty average lottery. It must roll up though pretty quickly with six games a week. Then there is the tax. Spain takes 20% over €2,500. Compared to some of the tax free lotteries in Europe, that does cut into your winnings.


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