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Company: New Beginning Children’s Home
Founded: 2003
Country: United States
Prizes: Car and shopping prizes
TOS: 18+ residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec) and of other countries
Email: info@dreamgiveaways.com
Phone: 866-600-0646

DreamGiveaway Exposed — Enter and Drive Away in that Dream Car!

DreamGiveaway Exposed

DreamGiveaway Review

Ever dreamed of having a shiny red corvette? Well, Dream Giveaway aims to make that dream come true. This is a prize site that offers some really amazing chances to win that dream car you never thought you could get.

What Is DreamGiveaway.com?

They offer some really amazing car and shopping prizes. The downside, however, is that there is no limit on how many can play in each contest. The upside is even the taxes are considered and covered by Dream Giveaway. And just take a look at what you can win. On top of that, the ticket costs go to charity. Nice!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can play at Dreamgiveaway.com as long as you are 18 years or older, though it does seem targeted at residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec). I’m not sure how they’d deliver the cars if you’re somewhere else and/or whether there would be costs associated though you could simply opt for the cash value option. The odds are based on 1 prize against how many tickets are sold. There is no cap on it.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Dream Giveaway?

Whether you choose to go for the Bandit Dream Package, Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, or Shopping Spree, the ticket prices are the same. They all come with extras including cash to pay the taxes. Players can opt-out for a cash value instead of a car (are you crazy). These are serious dream packages including some one-of-a-kind cars. Their website is really basic with just the necessary information included.

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Who Owns Dream Giveaway?

Dream Giveaway is operated by New Beginning Children’s Home (NBCH). This is a charity registered in the United States that provides assistance to foster care. They all support a variety of other charities including MADD, and Smile Network International Bright Pink, to name a few. Reaching out to them is quite easy as there is a snail mail address, two phone numbers (direct and toll-free), and an online contact form on their website. DreamGiveaway.com can be reached Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 EST.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

DreamGiveaway.com’s terms and conditions are great in outlining each of the ways the contests happen. The rules are the same for each excluding the draw date. Each car or shopping spree you are vying for has its own time frame. How it all works is pretty straightforward and clearly set out.

How to Collect a Prize?

Each of the prize options has its own draw date so definitely check the small print to put it on your calendar. One “conditional” grand prize winner is drawn along with three alternatives. The winner will be contacted by email within three business days of the draw. The alternatives are just in case dreamgiveaways.com can’t reach you so they’ll go to the next person.

DreamGiveaway.com Feedback and Complaints

This is a charity fundraising site that provides an opportunity to win things that you wouldn’t normally get to. It’s legit and the only complaint I could find is a few that would like second and third prizes. For now, these guys only offer the main prize.

Why You Should Register With Dream Giveaway


Check Out the Car Prizes

Applicable Taxes Covered

Anyone Can Play – Over 18 Years Old

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Why You Shouldn’t Register With Dream Giveaway


No Cap on How Many Can Play Each Game

Only a Grand Prize – no Secondary Prizes

Waiting For The Draw Date!

Is DreamGiveaway.com Legit?

I’m sorry, but I keep flicking back and having another look at that Shelby (Mustang) on a poster I have had on my wall for years now,  and the idea that I could buy a bunch of tickets supporting a great charity and maybe win – well, what can I say? The combination of supporting a good charity and the chance to win a Camaro package or one of the other prizes is great. Okay, take the Camaro out and put Shelby, and Mustang in. That was one of the hardest things about this site. Refining the choice of my dream car.

DreamGiveaway.com gets a thumb’s up and I am already dreaming about that dream car!

  1. Mike
    here is my situation if I did win a nice vehicle and they paid 30,000 in taxes how much do I have to spend to own this vehicle?

  2. My position is I am helping a charity or charities with my VERY hard earned money.
    I also get a tax benefit for helping so that is a double benefit.
    I would be beside myself with JOY if I won!
    If I won I would enter more because I have proof in my garage that they are legit.
    I gave an excellent rating because I believe in them. A few naysayers won’t deter me from helping and hoping!

    • Today I was on ig and I get a message from zero sixty the exact account was @mr_jameswarner saying I won $15k in cash and a custom BMW 3351s and sent me pics of the car and everything said it’ll come to me in 3 days but I have to pay the $850.99 for taxes customs fee and delivery can someone tell me if this is legit I’m so lost I even confronted them spoke on the phone said don’t lie to me my dads a cop and will get involved if it’s a scam but Insist it’s not a scam that it’s 100% legit I have screenshots of the whole chat and everything where I confronted him if it was a scam since I don’t trust anyone for shit I’m not just gonna take your word but said all I have to do is pay the $850.99 for taxes and fees there were other options if I wanted the car sooner like tmrw or in 2 days but I’m not in a rush to get scammed so anyone have ideas advice? I ain’t paid a dime for the taxes yet but I have all the messages as well and his number and pics screenshots of everything what y’all think

  3. I bought a ticket just now for the Hellcat and did not receive a confirmation number?

    • This is my 10th year supporting the causes and charities and Dream Giveaway. Great people, great prizes, awesome causes. Can’t wait until Covid is under control so they can do winner open houses again. Enjoy seeing everyone and checking out what’s in the prize garage.

    • Bought many tickets from this charity. Never had an issue with receiving ticket numbers on my email. These people that give these fake reviews are nuts.

  4. i donno….they’ve been around for what…9-10 years
    with all the crybabies out there, the government must have heard something by now. somebody must have checked something. I’ve only entered twice.
    don’t know why. I never won anything. oh, yea. I won a baby in a raffle
    I took a chance on a couch

  5. They raise money for great charities. And post the winner’s I get my tickets emailed right away. I haven’t won anything but can’t win if you don’t play.


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