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Company: New Beginning Children’s Home
Founded: 2003
Country: United States
Prizes: Car and shopping prizes
TOS: 18+ residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec) and of other countries
Email: info@dreamgiveaways.com
Phone: 866-600-0646

DreamGiveaway Exposed — Enter and Drive Away in that Dream Car!

DreamGiveaway Exposed

DreamGiveaway Review

Ever dreamed of having a shiny red corvette? Well, Dream Giveaway aims to make that dream come true. This is a prize site that offers some really amazing chances to win that dream car you never thought you could get.

What Is DreamGiveaway.com?

They offer some really amazing car and shopping prizes. The downside, however, is that there is no limit on how many can play in each contest. The upside is even the taxes are considered and covered by Dream Giveaway. And just take a look at what you can win. On top of that, the ticket costs go to charity. Nice!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can play at Dreamgiveaway.com as long as you are 18 years or older, though it does seem targeted at residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec). I’m not sure how they’d deliver the cars if you’re somewhere else and/or whether there would be costs associated though you could simply opt for the cash value option. The odds are based on 1 prize against how many tickets are sold. There is no cap on it.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Dream Giveaway?

Whether you choose to go for the Bandit Dream Package, Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, or Shopping Spree, the ticket prices are the same. They all come with extras including cash to pay the taxes. Players can opt-out for a cash value instead of a car (are you crazy). These are serious dream packages including some one-of-a-kind cars. Their website is really basic with just the necessary information included.

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Who Owns Dream Giveaway?

Dream Giveaway is operated by New Beginning Children’s Home (NBCH). This is a charity registered in the United States that provides assistance to foster care. They all support a variety of other charities including MADD, and Smile Network International Bright Pink, to name a few. Reaching out to them is quite easy as there is a snail mail address, two phone numbers (direct and toll-free), and an online contact form on their website. DreamGiveaway.com can be reached Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 EST.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

DreamGiveaway.com’s terms and conditions are great in outlining each of the ways the contests happen. The rules are the same for each excluding the draw date. Each car or shopping spree you are vying for has its own time frame. How it all works is pretty straightforward and clearly set out.

How to Collect a Prize?

Each of the prize options has its own draw date so definitely check the small print to put it on your calendar. One “conditional” grand prize winner is drawn along with three alternatives. The winner will be contacted by email within three business days of the draw. The alternatives are just in case dreamgiveaways.com can’t reach you so they’ll go to the next person.

DreamGiveaway.com Feedback and Complaints

This is a charity fundraising site that provides an opportunity to win things that you wouldn’t normally get to. It’s legit and the only complaint I could find is a few that would like second and third prizes. For now, these guys only offer the main prize.

Why You Should Register With Dream Giveaway


Check Out the Car Prizes

Applicable Taxes Covered

Anyone Can Play – Over 18 Years Old

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Why You Shouldn’t Register With Dream Giveaway


No Cap on How Many Can Play Each Game

Only a Grand Prize – no Secondary Prizes

Waiting For The Draw Date!

Is DreamGiveaway.com Legit?

I’m sorry, but I keep flicking back and having another look at that Shelby (Mustang) on a poster I have had on my wall for years now,  and the idea that I could buy a bunch of tickets supporting a great charity and maybe win – well, what can I say? The combination of supporting a good charity and the chance to win a Camaro package or one of the other prizes is great. Okay, take the Camaro out and put Shelby, and Mustang in. That was one of the hardest things about this site. Refining the choice of my dream car.

DreamGiveaway.com gets a thumb’s up and I am already dreaming about that dream car!

  1. Me no win tings. Me stupid to tink I gona win tings. There no tings to win. Me try to win long time. Me still poor and win nothing. These sweepstakes and such are big scam. Me waste lot of time trying to win tings. Sweepstakes people laugh at me because they know I can’t win SQUAT!!

  2. Hi, Looks pretty bad for you by people that just don’t get it! I have donated many times and never won but I understand that’s just the way it works. Hear this people, only one winner per drawing and it is verifiable. Check for yourself if you’re not too LAZY. Good day, Carman

  3. It’s a GREAT charity raffle and completely legitimate. I was the 2020 Grand Prize Winner and there was no hassle at all getting the prize.

    It’s also a great sweepstakes because your odds, at WORST, are 1 in only 3,000 (if you only buy one ticket) compare those odds with whichever state lotteries you might play and you’ll agree.

    Last and most important, Hope helps children with underdeveloped mental capabilities. So you are helping children in need and isn’t that the most important aspect of why they raise this money?

    So buy your tickets. Help some children in need. Possibly win a car or SUV.

    • The odds quoted (1 in 3,000 chance to win) and the math in my head are at odds. If they sold 3,000 tickets worth $3 each (one ticket costs $3) and sold $3,000 tickets (providing for a 1 and 3,000 chance to win) that’d be $9,000 dollars they took in. Not enough to pay for even a used car in good condition. I’m certain actual odds to win will be based upon the number of tickets sold and that number will likely be in the millions.

    • And yet your name is nowhere on their page of past winners.

    • don’t see your name anywhere

  4. It’s great that they give away such desirable cars and prizes. I think that your odds of winning are determined by the popularity of the prize in a particular drawing. Some people are just not interested in certain prizes and therefore don’t enter that drawing.
    But some people enter every drawing! Case in fact, if you look at the winners list for 2018 and 2019, a certain D. Bryan of Alabama won a grand prize drawing in EACH of those years! What are the odds and how much did he spend on entries? He should stay indoors during a thunderstorm, as he certainly is going to be hit by lightning!

  5. I just want to say that I have been working for Dream Giveaway for almost 10 years now. We are a very small company of only 15 people who work our butts off trying to help charities and change people’s lives by bringing them the most amazing cars we can. All of you people lying on these reviews and complaining you didn’t get tickets, call the office. Our number is on EVERY SINGLE IG, FB, EMAIL and our WEBSITE. 99% of the time it’s in people’s spam folder. Ask the receptionist who gets calls and emails all day. As for who wins the giveaways, there is ZERO chance of rigging these. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80, white, black, purple, green, etc, male, female, etc, anyone can win it. It’s ONE LUCKY number. You could enter 1000 times or once. All it takes is that one. Just like the lottery. There is NO way of rigging it. A 3rd party accounting office pulls the winning ticket number. Then gives it to us to match in our system, with multiple legal witnesses signing off on the whole process. Then we call the winner LIVE while we are on IG showing everyone exactly what’s happening while it’s happening. And (aside from COVID time) all winner ceremonies are held live. Seriously, you people should be ashamed of yourselves lying outright just because you sit behind a computer and can say whatever you want.

    • I was last year’s Grand Prize winner and came across this website by chance. I added my review to help convince people of Hope Dream Car Raffle’s legitimacy. Let me know what else I can do to support your cause, other than buying tickets each year. I think the cause your team is working for is most honorable and am pleased to promote it wherever I can.

    • There was a D Bryan from AL that won a Jeep in 2019 and won again a pair of Corvettes in 2019. Maybe he is spending a lot on tickets and got lucky. Still the odds of the same person winning 2 times is extremely high. That makes some people pause.


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