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German Lotto

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€4,000,000 00:00:00 UTC
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Winning Numbers for 2024-04-17
Numbers to Pick: 6/49 + 1/10
Days of Draw: Wed, Sat
Average Price: €1.00 + fee
Odds of Winning: 1 in 139,838,160

German Lotto Exposed — 50 Years Old Official Lottery

German Lotto

German Lotto Review

In looking at lotteries internationally, German Lotto might not provide the jackpots of EuroMillions, US Powerball, or Hot Lotto, but it’s a lottery that grows and grows fast. The popularity of this lottery means that it jumps significantly upon each rollover. More importantly – it’s tax-free. All prizes are awarded in a lump sum – this is not an annuity.  It’s an officially run lottery with all the bells and whistles and very few surprises. But what is German Lotto?

German Lotto’s Game

This is a bi-weekly lotto, played Wednesday and Saturday with a rollover jackpot. It has a nine-tiers of prizes starting at 6 numbers, plus the Super Number down to 2 regular balls plus the Super Number. Players choose the regular numbers between 1 and 49, and the Super Number between 0 and 9 (in German called Superzahl).

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German Lotto’s Jackpot

Keep in mind that German Lotto means winning Euros! The jackpot usually starts at around €1.3 million. Its rollover is in proportion to the players’ ratio, with this jackpot jumping over €1 million each rollover. According to some sites, they actually pay out around €3.6 billion in prize money each year. The top prizes are split between multiple winners. On Wednesday’s draw, the second prize (guessing the main six numbers correctly) was won by one person at €850,155, with 30 people getting the third prize (5 of the main numbers plus the Superzahl) of €14,169.

Numbers MatchedOdds of Winning
6 Numbers + Superzahl1 in 139,838,160
6 Numbers1 in 15,537,573
5 Numbers + Superzahl1 in 542,008
5 Numbers1 in 60,223
4 Numbers + Superzahl1 in 10,234
4 Numbers1 in 1,147
3 Numbers + Superzahl1 in 567
3 Numbers1 in 63
2 Numbers + Superzahl1 in 76

What Makes German Lotto Grow So Fast

The reason German Lotto’s prizes grow so fast is a combination of the fact that 50% of all sales goes straight to prizes and the popularity of this lottery. The more people playing, the bigger the prizes.

Euros at German Lotto

Keep in mind that German Lotto means winning Euros! One of the things that have been interesting in the last few years is the general strength of the Euro compared to the US dollar. Add to this that all US lotteries take a minimum of 30% federal tax (not to mention the state taxes applicable), and German Lotto becomes more attractive.

The biggest jackpot won in 2007 was €43 million (about US$ 57 million) with the next largest €37.6 in 2006. The average jackpot seems to be around €5.7 million.

Yes, YOU Can Play German Lotto

Players must be 18 years or older to play German Lotto, but it is not restricted to only Germans. Anyone can play either while in Germany or online. But make sure if you are playing through a lottery service provider, it is someone you trust.

Who Is German Lotto?

German Lotto is owned and operated by Deutscher Lotto und Totoblock (DLTB), a partnership of sixteen independent national lottery companies in Germany. It started in 1974 though, of course, it was only available initially in Germany. In May 2013, they changed the rules to incorporate the Super Number increasing their prize tiers.

German Lotto’s Customer Service

One of the member national lottery companies has the responsibility of running German Lotto for a three-year period. DLTB can be reached by snail mail, email and telephone though it looks like this is only during regular business hours. (GMT+1)

German Lotto’s Complaints

I’m not sure if it was the language barrier (many of the sites were in German), but our team only found articles on the winners. The complaints were limited to the usual con artists who were jumping on the bandwagon of German Lotto’s success with telephone and email scams. It was interesting to see the ratio of winners. Whether this is simply a lot of lucky people or the lottery’s popularity, we’re not sure. But this is a lottery that pays out regularly.

Why You Should Play German Lotto





Nine-Tiers of Prizes

Why You Shouldn’t Play German Lotto


Medium Range Lottery

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Is German Lotto Legit?

This one is short and sweet. German Lotto is very straightforward. It is a great mid-range lottery that does become more attractive with the tax-free incentive. It’s played twice a week, which means jackpots steadily grow, and they seem to grow faster than a lot of other lotteries.

German Lotto gets a thumbs up from our team. It’s a nice medium-range lottery that pays out nicely with its nine tiers of prizes.

  1. I like this lotto, especially the prize tier. There is a good range of ways to win. I was going to only say this is an average review, but with the fact it is a tax free lottery makes it great. That means I get all the jackpot. It is nice, it is also in Euros!

  2. Hi, could you suggest some reliable German Lotto syndicates please?

    • Hi Jay, our team is working on this right now. Stay tuned! 🙂


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