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EdenLotto Exposed — Homegrown DinoLotto Game

EdenLotto Review

Looking to play the top international payout lotteries, you might want to take a look at edenlotto.com. They offer players online lottery ticket access to US Powerball & Mega Millions, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions – oh, and Lotto aus 6/49. There is also their own homegrown game of DinoLotto. Though it seems the primary focus is on actual purchasing tickets at this point, their terms and conditions commit quite a bit of info to betting. Let’s take a closer look.

Games at EdenLotto.com

Players have the option to play five international lotteries through the internet either for single play for one draw or multiple lines and a subscription option. Besides the two top US and European lotteries, it includes Germany’s Aus6/49. There is also their own game called DinoLotto – more on that shortly. All jackpots and all ticket purchases are posted and processed in Euros. There are no discounts for subscriptions. Players can use their favorite numbers or use a ‘randomized line’ otherwise known as a quick pick. There are no syndicates. There is a limit of playing a total of €300 every 7 days. You can change this once you have established an account and logged in.

EdenLotto’s DinoLotto

Using the results from the EuroMillions game, this is an EdenLotto.com proprietary game with a few differences. The cost of each ticket line is cheaper. The jackpot amount is fixed. Each Tuesday and Friday, the results from the official EuroMillions game drawn in Paris at 9:00 pm is used to establish the winners. 13 prize tiers are ranging from the five correct main numbers and two Dino Numbers (bonus) for the jackpot of €50 million down to two main numbers correct for €5.

Getting Your Winnings

All winnings are transferred to your account. In some cases for the jackpots or second-tier prizes, you might have to go collect your winnings yourself. Winnings are transferred to your bank account or a Skrill Account. There is no information on fees or commissions for getting your winnings. There is a grid on bank transfer costs depending on the amount to be transferred and where it is going.

Who Can Play at Edenlotto.com?

Most people 18 years of age or older can play at Edenlotto.com. People who reside in Belgium, France and the United States can’t. Oh – and residents of the United Kingdom can’t play. There could be other countries so check with the people at Edenlotto.com to make sure you can. They say there is a list in their Terms and Conditions, but I couldn’t find it.

Languages and Other Stuff

Edenlotto.com offers the site in 16 languages – English (though they classify the UK, Australian, Canada, and South Africa as separate languages), Chinese, Danish, Finnish, German, Mexican, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian. The only problem is their Terms and Conditions are only available in English. There are also ten currencies to click on which translates the cost of each ticket and the jackpot into that currency. Change the language, and it will change the currency to that country.

Who Is EdenLotto.com?

Edenlotto.com is operated by a company out of Curaçao where it is licensed. There is a snail mail address. Credit card payments are handled by a company out of Malta. What is a little strange is in another part of the site, it says that the company out of Malta is the operator plus they are also registered with the UK Gambling Commission – though UK residents can’t play here. There is an email address, and they do respond fairly quickly. They also use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are no phone numbers or live chat.

Welcome Bonus

New players get a welcome bonus on their first order. If the lottery tickets purchased win nothing, then edenlotto.com will credit the player’s account with the total cost of the order. The bonus cannot be withdrawn but is for use to play lottery tickets.

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The Bottom Line at EdenLotto.com

This online lottery provider looks pretty straightforward for playing five international lotteries plus their own homegrown game of DinoLotto. There does seem to be a bit of confusion on some of the information provided including references to syndicates (even though there aren’t any) and who operates the site.


Five International Lotteries to Play

Homegrown DinoLotto Game

Welcome Bonus


Only Five International Lotteries to Play

No Phone Numbers or Live Chat

No Discounts for Multiple Play

Though this online line lottery provider Edenlotto.com gets a reserved thumb’s up, it is a little weird that there is so much info on betting when they say they purchase lottery tickets.

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