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  1. I don’t have a problem to find information who are they… You should check “About us” subpage 🙂

    For me – good website with lottery tickets. Good promo offers for customers.

  2. I contacted with support via email and via chat. You should update your information.

  3. Hello,
    I just made new subcription on eXbinoL and I am very satisfied, I don’t know if you got old or new info, but their support always answers me very quickly and straight. So for me eXbinoL yes!

  4. I have no problems with support. You have old infos 😉

  5. Hi guys, Your review was made when exbinol.com site was not yet live officialy (even though you managed to find it on the internet somehow :). From my records they went live in August 2015 and from this point so far I get good respond with customers support and overall user experience + they accept Bitcoins as payment method. Regards


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Exbinol Exposed — What Is Lucky at Exbinol.com?

Exbinol.com is an online lottery agent providing access to 11 international lotteries. As it states, Exbino Lotto is a part of Exbino Entertainment Group and its site is operated by Exclusive Gaming Ltd, the UK registered company. Exclusive Gaming LTD address is City Rd. 152, EC1V 2NX London. The website is available in three languages: English, Polish, and Czech. You can contact Exbinol representatives by the UK phone number +44 2037 690 371 or email address support@exbinol.com.

Exbinol Review

I’m sorry, but I get suspicious when any online lottery provider makes a claim that

“it is not luck-based anymore, but simply a matter of claiming in your prizes”.

That’s what exbinol.com says. They follow this up with a comment about playing a minimum of 5 tickets for a draw and then you can

“begin planning your next holiday”.

So let’s go take a look at how they make this happen.

Games at Exbinol

Exbinol.com is an online lottery provider for eleven international games. Players can purchase a one-time lottery ticket, multi-draw or take a subscription. The multi-draw discounts, multiple purchases 2% of 2 draws, 4% for 4, 15% for 8, 22% for 26 and 25% for 52. Subscriptions are available for 1 week (2% discount), 2 weeks (4%) and 4 weeks (15%). Group play is also available with a syndicate having 50 lottery ticket lines.

Exbinol.com and Winning

They say your winnings will be credited directly to your account and/or you might be asked to participate in the claiming of your winnings. Cashing out can be through cheque, credit card or direct transfer to an account, though it is at their discretion. They do say that your winnings will be less any applicable taxes, fees, and commissions but do not say how much these could be.

Who is Exbinol?

It’s pretty easy to get confused over who exactly eXbinoL.com is. According to their terms and conditions, they are owned and operated by Y&M Hans Management Limited in Cyprus. These are the same folks that own Ulotto.com and Icelotto.com. At the same time on their website, they say it is

“a brand owned by Exclusive Limited, registered in Montenegro and operated by Exclusive Gaming Ltd, registered in the UK”.

So who exactly is Exbinol?

Exbinol.com and Customer Service

Don’t try and email Exbinol.com – our team sent several and they all came back undeliverable. They also provide a snail mail address in Cyprus, two phone numbers in the UK and France, and a fax number. Okay, seriously, who still uses a fax? Exbinol also claims that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sorry, they are not! Digging around the website, we did find another email address for them and it also failed. What is scary about this is, it’s the email address that players are supposed to use if they want to cancel their subscription!

What Else?

Now, this is where I really start to wonder. Exbinol says they have a ‘professional team’ that is ‘evaluating the results and statistics’ from lotteries to ‘provide you with the best, most profitable experience’. I guess that’s the reference to lotteries being no longer simply luck. We all agree that certain strategies can increase the probability odds but that’s it. Unless you buy all the tickets to a lottery, it still comes down to luck!

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The Bottom Line at Exbinol.com

Let’s just say I’m certainly not going to provide my personal and credit card details to a company that I can’t contact either by telephone or email. I’m not going to get into the lack of info on fees and commissions or the question on who this company really is.


Eleven International Lotteries



Who Are They?

Fees & Commissions

Customer Service – NOT!

These folks get a thumbs down. It might be time to go back and take another look at the Y&M Hans Management Limited. The team and I are a little uncomfortable about them. It could simply be sloppy IT management and launching sites early, but there are definitely things here to question.

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