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GulfLotto Exposed — Play Lotteries in 10 Languages

GulfLotto Review

Looking at, the team wasn’t sure why it looked so familiar. It took a bit of digging and we realized that it is a mirror of! This is an online lottery provider for international games for tickets and group play. One of the things that does make this site different is their FAQ is available in ten languages. That’s a nice touch as it’s so important to be able get your questions answered. Let’s go see what else they offer.

Games at

Choosing which game to play from the twelve international lotteries shouldn’t be hard. Most people have their favorites. There is a minimum purchase of 5 ticket lines for any of the lotteries. The site defaults to automatically sign a player up for 2 draws with a discount of 5%. You can also choose between 5 draws for a discount of 10% or 10 draws for 20%. There is also a single entry choice, but whatever you choose, make sure you click and pick. Remember, it has a default for 2 draws. They also offer two raffles of Loteria de Navidad (that amazing Spanish Christmas game) and Loteria Del Nino.

GulfLotto’s Group Play

Going to group play is easy. From the home page, click on the lottery of your choice and then “Group Play” on that site. All lotteries have group (syndicate) play. The ratio of tickets and shares is clearly set out and most of them are good. You can also see how many tickets from that group are already sold. The only problem was we couldn’t seem to get an answer on what happens if all the tickets aren’t sold.

Bonuses and Special Offers

GulfLotto offers up to $30 bonus credit on your first purchase. I say credit as it can only be used to purchase more tickets – you can’t withdraw it. They also have this hilarious special for the first fifty people that purchase tickets on Sundays of $20 credit. Keep in mind, any bonus can only be used for more tickets.

Getting Your Money

Up front and center is at GulfLotto you will have to claim your mega jackpot win or locally taxed winnings yourself. They do say they may help out. “Secondary” prizes they will claim for you and place in your account. takes no fees or commissions on winnings and it seems they will transfer your money per your instructions (with the usual verify your identification process).

Talking to

If you do have questions, customer service is open Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm GMT. There are telephone numbers for the UK, US and Romania. If you simply want to send a question there is an online form with a response time (so they say) within six hours. The only problem is they ask for your phone number and don’t answer the question. I give them that there will be a confirmation immediately on their website that your message was sent. There is also a snail mail address in the UK. They offer live chat, but keep in mind the business hours they are open.

Boy This Looks Familiar

If you’re wondering why this site looks so familiar, it has a sister site and funny enough, that’s why any online form answer comes from that address. is run by EU-Logisik-Transport.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

This looks like a clean lottery site though I personally prefer the option of buying single tickets versus the minimum five ticket purchase here. The group play is clear on the ratio of tickets and shares which is nice to see, but what happens if all the tickets are sold?


No Fees or Commission on Winnings

Good Group Play

FAQ in Multiple Languages


Minimum Purchase of 5 Lottery Tickets

Getting Your Mega Jackpot Yourself

Business Hour Customer Service gets mostly thumbs up. I still personally don’t like having to purchase a minimum of five lottery tickets per draw, but that’s my choice.

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